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23. 19 Is a Number Marking Passage of Time. It Has Nothing to Do With Actual Maturity.
Sat Apr 20, 2013, 03:20 AM
Apr 2013

Knowing what we know today about brain development it's foolish to classify every person who reaches a certain age as an "adult." Yet that's what we do. Science has proven that the human frontal lobes of the brain, responsible for higher-order thinking and for risk/reward thinking doesn't fully develop until the mid-20's. So a 19 year-old is really not much more mature in their thinking than 12 year-old. The older brother, who was 26, really has no excuse. But it's highly likely that the older brother, for societal/familial reasons and because of the biological reasons I've stated, had undue influence over the younger brother.

I'm not saying the 19 year-old shouldn't be held responsible. He should be. He most certainly knew blowing people up is considered bad. I'm just saying he was easier to lead astray, particularly by his brother, than he would have been were he older.

Will this kid be tortured? [View all] radiclib Apr 2013 OP
A resounding NO. He shouldn't be. BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #1
No. But he's gonna sing like a canary B2G Apr 2013 #2
Why else try to keep him ignorant of his constitutional rights as a citizen HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #3
He is a naturalized citizen sarisataka Apr 2013 #5
Yes, I accept that is probably true. HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #7
What makes you think he was conscious enough to hear them? Warpy Apr 2013 #8
How would an unconscious person represent a risk to Public Safety? HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #11
There is still plenty of time to Mirandize him Warpy Apr 2013 #14
Did you seen the arrest photos......he doesn't even know he is breathing... Historic NY Apr 2013 #9
The he couldn't meet the criteria required as a risk to Public Safety could he? HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #13
Yes. Warpy Apr 2013 #15
And so, by now having been stripped and put in hospital gown HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #16
You obviously don't know what happens in an ER when Warpy Apr 2013 #22
Do you have a link that says he for sure he WAS NOT read his Miranda rights? UnrepentantLiberal Apr 2013 #33
Yet another lame poll? longship Apr 2013 #4
Sorry, I don't think it's very complicated radiclib Apr 2013 #6
agreed.... chillfactor Apr 2013 #12
He should not be tortured, but he is no kid still_one Apr 2013 #10
No and they won't need to marlakay Apr 2013 #17
What kid? Pelican Apr 2013 #18
19 Is a Number Marking Passage of Time. It Has Nothing to Do With Actual Maturity. dballance Apr 2013 #23
It doesn't matter... Pelican Apr 2013 #25
I Think You Missed My Point dballance Apr 2013 #27
I'm thinking about it from a legal standard... Pelican Apr 2013 #29
there are certain things like killing people which i think people usually know is not ok before 19 JI7 Apr 2013 #26
Yes, which I said in my post. /nt dballance Apr 2013 #28
Agree marions ghost Apr 2013 #34
He will likey be executed. I am against the death penalty but I admit he deserves to get it. hrmjustin Apr 2013 #38
WTF? BainsBane Apr 2013 #19
No, he probably doesn't even have any info to torture him for either ShadowLiberal Apr 2013 #20
It really bothers me that I can't honestly say no. sadbear Apr 2013 #21
No, I think at best they are going to be trying to figure out his motive davidpdx Apr 2013 #24
Dick and w were torturers madokie Apr 2013 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author seaglass Apr 2013 #31
No. Torture has been proven not to work. nt MOTRDemocrat Apr 2013 #32
5. Nutso even to poll on this gulliver Apr 2013 #35
Fuck NO! Nobody should be tortured EVER! 6000eliot Apr 2013 #36
Yeah he SHOULD BE, but I wouldn't want a gov't that would listen to the likes of ME. El Fuego Apr 2013 #37
No, he will not be tortured LeftInTX Apr 2013 #39
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