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Egalitarian Thug

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74. The irony of this piece being written by a twit that is the beneficiary of the betrayal
Thu Jun 6, 2013, 03:11 PM
Jun 2013

that is resulting in this story is not lost on some of us. I'm not quite a boomer (jones - x, I'm not sure and don't really care), but I was old enough to see and mostly understand what the line; "It was not the life he had envisioned as a young man in the 1960s and ’70s", implies.

Many of you were not alive, and some of us have forgotten, but this nation was far better and improving prior to the '80s.It was far from perfect and rife with problems in just about every aspect of society, but things were better and most importantly, on a trajectory toward enlightenment.

Racism was still rampant, but it was not acceptable in polite society. Your violently racist uncle was an embarrassment and not invited to parties.

Sexism was less prevalent than today and the "hey baby, nice rack!" asshole-on-the-street was just as likely to be confronted and ridiculed by a group of whoever was around as he was to be ignored.

Unemployment was high, but when you finally did land a job, it was far more likely to pay enough to live on.

Government was corrupt and likely as not to make things worse, but it strove to do great things, not devoted to lowering expectations.

Listen to the content of Jimmy Carter's State of the Union speeches. Any leader that tried to pass off "This sucks but it's the best we can hope for" as a strategy would not be the leader of anything the following week.

These people have lived the lives they are living, not because of some amorphous 'vision', but under the terms of a contract. That contract has not just been broken, its very existence is denied. Their future was stolen from them and simply handed to the very worst criminals around in exchange for nothing.

A black President. Wiccan symbols in Arlington. Gay marriage. Women in executive positions. Cars that get 40mpg and are able to keep you alive after a catastrophic accident. The computer or phone you are reading this on and the internet which links us all together. The list goes on and on, are all the direct results of what we were doing then.

What are we making today that we will have 30 years from now?

There are may psychological studies that point to the relative nature of wealth. napoleon_in_rags Jun 2013 #1
It's not just wealth-- it's feeling alone and useless... TreasonousBastard Jun 2013 #2
The thing that strikes me in your description is the tie between self-worth and work for some. napoleon_in_rags Jun 2013 #4
self-worth, work, mission, and just being NJCher Jun 2013 #5
"We don't teach that" because it's not true. If it were, it wouldn't have to be 'taught'. HiPointDem Jun 2013 #6
Sorry, HPD, but I strongly dissent from your view. carla Jun 2013 #68
in actual practice, life is cheap. fact. it's not a question of how we see it, it's a question of HiPointDem Jun 2013 #70
"If you can't make money, make friends." davekriss Jun 2013 #89
life *is* cheap. 4000 americans killed over a lie = just one data point. HiPointDem Jun 2013 #95
No, life is precious and vanishes in an instant davekriss Jun 2013 #97
you're not getting my point. you're talking 'should be'. i'm talking *is*. the fact *is* that HiPointDem Jun 2013 #98
Tales of the elders. napoleon_in_rags Jun 2013 #8
We need to write new stories...the old story is killing us. OneGrassRoot Jun 2013 #20
+1. The world needs you, doing just that. nt napoleon_in_rags Jun 2013 #21
Totally high drug use. Believe it or not at your own peril. nt kelliekat44 Jun 2013 #39
When most people are asked at a party "So, what are you?" They respond with a job title. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2013 #44
The problem is the "how little they are making" that leads to all sorts of Skidmore Jun 2013 #16
Right. napoleon_in_rags Jun 2013 #23
I think this is largely true. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2013 #46
You might want to ask older people if they enlightenment Jun 2013 #101
You know this thread is about suicide, right? napoleon_in_rags Jun 2013 #125
I find that my volunteerism helps me feel chervilant Jun 2013 #79
People desperately need to develop interests and friends outside work Warpy Jun 2013 #104
Disparities in wealth and self-worth are only part of it. caseymoz Jun 2013 #14
I wish I could give you a hug. A beer out in the woods. But I won't lie: napoleon_in_rags Jun 2013 #17
I would love to have an ongoing conversation about this, napolean_in_rags... OneGrassRoot Jun 2013 #22
Good, I hope you will post more on it. napoleon_in_rags Jun 2013 #24
The country is wealthier now than it it has ever been Babel_17 Jun 2013 #51
My understanding differs. Laelth Jun 2013 #64
I measure wealth by the ability to provide the essentials ... and also luxuries Babel_17 Jun 2013 #66
While we have more glittering ultra rich than other countries Warpy Jun 2013 #107
Maybe the recent push for anti-depressants could be a factor.... Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2013 #3
Or the level of medication generally. wickerwoman Jun 2013 #12
I suspect a lot of it is also related to the number of prostate surgeries.... Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2013 #53
They aren't that old! To me its stressful to be young, or old old. But 50's is easiest (for me) progree Jun 2013 #7
I know a lot of under and unemployed people in their 50s and 60s diane in sf Jun 2013 #9
It will get worse for many. Just think about all the people who postponed SoCalDem Jun 2013 #13
I know its not paradise in the 50's in this economy, what I said was compared to other age groups progree Jun 2013 #52
I admit I haven't read the article, nor all the posts... OneGrassRoot Jun 2013 #19
Seems like things are very polarized for folks in their 50s. winter is coming Jun 2013 #29
Evidently. OneGrassRoot Jun 2013 #31
I do understand, again, I'm saying the 20-somethings and the really elderly have it worse progree Jun 2013 #56
We're following one another... OneGrassRoot Jun 2013 #61
Try being in the construction field Awknid Jun 2013 #118
I said 3 times compared to other age groups, particularly those in their 20's and the really elderly progree Jun 2013 #54
I apologize... OneGrassRoot Jun 2013 #55
Thank you. And I'm sorry to be overly sensitive / thinned skinned and all that n/t progree Jun 2013 #57
However... OneGrassRoot Jun 2013 #59
Agreed, the 50's have some special issues progree Jun 2013 #63
Yes, wickerwoman Jun 2013 #67
Little to no hope for the future will do it. nt Mnemosyne Jun 2013 #10
Could legal marijuana prevent sucides? B Calm Jun 2013 #11
No generation ever had it so good. Elmergantry Jun 2013 #15
Eh, I don't know of another generation that sheltered under their desks from nuclear bombs Fumesucker Jun 2013 #26
Thank you. And while the economy for many people was good as the boomers grew up, it raccoon Jun 2013 #32
I'm glad you jumped on that bullshit post. MindPilot Jun 2013 #36
I just have to remember my Dads childhood Elmergantry Jun 2013 #50
Exactly how do you think most of us lived during the 50s? Skidmore Jun 2013 #60
Well what I am trying to say is Elmergantry Jun 2013 #62
Not true, the silent generation had it much better in many ways than boomers diane in sf Jun 2013 #69
Do you mean those who were born in the 1930's? I heard them referred to raccoon Jun 2013 #114
Really? You must be young. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #87
Boy the writer of this story really doesn't get it. fasttense Jun 2013 #18
Great post, esp. what you said about traditional marriage. nt raccoon Jun 2013 #33
Wow. Really insightful post. Zorra Jun 2013 #99
Worth checking out: the CDC statistics on suicide CBHagman Jun 2013 #25
Desolation orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #27
My boomer parents are not coping well. My hypothesis is Butterbean Jun 2013 #28
We'll see how well YOU cope. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #88
n/t Butterbean Jun 2013 #90
Part of that might be due Awknid Jun 2013 #119
Well, mom has 10 blockages, with a 50% blockage in her left main. Butterbean Jun 2013 #121
I'm a boomer, mid 50s, and frankly I don't see much hope for my golden years. Sheldon Cooper Jun 2013 #30
"estranged from friends and family" - why? IdaBriggs Jun 2013 #34
One of the first things people ask when meeting is "What do you do"? Fumesucker Jun 2013 #38
"just a way of finding out your income and your social status" - disagree. IdaBriggs Jun 2013 #48
That may be your answer but that's not what most people ask the question for Fumesucker Jun 2013 #49
I don't think that's true. wickerwoman Jun 2013 #72
I like to ask people what their hobbies are Fumesucker Jun 2013 #73
Very insightful post! I am an IT consultant, and I usually IdaBriggs Jun 2013 #112
Sometimes I feel that way too--good to hear I'm not the only one. raccoon Jun 2013 #115
This has NOTHING to do with the aches and pains of aging and EVERYTHING to do with duffyduff Jun 2013 #47
I also think the deficiency issues (especially those caused by the lack of nutrients dixiegrrrrl Jun 2013 #94
I'm a Mid-50's Boomer RobinA Jun 2013 #35
+1 n/t lumberjack_jeff Jun 2013 #43
I think it is because things are coming apart MindPilot Jun 2013 #37
I'm in this group earthbot1 Jun 2013 #40
It was not the life he envisioned. Bingo. I live with a granddaughter-in-law who fell for the old jwirr Jun 2013 #41
"Perhaps a little more adversity in youth could have helped prepare them" lumberjack_jeff Jun 2013 #42
The author is a blithering moron. duffyduff Jun 2013 #45
I agree, the job market started getting sucky in the 70s by deliberate design diane in sf Jun 2013 #71
Because the ship they thought they built is falling apart Taverner Jun 2013 #58
It pisses me off when they blame the boomers Awknid Jun 2013 #120
It was never the boomers fault Taverner Jun 2013 #122
Fascinating thread. k&r for exposure. n/t Laelth Jun 2013 #65
The irony of this piece being written by a twit that is the beneficiary of the betrayal Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #74
If you are dangerously depressed...You should Auntie Bush Jun 2013 #75
Good advice! Listen to positive music. Manifestor_of_Light Jun 2013 #102
Unwanted Changes WovenGems Jun 2013 #76
And when I die... pgr Jun 2013 #77
Pop Quiz WovenGems Jun 2013 #80
Laura Nyro. pinboy3niner Jun 2013 #83
Nyro WovenGems Jun 2013 #85
Welcome to DU my friend! hrmjustin Jun 2013 #81
Another ditty for some boomers... pinboy3niner Jun 2013 #82
i thought of that song too! lunasun Jun 2013 #108
Excellent discussion felix_numinous Jun 2013 #78
And one right back at you Fumesucker Jun 2013 #84
Excellent, insightful reply pinboy3niner Jun 2013 #91
Wow, felix..... OneGrassRoot Jun 2013 #116
"a little more adversity in youth could have helped": Yes, that VietNam thing was sooo cushy! WinkyDink Jun 2013 #86
It's tempting to create a profile of the writer for that one sentence alone. n/t lumberjack_jeff Jun 2013 #93
I thanked my cushy blessings every day for 18 months in an Army hospital pinboy3niner Jun 2013 #111
I suggest you email that to this moran (sic) author. nt raccoon Jun 2013 #117
We can't afford to retire and we can't afford to get sick. Warren Stupidity Jun 2013 #92
What hope is there if the environment is totaled and if we glinda Jun 2013 #96
The author seems to have forgotten that there were TWO recessions between 2000-2007 eridani Jun 2013 #100
Not enough propaganda. woo me with science Jun 2013 #103
i'm almost 72 -- a bit older than a boomer DesertFlower Jun 2013 #105
May I humbly suggest Babel_17 Jun 2013 #110
thank you. nt DesertFlower Jun 2013 #124
Maybe it has to do with being lied to our whole ohheckyeah Jun 2013 #106
Or? WovenGems Jun 2013 #109
the question at times should not be why but more why not dembotoz Jun 2013 #113
K & R L0oniX Jun 2013 #123
Two Words: SSRI Drugs Th1onein Jun 2013 #126
I agree with you annm4peace Jun 2013 #127
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2014 #128
God welcomes everyone in hevean in my opinion. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #129
raise your kids to take care of you? how about them living their lives and reaching their NRaleighLiberal Jul 2014 #130
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