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Egalitarian Thug

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9. "Bin Laden won." He/they certainly did, and now we have the reaction one would expect of a child
Tue Jun 11, 2013, 08:30 AM
Jun 2013

when faced with the truth that destroys a cherished fantasy.

The Emperor Caligula was wildly popular in the beginning of his reign. He was replaced 5 years later with Claudius.

And.... Godwin at one post. Well done (nt) Recursion Jun 2013 #1
Yep Godwin mick063 Jun 2013 #3
What do you think "Godwin" means? Recursion Jun 2013 #4
As I recall, Godwin's Law addresses stupidicus Jun 2013 #16
Nope not Godwin. JW2020 Jun 2013 #5
No, it says the probability approaches 1 Recursion Jun 2013 #6
"As an online discussion grows longer..." JW2020 Jun 2013 #8
I think Godwin was probably a Nazi and came up Vinnie From Indy Jun 2013 #10
Comparing the NSA program to Auschwitz etc is not thoughtful but rather nutty and geek tragedy Jun 2013 #27
Please explain to me how an event like the holocaust can trivialized. JW2020 Jun 2013 #29
What comes after blue? Face-wise? el_bryanto Jun 2013 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author mick063 Jun 2013 #18
If you've got a plan let's hear it lame54 Jun 2013 #7
How about Obama's plan? mick063 Jun 2013 #19
I agree - but what to do about it... lame54 Jun 2013 #25
So that makes him Hitler in your book. geek tragedy Jun 2013 #28
+1 freshwest Jun 2013 #30
"Bin Laden won." He/they certainly did, and now we have the reaction one would expect of a child Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #9
Now we have the response of a submissive sheep mick063 Jun 2013 #22
Boy, did you misread that. I am one of the "radical leftists" that has been fighting this battle Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #23
That was burning bodies I was smelling? OnyxCollie Jun 2013 #11
sometime in the future people will not understand life to be any other way... Javaman Jun 2013 #12
Actually that future is arguably now. How many people have any concerns snagglepuss Jun 2013 #15
+1 The interesting times have only just begun. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #24
Exactly: we've all been smelling that smell for years now. We've all known what it means. kenny blankenship Jun 2013 #13
I'll rec it because I'm pissed, but Godwin, Dude, Godwin. tavalon Jun 2013 #14
well said heaven05 Jun 2013 #17
Makes you wonder if zeeland Jun 2013 #20
It is wrong. It just isn't new news. gollygee Jun 2013 #21
Another idiotic post comparing Obama's America to The Third Reich. geek tragedy Jun 2013 #26
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