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Egalitarian Thug

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9. One would think that someone that was an upper-middle-class housewife in 1978 and,
Fri Jun 14, 2013, 01:45 AM
Jun 2013

while doing nothing but holding a series of public offices, accumulates a personal net worth in the $100M range, would be a sufficient clue.

pretty much backwoodsbob Jun 2013 #1
It's just so much bullshit. Baitball Blogger Jun 2013 #6
Sad but true newfie11 Jun 2013 #29
Why is there no term limits on these critters? Catherina Jun 2013 #2
IOW, the same corrupt POS she's always been. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #3
+1 BrotherIvan Jun 2013 #7
One would think that someone that was an upper-middle-class housewife in 1978 and, Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #9
Seriously BrotherIvan Jun 2013 #11
Nope, another politician that has blatantly traded her position for fabulous wealth at the expense Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #15
Sadly, this is where you and I part BrotherIvan Jun 2013 #18
Not sad at all. By the time I moved to CA my experience with Clinton had completely soured me Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #23
She's the queen of using liberal keywords to fundraise and then goes limp when it's time to do BrotherIvan Jun 2013 #24
When's her term up? tblue Jun 2013 #4
She'll be about 85 when her term expires in 2018. She won. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #10
At 79 year old, she was just re-elected. Le Taz Hot Jun 2013 #12
There's always hell BrotherIvan Jun 2013 #20
Sadly you are pointing out our problem. It shouldnt be up to her. She should have been replaced rhett o rick Jun 2013 #39
I was saddened to see her win re-election last year Left Coast2020 Jun 2013 #19
We didn't exactly have an alternative... dogknob Jun 2013 #26
Gee, going to love the reaction here when China sends Snowden back railsback Jun 2013 #5
Precisely. She has been through a lot of trauma due to the JDPriestly Jun 2013 #8
Rec this post BrotherIvan Jun 2013 #13
Right. This did not start under Obama. JDPriestly Jun 2013 #16
She likes to explain charts? Warren DeMontague Jun 2013 #14
I have been wishing that adieu Jun 2013 #17
That would be replacing one DINO with another. Le Taz Hot Jun 2013 #30
Baby steps adieu Jun 2013 #32
Sure we can. Le Taz Hot Jun 2013 #35
Here's the thing adieu Jun 2013 #37
And none of that addresses the fact Le Taz Hot Jun 2013 #41
Another option is adieu Jun 2013 #38
Maybe we should do like they do in sports? Left Coast2020 Jun 2013 #21
Yes, please! dogknob Jun 2013 #27
she is a throroughly corrupt piece of shit. perhaps the most corrupt in Congress cali Jun 2013 #22
I wonder how she'd like these numbers... im1013 Jun 2013 #25
She's Aunt Bee. kitt6 Jun 2013 #28
Enough with the ageism. Le Taz Hot Jun 2013 #31
To be fair... Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #34
More like Ma Barker. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2013 #33
It pays well. That's why it's called "selling out". Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #36
She's an authoritarian shitbag. backscatter712 Jun 2013 #40
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