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25. Ms. Crumble is from Canberra, Australia.
Tue Jul 30, 2013, 05:09 AM
Jul 2013

So I'd like to ask her/him, what's up with foreigners, who obviously are not Americans, let alone Democrats, posting so aggressively on DU to defend NSA and attack Snowden? Really! Seriously.

I'm sure everyone on DU would welcome your input as to what Australians and the Australian chamber of commerce think of NSA spying and Snowden's revelations of same. I would be very grateful if you posted your thoughts and opinions as an Australian on ANY of the issues discussed and debated on DU. But please honor the concept of full disclosure, (not your real name, of course) as to the perspective which informs and motivates your participation. Perhaps you HAVE posted such info in the past and I've missed it. Please include links, if possible.

Edward Snowden is a modern day Paul Revere with a thumb drive full of news that Tyranny is coming! usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #1
Paul Revere got caught intaglio Jul 2013 #11
Guess the British were more competent than us then. Pholus Jul 2013 #32
Not before his famous warning ride usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #39
He never got to where he was supposed to go intaglio Jul 2013 #43
More parallels usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #45
How is a man who did no espionage, just scouting intaglio Jul 2013 #62
They both blew the whistle on their gov to warn the people usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #77
Funny I've only seen it at DU emulatorloo Jul 2013 #78
LINK: ABC News usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #81
So you and his Dad then! emulatorloo Aug 2013 #128
Technically and actually, no intaglio Jul 2013 #80
Let's agree to disagree shall we usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #82
Your post is totally embarrassing... randome Jul 2013 #83
speak for yourself & I believe the word you're looking for is P A T R I O T usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #85
Also was a spy himself treestar Jul 2013 #57
actually usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #84
Paul's monument was shipped to Hong Kong Progressive dog Jul 2013 #59
How Bizarre usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #86
and he can see russia from his hotel arely staircase Jul 2013 #105
To our gov great disgrace usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #120
speak for yourself nt arely staircase Jul 2013 #123
How strange, the Chamber of Commerce says the same thing. last1standing Jul 2013 #2
It's a strange coincidence! AgingAmerican Jul 2013 #5
Perhaps that is because people look at what was done ... intaglio Jul 2013 #13
So your hypothesis is that the Chamber of Commerce is worried about hurting Obama and Democrats? last1standing Jul 2013 #35
It's so silly it's hilarious. reusrename Jul 2013 #102
Intaglio is from the UK, you know, home of the International Chamber of Commerce. Divernan Jul 2013 #24
I think you responded to the wrong person. last1standing Jul 2013 #33
I understand. I was pointing out there is an international chamber of commerce, as well. Divernan Jul 2013 #37
So your entire ability to contribute in this thread is to intimate others are paid trolls >>> KittyWampus Jul 2013 #71
Attacking? Because if the ignorance on display about this matter intaglio Jul 2013 #44
look who's talking usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #89
Sorry, but as a "Guardian Reader" of long standing intaglio Jul 2013 #106
"I can say your POSt is full of nonsense" usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #117
Because you cannot n/t intaglio Jul 2013 #118
So instead of having the guts to call someone a troll outright, you post a link to do the same? KittyWampus Jul 2013 #64
Amazing. The OP distracts from the issues and you distract when the distraction is called out. last1standing Jul 2013 #66
It's a cowardly thing to accuse someone of being a troll indirectly. Offering no argument. It says KittyWampus Jul 2013 #69
I've not accused any person on DU of being a paid shill. last1standing Jul 2013 #72
What exactly am I posting last1stand? Hm? What am I posting? I do NOT support the NSA overreach. KittyWampus Jul 2013 #74
You seem upset so I'll excuse you're inability to check profiles. last1standing Jul 2013 #75
Ah such a thing of beauty HangOnKids Jul 2013 #99
PLEASE, stop calling your fellow DUers names, simply because they disagree with you. usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #90
Haven't you been running around shouting "ratfucker!" at people? Union Scribe Jul 2013 #108
It pleases you to be so naive? RobertEarl Jul 2013 #3
And the FBI is going through your garbage right now! Hurry! You can catch them! randome Jul 2013 #41
Not likely. The garbage goes in the garbage disposal in the sink. RC Jul 2013 #126
And domestic NSA spying still sucks AgingAmerican Jul 2013 #4
LOL, I love it when you guys insist there's nothing to see here. Marr Jul 2013 #6
There's something to see Life Long Dem Jul 2013 #76
Aporia usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #92
Yeah, I must have it wrong Life Long Dem Jul 2013 #114
Journalists write books about the stories they cover. (Woodward and Bernstein?) deurbano Jul 2013 #127
You really didn't just say that, now did you? Caretha Aug 2013 #129
But, but... AgingAmerican Jul 2013 #7
Actually, the NSA can get what they want based on your metadata. JDPriestly Jul 2013 #8
k&r avaistheone1 Jul 2013 #9
+1 n/t Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #17
Plus one...nt Enthusiast Jul 2013 #34
k&r reusrename Jul 2013 #103
k&r questionseverything Aug 2013 #130
Thanks. Scurrilous Jul 2013 #10
I kindly request that you stop being a shill for the establishment. Gravitycollapse Jul 2013 #12
I'd be wasting my time to suggest you stop attacking other DUers and try focusing on the issues? Violet_Crumble Jul 2013 #20
Ms. Crumble is from Canberra, Australia. Divernan Jul 2013 #25
Yes, and my only claim to fame is I may be the only Canberran at DU... Violet_Crumble Jul 2013 #36
So what if she's from Australia? greatauntoftriplets Jul 2013 #53
I guess they wanted to show off how they can click on a profile link... Violet_Crumble Jul 2013 #110
It seemed a pointless reason to criticize you. greatauntoftriplets Jul 2013 #116
Wow, you are quite the sleuth. You've determined 2 DU'ers are from abroad and coyly intimate they KittyWampus Jul 2013 #65
Yeah, I kind of picked up on the pro-NSA shill bit. It was pretty amusing... Violet_Crumble Jul 2013 #111
"New Snowden Leak: Australia's place in US spying web" Divernan Jul 2013 #26
Sorry, you're a day late. Yesterday was "#5 Sunday." PSPS Jul 2013 #14
+1000 nt Mojorabbit Jul 2013 #15
-infinity. Fuck Snowden and the horse he rode in on. n/t AverageJoe90 Jul 2013 #21
No, that's a #13. PSPS Jul 2013 #51
No, it's simply that Glenn Greenwald is a fucking idiot. Cha Jul 2013 #28
I know break ups are hard Cha HangOnKids Jul 2013 #101
Actually the only issue is whether its legal and a useful tool for law enforcement. DCBob Jul 2013 #42
We can add this OP to the list Bonobo Jul 2013 #16
+1 n/t Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #18
Jesus. That's even more than I thought. Gravitycollapse Jul 2013 #19
That's a tad excessive. OnyxCollie Jul 2013 #22
Lol! someone is obsessed. neverforget Jul 2013 #29
To be entirely fair, a couple of those don't seem to be about Glennward Snowwald Fumesucker Jul 2013 #31
LOL ... love it! JoePhilly Jul 2013 #46
Plus one! Holy crap! n/t Enthusiast Jul 2013 #38
You stayed up until four A.M. to post that? Kolesar Jul 2013 #40
You're not far behind Capt. Obvious Jul 2013 #52
Nobody asked you, Captain Buttinski...eom Kolesar Jul 2013 #63
Wow what wit, what's next poopy pants? n/t HangOnKids Jul 2013 #100
You are kind of a 'bag on this thread too Kolesar Jul 2013 #113
Oh, and someone asked you to post Bonobo's transparency page? Capt. Obvious Jul 2013 #115
The tenth grade melodrama grinds on Kolesar Jul 2013 #121
Someday you'll graduate from high school Capt. Obvious Jul 2013 #122
High School? HangOnKids Aug 2013 #132
Wow! That's in spam territory. Waiting For Everyman Jul 2013 #48
I didn't make the list. Bonobo Jul 2013 #49
Due credit Waiting For Everyman Jul 2013 #56
Nice work Bonobo whatchamacallit Jul 2013 #50
I guess you must feel that way about Catherina too... bunnies Jul 2013 #55
Who compares a noob on a singleminded mission of distortion whatchamacallit Jul 2013 #61
Who the heck are you to call anyone a noob? BTW, where's the list of Catherina's posts? KittyWampus Jul 2013 #67
If you find the comparison whatchamacallit Jul 2013 #68
Why? You and your small, obnoxious clique are the ones involved in a witch hunt. KittyWampus Jul 2013 #70
I think you're mixed up and heading in the wrong direction whatchamacallit Jul 2013 #73
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #94
Oh Im sorry. bunnies Jul 2013 #91
Gee I thought you were all about keeping harmony on DU HangOnKids Jul 2013 #98
Its the bullying and the piling on that really gets me. bunnies Jul 2013 #119
But her list is composed of at least a few bogus stories. So there is a difference. randome Jul 2013 #79
good lord, yes. Bobbie Jo Jul 2013 #87
Seriously. Pretty scary. n/t FSogol Jul 2013 #88
Add these two groups together... I wonder what the total is? cherokeeprogressive Jul 2013 #93
Now THAT is interesting! nt Bonobo Jul 2013 #95
JESUS. Suddenly, I find myself actually *hoping* Marr Jul 2013 #125
... questionseverything Aug 2013 #131
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, Lonr Jul 2013 #23
More Character Assassination cantbeserious Jul 2013 #27
The article appeared to be... gcomeau Jul 2013 #58
It's a bunch of double-talk. reusrename Jul 2013 #104
yeah, exposing Glenn Greenwald and daring to burst his Cha Jul 2013 #30
When it is done for the purpose AgingAmerican Jul 2013 #60
What I would like to know BainsBane Jul 2013 #97
Indeed so.....n/t AverageJoe90 Jul 2013 #96
Oh, come on. You know the article in the OP is bullshit. reusrename Jul 2013 #107
"I honestly thought you were beginning to understand how the system works." AverageJoe90 Jul 2013 #109
By ALL accounts he is a darn good systems analyst. reusrename Jul 2013 #112
... Cha Jul 2013 #124
Wait til these folks find out the admin at timewarner can read their email JoePhilly Jul 2013 #47
DU rec...nt SidDithers Jul 2013 #54
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