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Sat Sep 21, 2013, 06:45 PM Sep 2013

Why I choose to be a counterproductive left wingnut. [View all]

I don't change my position on the issues because of who occupies the Oval Office.

I opposed targeted assassinations of U.S. citizens under President Bush, so I also oppose them under President Obama.

I opposed invasive NSA spying and blanket warrants under President Bush, so I also oppose them under President Obama.

I opposed proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare under President Bush, so I also oppose them under President Obama.

I opposed free trade deals (that strengthen the hands of global corporations and weaken the bargaining position of workers) under President Bush, so I also oppose them under President Obama.

I opposed austerity economics under President Bush (although he never actually tried it), so I also oppose it under President Obama.

By now, surely you get the picture.

I want to be counterproductive because I want to stop things. I want to be the spanner in the works; the fly in the ointment.

I think counterproductive left wingnuts stopped a potential Larry Summers fed chairmanship in its tracks. And that is a good thing.

I also think counterproductive left winguts helped to stop, or at least delay, a reckless and potentially illegal attack on Syrian government forces that would have proved detrimental to long-term U.S. interests in the region. (Some say that Obama brilliantly planned things to go the way they did all along. If so, then he sure is a lot smarter than his staunch supporters who were shilling for the missile attacks 24/7 when they thought that was his plan.)

It's not that I am inflexible and unwilling to compromise. I recognize that some things simply aren't possible right now.

But the Republicans are crazy. I'm not being hyperbolic here, either. The policies they support are insane and would destroy the lives of many Americans if they were ever allowed to go into effect. There is no compromising with that. The more we give them, the more they demand, and centrists who try to tell us otherwise must be living on some other planet.

President Obama has lots of admirable qualities, and I agree with him on a number of issues. He's pro-choice, a staunch supporter of gay rights and civil rights in general, he has been willing to raise taxes somewhat on the wealthy, and his health insurance plan will be an improvement over what existed before.

But I grow more and more convinced that the Democratic Party is in the process of selling its soul.

And I don't blame President Obama. He's just one of many.

As the Republicans fall farther and farther off the deep end, more and more Democrats are realizing that wealthy donors can be brought over to our side if only we "moderate" our positions on economic matters somewhat.

But I don't want my party to turn into nothing more than the pro-choice, gay-friendly, version of the republicans.

I have always shown up at the polls to vote for Democrats, from Dukakis in 1988 to Obama in 2012. But I'm not an automatic vote. Not anymore.

Somehow, between the late 19th and early-to-mid 20th centuries, the Republican Party transformed from the Party of Lincoln, to the Party of Reagan. I bet it did not happen overnight, and I bet there were many in the party who cried foul along the way.

I wonder if they ever got called counterproductive left wingnuts?

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Recommended! Cooley Hurd Sep 2013 #1
Thank you dawg. truedelphi Sep 2013 #2
K&R. nt DLevine Sep 2013 #3
proud counterproductive left wingnut here. I will never stop fighting. liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #4
Stop it. Too much common sense for one post. grattsl Sep 2013 #5
That is a crappy way to be counterproductive or a wingnut. DirkGently Sep 2013 #6
Bravo! Warpy Sep 2013 #7
I don't choose to be a counterproductive wingnut. Fuddnik Sep 2013 #8
Yeah, I think "choose" may have been a poor choice of words for me, too. dawg Sep 2013 #10
Yes, it is in your blood isn't it? To not change your principles when sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #62
I was born in 52. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #100
Same year as me. Fuddnik Sep 2013 #126
I am 1953 MuseRider Sep 2013 #152
Every little TV program we watched as children Enthusiast Sep 2013 #157
"more than a little" MuseRider Sep 2013 #183
Good post. Thanks. nt GoneFishin Sep 2013 #9
Well said!! haikugal Sep 2013 #11
DITTO!!! Dustlawyer Sep 2013 #72
I thought it was because you liked having Republicans win elections. baldguy Sep 2013 #12
I'm glad the Republicans won elections in the 1800's. dawg Sep 2013 #13
Well, like with so many other things, you thought wrong. [n/t] Maedhros Sep 2013 #14
“Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people..." Hissyspit Sep 2013 #29
Interesting. My regard for Harry just grew exponentially. Democracyinkind Sep 2013 #103
Yeah, because acting like Republicans has been so successful Doctor_J Sep 2013 #41
Exactly......nt Enthusiast Sep 2013 #102
LOL!! Liberal_Dog Sep 2013 #130
Meanwhile, in the real world 1980 doesn't exist anymore. baldguy Sep 2013 #135
Don't Like The Actual History, Huh? Liberal_Dog Sep 2013 #145
Of course not. Actual history shows that their ideology has a failure rate of 100%. Egalitarian Thug Sep 2013 #148
You mean the actual history of Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, George Bush Sr, Newt Gingrich... baldguy Sep 2013 #149
Who wants 1980 to exist anymore? That was the beginning of sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #224
Not only do members of the Counterproductive Left Wingnut contingency sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #165
"I thought..." LondonReign2 Sep 2013 #176
since we're to the left of Francisco Franco, we must oppose anyone who isn't MisterP Sep 2013 #15
It's cool that you mention Franco. Everyone always ends up comparing the right-wingers ... dawg Sep 2013 #18
Yes, they will appear to be "moderate" far right wing Fascists. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #104
I lived in Spain under Franco DFW Sep 2013 #116
this is why Latin American history is so important: it shows what They want when They're MisterP Sep 2013 #226
Thank you. "I want to be the spanner in the works..." scarletwoman Sep 2013 #16
+ 1 cyberswede Sep 2013 #57
Amen pscot Sep 2013 #131
Absolutely libdude Sep 2013 #17
There's too much rhetoric lately; I've tuned out. BadgerKid Sep 2013 #19
Huge Rec mick063 Sep 2013 #20
Yep, I am counterproductive zeemike Sep 2013 #21
Count me in, I stand with you! gopiscrap Sep 2013 #22
It's Right vs Wrong, not Right vs Left. amb123 Sep 2013 #23
Enjoy your serfdom! nt Cryptoad Sep 2013 #24
If you only knew .... dawg Sep 2013 #25
Maybe i do,,,, Cryptoad Sep 2013 #26
Agent Mike! dawg Sep 2013 #28
Huh? Cryptoad Sep 2013 #31
You no like serf dude? dawg Sep 2013 #32
Can't recognize cool? Enthusiast Sep 2013 #98
I can reconize Cryptoad Sep 2013 #115
What is your disidoro01 Sep 2013 #122
Critical Reading is Critical! nt Cryptoad Sep 2013 #132
You do not agree with that disidoro01 Sep 2013 #138
What I do beleive is that you can provide a cite for that policy that you claim. Cryptoad Sep 2013 #140
Do you agree with continuing Bush's foreign policies? sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #151
All of them,,,, no Cryptoad Sep 2013 #159
How is asking about the reasons for opposition to certain policies this sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #161
Pride is a very dangerous thing! Cryptoad Sep 2013 #202
How do you feel about all the Republicans in President Obama's sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #215
I dont like it Cryptoad Sep 2013 #216
proud to rec this DrDan Sep 2013 #27
Kick And Recommend cantbeserious Sep 2013 #30
Is someone criticizing Counterproductive Left Wingnuts? sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #33
Yes. There was a derogatory post about the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party MsPithy Sep 2013 #47
Thanks, I just saw it here on GD. No surprise there frankly. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #51
There are no right wing comedians. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #108
Lol, true. Not even those posing as 'democrats'. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #163
I Had to remove the ConservativeDemocrat from the ignore list to even see it bobduca Sep 2013 #123
Well, I've had exchanges, if you could call them that with the 'conservatiive' sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #156
He's not gettting out of my ignore dungeon. n/t L0oniX Sep 2013 #160
Lol, probably a good idea! sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #166
Best comeback post on DU like in forever! dgibby Sep 2013 #34
Me too. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #106
K&R - Good post! nt 99th_Monkey Sep 2013 #35
Amen Brother! Phlem Sep 2013 #36
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! - K & R !!! WillyT Sep 2013 #37
splendid! Douglas Carpenter Sep 2013 #38
Hell yeah. n/t lumberjack_jeff Sep 2013 #39
Great post, dawg, thanks. Scuba Sep 2013 #40
I wouldn't call any of this being "counterproductive" or being a "wingnut" ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #42
Thank you. dawg Sep 2013 #45
This sort of owned your post! n-t Logical Sep 2013 #59
If you don't mind, how, exactly, are you conservative, xfundy Sep 2013 #61
These are my general views... ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #188
What are your beliefs regarding same sex marriage and a woman's right Zorra Sep 2013 #206
"If you don't like gay marriage - don't have one" ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #218
Funny you mention the difference between mere disagreement and hatred, cui bono Sep 2013 #84
Yep -- the use of "wingnut" was an early tipoff, eh? Arugula Latte Sep 2013 #170
Pointing out counterproductive behaviors isn't "hate". ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #195
But pointing out counterproductive behaviors is not at all what you did. cui bono Sep 2013 #207
Not only is it all I did, I made no factual assertions at all... ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #212
No need to be coy, I'm not falling for your disingenuous "explanation". cui bono Sep 2013 #228
... Fumesucker Sep 2013 #229
lmfao RedCappedBandit Sep 2013 #94
"When I do it, it is disagreeing, when the (unspecified) "other" does it, it's hate" Democracyinkind Sep 2013 #105
Typical narcissistic trait jsr Sep 2013 #244
Please describe this 'hatred' you are talking about from the Left. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #155
Not from the "left" - from counterproductive wingnuts ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #172
You shouldn't have any difficulty point out those comments you sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #174
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #189
Thank you for giving Sabrina an excellent example! ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #192
There are a lot of discussion boards for Conservatives. Vanje Sep 2013 #197
I'm not a Republican. Or insane. But I repeat myself. ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #209
Calling out specific posts and posters is forbidden by D.U. rules ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #191
Um, I didn't say it was intimidation, I said that was the intent, sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #193
Well, Sabrina, if you check you'll notice a few things ConservativeDemocrat Sep 2013 #198
Lol, I do love your posts. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #221
I wish I could rec twice! bvar22 Sep 2013 #43
Allow me... cyberswede Sep 2013 #56
K&R - Good response to that trollish and delusional OP quinnox Sep 2013 #44
That's why you my dawg, dawg. Iggo Sep 2013 #46
This dawg is wit cha! DeSwiss Sep 2013 #48
Oh hell yes. 99Forever Sep 2013 #49
dawg! This post is so good, I think you graduate into being called DOG! MsPithy Sep 2013 #50
knr Douglas Carpenter Sep 2013 #52
This list is just not stupid. It is you that I don't find offensive, at all. Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #53
This OP is now number one with a bullet on top of the Greatest threads list quinnox Sep 2013 #54
So... this is some kind of a 'Posting contest' macspanicattack Sep 2013 #74
Funny, from you who kept posting r and k numbers in the other thread. Democracyinkind Sep 2013 #107
Is it? Not to those of us who take these issues seriously, which thankfully sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #150
Ruff ruff! grahamhgreen Sep 2013 #55
Why has it become such an exalted position Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #58
Why do you think that criticizing policies that are so bad for ordinary sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #63
because I rememebr b'back in the day' when we here on DU used to laugh at the Repubs azurnoir Sep 2013 #87
You deliberately ignored what I actually said. Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #181
why is that some here wish to give Obama credit for what the SCOTUS actually did? azurnoir Sep 2013 #184
You proved mine as well........... Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #200
where did I say Obama is a "lousy President" azurnoir Sep 2013 #201
Pfffffffffffffffft Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #203
Please address post number 63...........nt Enthusiast Sep 2013 #110
Where? n/m Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #175
This one, right here. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #180
I didn't see it, because I have her on ignore Isoldeblue Sep 2013 #182
+1 treestar Sep 2013 #127
Honest, direct and no whiff of... SMC22307 Sep 2013 #60
Considering the source of that thread, no one is surprised. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #65
IIR, one item on that hit-list was about volunteering. SMC22307 Sep 2013 #68
This is what happens when Enthusiast Sep 2013 #111
Great song. And yes, once the crime of treason that WAS Iran/Contra sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #158
I agree with most of your post creeksneakers2 Sep 2013 #64
That Dawg hunts and bags it's prey! Kennah Sep 2013 #66
Hear, hear! GreenPartyVoter Sep 2013 #67
I had, unfortunately, just run across the rather disturbing post to which this is a response, and niyad Sep 2013 #69
K&R n/t myrna minx Sep 2013 #70
Proud to be a leftwing nutjob with you and the many other fine folks on this thread. AllyCat Sep 2013 #71
Can I make a list of all the posters macspanicattack Sep 2013 #73
It's public information, anyone can see it by clicking on the yellow box above the rec button. scarletwoman Sep 2013 #77
Thanks for the permission... macspanicattack Sep 2013 #78
Please keep posting! scarletwoman Sep 2013 #80
Hey...no prob. Glad to help. macspanicattack Sep 2013 #81
Thanks for all the advice for us novices. Hissyspit Sep 2013 #89
You need a hobby Vanje Sep 2013 #162
Knitting socks is very relaxing I'm told. bluesbassman Sep 2013 #247
Please do. We aren't ashamed Union Scribe Sep 2013 #90
Not at all... macspanicattack Sep 2013 #91
I get that sense Union Scribe Sep 2013 #92
so transparent LiberalLovinLug Sep 2013 #133
Then why do you keep babbling on about it? LondonReign2 Sep 2013 #179
You can feel free to post my rec if you want. I would have rec'd it sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #185
I agree. I got called a troll because I did not find a BO post WCLinolVir Sep 2013 #75
Well if that post you made was in the BOG then you've also been banned from there. cui bono Sep 2013 #86
K&R me b zola Sep 2013 #76
Beautifully said .... Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #79
Republicans transitioned twice, becoming the party of corporate isolationists after WWI Agnosticsherbet Sep 2013 #82
++ nt dougolat Sep 2013 #88
Perfect! Le Taz Hot Sep 2013 #83
K&R x 1000 -- n/t mazzarro Sep 2013 #85
I'm damn proud to be "counterproductive" RedCappedBandit Sep 2013 #93
Truth tellers always get more flak Ichingcarpenter Sep 2013 #95
K&R! I have yet to read the thread, dawg. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #96
The defenders position consisted entirely of sibelian Sep 2013 #173
The Defenders Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #220
Thank you. I agree completely. When the president is right, I will say it. Nanjing to Seoul Sep 2013 #97
And *I* thank you, my dear Nanjing to Seoul. CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2013 #143
I propose this as a theme song for the dilemma we face. Enthusiast Sep 2013 #99
I like the defiance. Let them know what we believe and how many of us there are. Democracyinkind Sep 2013 #101
Thank you. djean111 Sep 2013 #109
Proud leftie since the late 60's unapatriciated Sep 2013 #112
Moderating our positions on economic matters "somewhat" - TBF Sep 2013 #113
But we have more billionaires than any other nation, and that's what really matters, isn't it? Egalitarian Thug Sep 2013 #211
Agree 100%. nt TBF Sep 2013 #241
Well, I trashed that other thread, chervilant Sep 2013 #114
Jury results... WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #213
How strange. chervilant Sep 2013 #222
I will continue to be a left wing moonbat with no hesitation. At least facts back up what I say Nanjing to Seoul Sep 2013 #117
K & R. grntuscarora Sep 2013 #118
Bottom-line, one word answer required ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2013 #119
Seeing as how I live in a deep red district ... dawg Sep 2013 #120
Thank you for responding ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2013 #121
KNR. Truth to power (and money, and those who grovel before it) leveymg Sep 2013 #124
K&R marmar Sep 2013 #125
DURec leftstreet Sep 2013 #128
Why don't conservative democrats become trojan republicans bobduca Sep 2013 #129
"President Obama has lots of admirable qualities" ProSense Sep 2013 #134
Happy to be the Puglover Sep 2013 #136
A post worthy on the level of bvar, sabrina, manny, and woomewithscience. Efilroft Sul Sep 2013 #137
Great OP Dawg! LiberalLovinLug Sep 2013 #139
Vote out all Republicans gulliver Sep 2013 #141
Recommend. KoKo Sep 2013 #142
Kick and rec. JoeyT Sep 2013 #144
neo-conservatism is and had been disastrous noiretextatique Sep 2013 #146
Good post! Enthusiast Sep 2013 #199
thank you...the gop is all about diminished expectations noiretextatique Sep 2013 #250
dawg kpete Sep 2013 #147
Well Stated! Great Post! fredamae Sep 2013 #153
Excellent post and I agree 100%. Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #154
Many proudly clamor to join you! JNelson6563 Sep 2013 #164
It is not an unusual thing ... dawg Sep 2013 #169
A host on DU trashing DU? Nice. Union Scribe Sep 2013 #177
No, it's like having had a favorite JNelson6563 Sep 2013 #236
Did you post a similar admonition to the OP of the thread sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #190
LOL let me try to translate for you Sabrina. Puglover Sep 2013 #204
I think that sums it up perfectly Puglover. I simply asked what I think was sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #240
I don't follow the now JNelson6563 Sep 2013 #237
Then why are you here if you find nothing positive about DU? WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #214
Oh don't worry! JNelson6563 Sep 2013 #235
Look in a mirror, Julie, if you want "snotty little pieces of crap like your post." WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #239
I posted such a thread the other day, it got considerably more recs than replies Fumesucker Sep 2013 #217
What a great post! JNelson6563 Sep 2013 #234
The way to find those kind of posts is look for ones with more recs than replies Fumesucker Sep 2013 #238
then get your ass out and get us a democratic controlled house!!!!!!! pasto76 Sep 2013 #167
He had two years of a Democratic house and was unable to get Exilednight Sep 2013 #168
Some of the things I am opposed to are part of his agenda. dawg Sep 2013 #171
We did that. It did't do much good and all we heard were excuses. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #187
"if PBO had a house that would pass his agenda" bvar22 Sep 2013 #194
Lefty wingnuts are ALL productive to some extent. JEFF9K Sep 2013 #178
One of our society's greatest problems imo is there are far too right wing-nuts and indepat Sep 2013 #186
Awesome post Oilwellian Sep 2013 #196
Why do you have more recs than the other post about the "counter productive left"?? kentuck Sep 2013 #205
"libdems are just a third of a third!" "DU isn't representative of the party or America!" MisterP Sep 2013 #227
+1000! nt adirondacker Sep 2013 #208
Fuck yeah! RetroLounge Sep 2013 #210
the Democrats aren't in the process of selling their souls. Those at the top sold out long ago yurbud Sep 2013 #219
Oh, I think I see the problem - you REFUSE to see the differences jazzimov Sep 2013 #223
Thanks, dawg. jsr Sep 2013 #225
K&R for pissing off all the RIGHT people! Rex Sep 2013 #230
K&R bobduca Sep 2013 #231
Amen QC Sep 2013 #246
OK, now what?????????? OutNow Sep 2013 #232
Impressive post. A heartfelt rec. -nt- Celefin Sep 2013 #233
K&R Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #242
K&R! nt raouldukelives Sep 2013 #243
Kick...rec. n/t NRaleighLiberal Sep 2013 #245
THIS Liberalynn Sep 2013 #248
Kick. (n/t) WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #249
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