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13. Hawaiianlight is correct! I love that quote of yours!
Reply to RC (Reply #8)
Thu Nov 28, 2013, 06:12 PM
Nov 2013
"If certain people in our government, involved with 9/11, were infected with the Pinocchio syndrome, they'd be able to sword fight each other from both coasts."

BRILLIANT!!! That's how I remember it, too, especially with all the reading I did, and how much I saw here. Just why haven't we ever tried to drill down into that little 15-of-the-19-hijackers-were-Saudi factoid? I remember hearing and seeing reports about how they were warned beforehand, before they even got to the White House. The Clinton people tipped them off, on the way out, that terrorism was going to be their biggest problem, and they had all kinds of indications that would move even a moron to order higher security at airports and maybe also at highrise buildings or something. Something. ANYthing forcryingoutloud! The morons, however, were IN the White House and the Vice President's office and on from there, down the stovepipe. Instead we had a so-called "president" who told a CIA messenger "okay, you've covered your ass now," when the CIA guy tried to bring him another warning. And we had a so-called "vice president" placed in charge of a White House terrorist task force - and do you know when they finally got around to meeting? September 10th 2001. Instead the so-called "vice president" had been too busy behind closed doors with his oil industry buddies, carving up a map of Iraq.

"I am thankful for secrets & Republicon occultism. Smirk" - xCommander AWOL (R - Skull & Boner) Berlum Nov 2013 #1
What an absolutely disgusting photo/ pangaia Nov 2013 #2
Wow Truth billhicks76 Nov 2013 #14
That's another kept secret RobertEarl Nov 2013 #3
They are stealing the wealth of the middle class. nm rhett o rick Nov 2013 #4
+++ mopinko Nov 2013 #12
If it's coming from B. Graham it might just be bullshit. If he knows something we need to know lumpy Nov 2013 #5
are you thinking of the right person? n/t Enrique Nov 2013 #6
I trust Bob Graham, & he's limited by oath to what he can reveal. n/t dmr Nov 2013 #7
His only oath is to the Constitution. former9thward Nov 2013 #24
Wake up billhicks76 Nov 2013 #15
Not thinking of Lindsey by chance? IDemo Nov 2013 #22
That account is pretty much the way I remember it at the time. RC Nov 2013 #8
Nice Hawaiianlight Nov 2013 #9
Thank you. RC Nov 2013 #10
Welcome to DU, Hawaiianlight! calimary Nov 2013 #11
Hawaiianlight is correct! I love that quote of yours! calimary Nov 2013 #13
C'mon billhicks76 Nov 2013 #16
Speaking of a certain vice president, the Mineta testimony comes to mind BelgianMadCow Nov 2013 #17
What does "registration in the tunnel" refer to? I don't remember snagglepuss Nov 2013 #18
Cheney was whisked from the WH to the situation room where they were gathering, and went through a BelgianMadCow Nov 2013 #20
Thanks. snagglepuss Nov 2013 #23
Disappeared testimony Berlum Nov 2013 #26
They were Saudi, but Saudi Arabia didn't want them treestar Nov 2013 #19
August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing "Bin Laden determined to strike in US" BelgianMadCow Nov 2013 #25
Saudis with expedited papers didn't reschedule 40+ war exercises dougolat Nov 2013 #21
Here's the following part (and the first) BelgianMadCow Nov 2013 #27
Thanks for posting this Jesus Malverde Nov 2013 #28
Nice, we should all be aware of the Saudi/9-11 connection, current media doesn't support that tho. M Kitt Nov 2013 #29
Oh, so we're finally allowed to discuss the 9/11 conspiracy out in the open? ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2013 #30
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