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Generalizations are usually bad 4Q2u2 Dec 2013 #1
Had to go back 30+ years lame54 Dec 2013 #4
No just one I was familiar with immediately 4Q2u2 Dec 2013 #10
Sorry to be tailgating... busterbrown Dec 2013 #30
They do save a lot of time though nt el_bryanto Dec 2013 #38
My father is a staunch Republican and he voted for Obama ... twice! 1000words Dec 2013 #2
is he still registered republican? lame54 Dec 2013 #6
Of course! 1000words Dec 2013 #7
So if Obama is good for business - why is he republican lame54 Dec 2013 #8
You'd have to ask him 1000words Dec 2013 #11
not reaching - just curious lame54 Dec 2013 #12
There you go!! busterbrown Dec 2013 #21
but it's easy to not be a republican lame54 Dec 2013 #24
I think it's actually easier to be a Republican.. SomethingFishy Dec 2013 #67
Ok you convinced me... lame54 Dec 2013 #72
If they were really fiscally conservative, ReasonableToo Dec 2013 #23
I don't see why being an economic feudalist and corporate enabler is any better TheKentuckian Dec 2013 #52
Show me a racist and I'll show you a Republican. Lint Head Dec 2013 #3
My dad would have argued that FrodosPet Dec 2013 #45
Yes, because ALL Republicans are racist... bobclark86 Dec 2013 #5
Well tell me in your personal experiences of any Republicans you know busterbrown Dec 2013 #18
Aww, I disagreed with you on a label for a person... bobclark86 Dec 2013 #22
Your barking up the wrong tree buddy!!! busterbrown Dec 2013 #31
"Yes, because ALL Republicans are racist..." Iggo Dec 2013 #25
DH tells you to go pound sand. Seeking Serenity Dec 2013 #9
I know plenty of Republicans who are not only not racist, Nye Bevan Dec 2013 #13
That's shocking. I've never met a Republican that wasn't racist. JaneyVee Dec 2013 #15
Most today are clearly racist. Maybe not the lynching kind, but certainly the don't want their Hoyt Dec 2013 #16
Yeah I think so gollygee Dec 2013 #44
But they will never tell you the exact reason’s for their thinking.. busterbrown Dec 2013 #19
"good decent people" who just happen to support torture, LOL Corruption Inc Dec 2013 #27
Exactly... Back when I was a kid there was sort of a middle grown. busterbrown Dec 2013 #32
Bill Maher observed there are two things Republicans hate, 1) being called a racist, and Hoyt Dec 2013 #14
Cognitive dissonance, not in tune with the issues, cause/effect, etc. ecstatic Dec 2013 #17
Pretending is an art.. busterbrown Dec 2013 #20
Yeah that would prove it Ms. Toad Dec 2013 #48
You are correct... busterbrown Dec 2013 #50
You are the one who suggested using welfare Ms. Toad Dec 2013 #51
My implications are that the typical racist doesn’t think of a “Welfare Queen” as being Caucasian busterbrown Dec 2013 #54
I know several. Ms. Toad Dec 2013 #57
Agree!! Yea I was listening to Mike Malloy who one night busterbrown Dec 2013 #58
Awareness is a crucial first step - Ms. Toad Dec 2013 #59
It would have been interesting to know how such a conversation would have rolled out.. busterbrown Dec 2013 #61
Don't know - Ms. Toad Dec 2013 #63
I wonder what he would have thought of the Repub.Party today? n/t busterbrown Dec 2013 #66
I doubt he'd be happy with it - Ms. Toad Dec 2013 #68
I bet you could write a few interesting stories concerning your experience.. busterbrown Dec 2013 #70
I am currently telling several smaller stories Ms. Toad Dec 2013 #71
The majority of "fiscal conservatives" are actually nothing of the sort, it is obvious code for TheKentuckian Dec 2013 #69
You can not in my mind be a good person if you are against a strong progressive based.. busterbrown Dec 2013 #34
I know a few. Mz Pip Dec 2013 #26
Good for you, go ahead and post some of their "different views of government" Corruption Inc Dec 2013 #29
Good grief. Mz Pip Dec 2013 #35
there are some like Huntsman, but we know how someone like him is viewed by most Republicans JI7 Dec 2013 #28
Disagree!!! busterbrown Dec 2013 #36
Broad brushes, LOOOOVEEEE THEM!!!! nadinbrzezinski Dec 2013 #33
Why are they broad? busterbrown Dec 2013 #37
I suppose some aren't but I can't think of one I know that doc03 Dec 2013 #39
Lets face it, there is no such thing.. busterbrown Dec 2013 #40
Not all repugnantcans are racist, but all racists are repugnantcans. bermudat Dec 2013 #41
Their de facto leader is OxyRush lpbk2713 Dec 2013 #42
You can't spell TeaPubliKlan without the Klan. Some of them may not be personally racist TheKentuckian Dec 2013 #43
Good point. A few might not be racist, but they tolerate millions of racists in the party, Hoyt Dec 2013 #46
Yes (nt) bigwillq Dec 2013 #47
Yes. zappaman Dec 2013 #49
Michael Steele and Steve Schmidt are OK, Jamaal510 Dec 2013 #53
Isn’t Michael Steel John Boehner’s spin doctor? busterbrown Dec 2013 #56
This is the same type of thinking my ' in-laws have when saying D's = baby killers. I can't kelly1mm Dec 2013 #55
Since we are painting every member of the republican party aznativ Dec 2013 #60
I mentioned down line that many Dems might and are Racists.. busterbrown Dec 2013 #62
You could until about a few years ago ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2013 #64
Allow me to K&R #1 this n/t UTUSN Dec 2013 #65
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