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I'd gladly pay a grand and give up lunch for a fucking year to watch Richie Rich have to pay his lonestarnot Dec 2011 #1
That's great, if you don't need that grand to feed your kids. TheWraith Dec 2011 #16
Would you take food stamps if your children were hungry? kentuck Dec 2011 #19
Not just a Grand ... BOHICA12 Dec 2011 #27
I make so little money SheilaT Dec 2011 #78
"backbone? courage" ? what are these strange things you speak of ? russspeakeasy Dec 2011 #2
The problem comes when less income=less spending=recession, layoffs, and so on bhikkhu Dec 2011 #3
More money coming into the Treasury means more government spending... kentuck Dec 2011 #4
It doesn't, though Yo_Mama Dec 2011 #46
However, it is utterly idiotic to suggest that tax cuts have any significant effect on-- eridani Dec 2011 #9
Hey kentuck rsmith6621 Dec 2011 #5
March? This is going to go on until November. Hang onto your shorts! lonestarnot Dec 2011 #6
Maybe you should tell your Congressman to fight for unemployment benefits... kentuck Dec 2011 #7
speak for your own income bigtree Dec 2011 #8
Better than asking people to surrender what they have paid for all their lives? kentuck Dec 2011 #10
nothing of the sort is occurring. You're just using fear to make your point bigtree Dec 2011 #13
There is nothing in the general fund. kentuck Dec 2011 #17
that should apply to everything else then, not just when the middle class gets a break bigtree Dec 2011 #21
Just what is politically possible at the moment. kentuck Dec 2011 #22
denying the middle class a tax break before changing the other priorities isn't 'courage' bigtree Dec 2011 #43
Could you please get off this this tax cut bull ? kentuck Dec 2011 #49
yeah, that's right, we're not just regular folks out here, working our asses off bigtree Dec 2011 #52
Post removed Post removed Dec 2011 #54
That's about as direct a personal assault as you can make Kentuck bigtree Dec 2011 #57
"you miserable wretch"?? kentuck Dec 2011 #58
You can't keep from taunting people, can you? bigtree Dec 2011 #59
You deserve everything you get. kentuck Dec 2011 #60
They need more money than some pissy tax cut is going to give them. eridani Dec 2011 #11
They hooked people on the Bush taxcuts rather than pay raises from their employers... kentuck Dec 2011 #12
The payroll tax cut extension is Obama policy bigtree Dec 2011 #15
Jeebus. Because taxes pay for necessary public goods, ferchrissakes! eridani Dec 2011 #18
so that burden should be all on the middle class? bigtree Dec 2011 #42
It should be mainly on the rich eridani Dec 2011 #65
right, where's the replacement? Where's the alternative? bigtree Dec 2011 #14
Just surrender... kentuck Dec 2011 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author bigtree Dec 2011 #53
Here is my take airplaneman Dec 2011 #23
Well said, airplaneman. kentuck Dec 2011 #24
+10000!! n/t eridani Dec 2011 #31
The FICA tax cut is paid for, the SS trustees have received funds each month FogerRox Dec 2011 #75
The social security trust fund is not being reduced by one penny. The tax cut should be extended, BzaDem Dec 2011 #25
No--the firewall separating Social Security from general revenue for 75 years-- eridani Dec 2011 #28
Some bullets on this airplaneman Dec 2011 #30
"You do not protect social security by cutting its funding and hope you will come up with the money" BzaDem Dec 2011 #40
I wish someone would answer this "point"... kentuck Dec 2011 #50
This ProSense Dec 2011 #26
The government fucking well does control tax policy eridani Dec 2011 #29
Tax their cash assets? Do you want my savings in the bank taxed as well? RB TexLa Dec 2011 #32
Your bank savings is already doubly taxed eridani Dec 2011 #37
Er, no. You may be talking about interest on savings. But you do not pay a tax on the principal. BzaDem Dec 2011 #41
Cash assets they likely are not ArcticFox Dec 2011 #48
And ProSense Dec 2011 #35
Unfortunately, the President already crossed the Rubicon of allowing the cutting payroll taxes JCMach1 Dec 2011 #33
F--k That! If you make over $250/K a year you didn't just live through a recession. FarLeftFist Dec 2011 #34
And also the 48% of the population that is low income or outright poor eridani Dec 2011 #38
spoken like someone with money to spare! MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #36
Spoken by someone who knows that tax cutting since 2000 has destroyed our economy eridani Dec 2011 #39
Making Work Pay *is* a tax cut. dawg Dec 2011 #45
It is a tax credit, and should be referred to as such eridani Dec 2011 #62
When you increase a tax credit, you cut taxes. dawg Dec 2011 #67
These "word games" are otherwise known as FRAMING, which the Repukes have-- eridani Dec 2011 #69
I understand all about framing, Lakoff and such, but ... dawg Dec 2011 #72
Only because the Repukes have been pushing the evil government, taxes bad eridani Dec 2011 #74
Too purist for me. You ignore all those you would hurt to achieve perfection. MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #55
It wasn't passed to relieve the pain... kentuck Dec 2011 #56
So you think it's time to stop stimulating the Economy? wrong! MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #80
Since when is common sense way out of line and an impossible goal? eridani Dec 2011 #63
Actually wages have not kept up with inflation for over 35 years. FogerRox Dec 2011 #76
I imagine to a subsistence farmer in Rwanda... LanternWaste Dec 2011 #61
That would be counter-productive. dawg Dec 2011 #44
Works for me. Sherman A1 Dec 2011 #47
As Loretta Lynn said... kentuck Dec 2011 #51
No truer words ever spoken. sad sally Dec 2011 #64
Depression plus belt-tightening equals more depression cthulu2016 Dec 2011 #66
In fact, the best way to put more money into people's pockets and to improve the economy Fool Count Dec 2011 #68
agreed, let them all expire... bonzotex Dec 2011 #70
There are a lot of people here on DU that want taxes raised on the other guy taught_me_patience Dec 2011 #71
K & R !!! - Agreed !!! WillyT Dec 2011 #73
You're preaching to the choir on this, my friend... WheelWalker Dec 2011 #77
I agree - nt badtoworse Dec 2011 #79
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