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Capt. Obvious

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46. Re: Firefighters
Fri Apr 4, 2014, 10:09 AM
Apr 2014
Star Member lumberjack_jeff (27,836 posts)
43. a) you have no idea.

b) I've also never had a job in which I'm paid to sleep.
Should this level of ceremony be extended to everyone who dies on the job? lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #1
I doubt that I will.. sheshe2 Apr 2014 #2
+1 Hekate Apr 2014 #3
Thank you Hekate~ sheshe2 Apr 2014 #5
+ another 1 calimary Apr 2014 #98
The 2009 fatality rate for firefighters was 4.4 per 100,000. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #11
Nothing says selfless bravery like commercial fishermen Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #16
And you have the gall to call me callous? lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #19
I stand by that Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #22
Yes because them dying is OK to you? Like coal miners also I guess. nt Logical Apr 2014 #33
That is not what was said and you damn well know that! nt sheshe2 Apr 2014 #36
I imagine that should a group of coal miners perish... LanternWaste Apr 2014 #60
because you stunk up a thread about a firefighter's funeral CreekDog Apr 2014 #85
Spot on. nt. Rex Apr 2014 #119
Right on the money. IronGate Apr 2014 #127
Right on! marew Apr 2014 #152
The firefighters low fatality rate is a tribute to extraordinary and constant training. Gidney N Cloyd Apr 2014 #24
Firefighters’ mourning rituals steeped in tradition sheshe2 Apr 2014 #39
Your thoughts on post 71 Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #117
You have at least one vote of support here. DaveJ Apr 2014 #174
Yeah, and they do it just about everywhere else RandoLoodie Apr 2014 #51
Beautifully said MissDeeds Apr 2014 #116
I don't understand it either. A coal miners death is just as tragic. Or a nurse who helps people. nt Logical Apr 2014 #4
Required? Not sure, but employers are welcome to honor their fallen, if they want to. cyberswede Apr 2014 #6
... sheshe2 Apr 2014 #18
It's tradition, and a good one at that JJChambers Apr 2014 #7
This post Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #8
+1 badtoworse Apr 2014 #10
... because it is callous to suggest that a farmer or fisherman deserves this show of respect? n/t lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #13
But I'd take a guess that's not what you're suggesting at all Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #17
ABSOLUTELY NOT- LiberalElite Apr 2014 #23
Excellent point. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #79
farmers and fisherman would be honored by their COMMUNITY- a concept that seems to be losing its KittyWampus Apr 2014 #56
in the first response to the thread you questioned why anyone should be paid for attending CreekDog Apr 2014 #74
No, as is obvious to anyone who actually read it, I questioned whether EVERYONE should. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #104
I'm not suprised kcr Apr 2014 #30
No other job (other than the police), even approaches the level of camaraderie, and family VScott Apr 2014 #12
well put! The union has a lot to do with it. It's a brotherhood (ppl-hood) sisterhood we're all in juxtaposed Apr 2014 #106
This post just took my breath away - LiberalElite Apr 2014 #20
"Seems to me it's up to the loggers, fishermen, members of whatever... to do the same if they wish" lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #21
hey - you can read whatever LiberalElite Apr 2014 #25
Wth? Firefighter unity is a beautiful thing BeyondGeography Apr 2014 #29
No One Said That! sheshe2 Apr 2014 #31
Out of curiosity....... WillowTree Apr 2014 #32
They do. Just no TV cameras. n/t lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #58
Next time one of your comrades goes down, arrange for the cameras to be there. IronGate Apr 2014 #130
Your analogy is callous. bluestate10 Apr 2014 #26
I remember in a thread ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2014 #171
wow, callous much? dionysus Apr 2014 #27
What the fucking fuck are you about anyway? lonestarnot Apr 2014 #34
He is mad that a group of people give a fuck about their fallen commrade, I guess? Rex Apr 2014 #120
Most insensitive post this year. we can do it Apr 2014 #37
Actually, it does get worse... mtnester Apr 2014 #145
Actually, I have had a job like that. Stonepounder Apr 2014 #172
you must be a lot of fun at funerals CreekDog Apr 2014 #41
Spoken by someone who's never run in while everyone else is running out Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #42
a) you have no idea. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #43
You have got to be fucking kidding. cyberswede Apr 2014 #44
I think the poster to whom I replied is thinking of police. n/t lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #45
What? cyberswede Apr 2014 #49
No, I get it. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #52
I have no general disdain for cops and take a fair amount of heat on this site for that position. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #54
Furthermore cops get the same treatment Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #57
This thread is about firefighters, isn't it? cyberswede Apr 2014 #59
Actually, it appears to be about me. Which is okay. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #62
BS Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #65
here lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #69
This is based on hours worked. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #71
Based on 2009 figures, a firefighter has 4.4 chances in 100,000 to die on the job this year. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #122
Oy vay Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #123
these guys RUSH INTO BURNING BUILDINGS Skittles Apr 2014 #173
In the case of fire fighters... cyberswede Apr 2014 #70
I don't understand the distinction. I don't know why "it just isn't the same". lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #94
I guess you'd have to ask people with those other occupations why it isn't the same. cyberswede Apr 2014 #109
you know what? let's talk about how you don't rapists who cause pregnancies to pay child support CreekDog Apr 2014 #84
I always envisioned that your keyboard has two buttons. "Ad Hominem" and "Non Sequitur". lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #95
Ad Hominem arguments are often valid CreekDog Apr 2014 #96
because you made a post about a funeral about you CreekDog Apr 2014 #91
You don't get it, firefighters are often first on scene, especially paramedics. we can do it Apr 2014 #149
Quite true. IronGate Apr 2014 #150
you saved all these observations for the funeral thread CreekDog Apr 2014 #90
you'll always be remembered for one statement CreekDog Apr 2014 #108
Re: Firefighters Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #46
I have no idea about what?? I've got 7 fully involved structures under my belt. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #47
The firefighters I know work 24 on, 48 off. n/t lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #50
Yes that is a very common shift. So, You expect them to what Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #53
...and they can be ready and out the door very quickly when an alarm comes in. cyberswede Apr 2014 #63
how much can they actually sleep? CreekDog Apr 2014 #99
Most Fire/Resue work what's called the Kelly Schedule. IronGate Apr 2014 #132
A lot do 24 on 48 off, unless stay over or called in for overtime. we can do it Apr 2014 #154
A lot do, IronGate Apr 2014 #156
Yes my husband does 24 on 48 off 24 on 96 off - or something like that, I have never seaglass Apr 2014 #157
Ask him if he works the Kelly Schedule. IronGate Apr 2014 #159
He doesn't work the schedule you described above. It's 24 on 2 days off, 24 on 4 days off. n/t seaglass Apr 2014 #161
What a great schedule. IronGate Apr 2014 #162
You think? I hate it. He doesn't really like it either and is pretty much wasted the day following seaglass Apr 2014 #163
That's why I love the Kelly schedule. IronGate Apr 2014 #164
Yes it is union. It took years to get to the 24 hr shift - they had to show how it reduced OT seaglass Apr 2014 #165
Ok. IronGate Apr 2014 #166
You sound like those 'people' that protest soldiers' funerals. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #48
Those damn goose steeping water wasting fascists! penultimate Apr 2014 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author seaglass Apr 2014 #78
So you saved this observation for the thread about the firefighter who was killed? CreekDog Apr 2014 #81
I'm hoping this thread Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #82
LJJ is Westboro-ing this funeral story CreekDog Apr 2014 #83
are you badmouthing emergency room doctors in residence? CreekDog Apr 2014 #89
You think Firefighters are paid to sleep? IronGate Apr 2014 #131
Thanks for the insight IronGate! sheshe2 Apr 2014 #133
I laugh and shake my head every time I hear that FF/Para's get paid to sleep. IronGate Apr 2014 #134
Thank you. I am sick of jealous idiots acting like it's a picnic, not work we can do it Apr 2014 #148
Thank you. IronGate Apr 2014 #151
So true, and then possibly paramedic school where if you fail some tests you are out. we can do it Apr 2014 #155
Been there, still doing that. IronGate Apr 2014 #158
Stay strong and be safe! we can do it Apr 2014 #168
In your other thread you indicated that there was one alarm between 22:00 and 06:30. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #175
Wow? This the best you can come up with? IronGate Apr 2014 #176
So, the issue isn't that you don't get paid to sleep... lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #177
It wasn't really a big Nuh-uh towards you specifically, IronGate Apr 2014 #178
"one is just as important as the other" lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #179
Clueless idiot we can do it Apr 2014 #147
+1,000 rudolph the red Apr 2014 #55
Some other fire fighter fun perks Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #61
Oh come on, you guys are basically glorified grass waterers and window washers... penultimate Apr 2014 #66
I'm not a ff. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #67
I hope you weren't paid while you were sleeping! cyberswede Apr 2014 #72
You bet I was!! Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #73
Ahhh... I misunderstood your post further up the thread penultimate Apr 2014 #75
Actually since cameras have gotten increasingly smaller Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #77
Since you did a series on them..... blueamy66 Apr 2014 #88
Yes, that is mostly true Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #92
Do you find that most FF that work the 24on/28off shifts have second jobs? side jobs? blueamy66 Apr 2014 #110
Oh I think the thread is thoroughly hijacked Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #111
One more question please. blueamy66 Apr 2014 #112
Fair enough. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #113
Interesting about the one that was saved as a child. blueamy66 Apr 2014 #114
Here's a blurb on him Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #115
So you're a videographer? I guess the "seven fully involved structure fires" confused me. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #101
Videographers do weddings my friend. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #102
... Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #68
Appears that no one got your sarcasm. NCTraveler Apr 2014 #76
Cynicism not sarcasm. Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #80
That seems kinda troll-y cyberswede Apr 2014 #86
Trying my best to give them the benefit of the doubt. NCTraveler Apr 2014 #100
Therefore everyone else is a dim reactionist? Boom Sound 416 Apr 2014 #103
You think concern trolling is sarcastic absurdity? Rex Apr 2014 #121
Yes and yes, if the workers have a collective bargaining agreement with that stipulation. Gormy Cuss Apr 2014 #87
Should the UAW or Teamsters include that stipulation? lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #105
I already answered that question. n/t Gormy Cuss Apr 2014 #107
What a horrible rw reaction! FSogol Apr 2014 #93
If their want to colleagues step up and show that kind of camaraderie Codeine Apr 2014 #124
So, in summary lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #125
Where the fuck do you get that from my post? Codeine Apr 2014 #126
I wasn't intending to direct it at you, but to comment on the thread in general. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #128
Oh, yes he usually is. Starry Messenger Apr 2014 #146
This message was self-deleted by its author Renew Deal Apr 2014 #135
Thanks for sharing. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #136
Here's an inoffensive question for you Renew Deal Apr 2014 #137
And yet you still didn't answer the question. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2014 #138
No, only to those who die as a result of knowingly taking a risk in a good cause. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2014 #169
In a word...yes! jmowreader Apr 2014 #170
I just had a good cry looking at all of the pics at the Globe link Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #9
Thank you, Capt. Obvious. sheshe2 Apr 2014 #14
Sorry that was the only response for hours Capt. Obvious Apr 2014 #28
I am so very sorry for your brother in laws loss of his friend, Lt. Edward Walsh. sheshe2 Apr 2014 #35
A big stinking floating turd at that. we can do it Apr 2014 #38
How very sad, she.. bless their Fire Fighting Hearts.. Cha Apr 2014 #15
Boston firefighters honor their own. sheshe2 Apr 2014 #40
.. Cha Apr 2014 #118
I'm sorry this has been taken over by someone begrudging them their mourning ritual and ceremony. Blue Diadem Apr 2014 #97
Me too... marew Apr 2014 #153
Courageous men and woman ismnotwasm Apr 2014 #129
They are. sheshe2 Apr 2014 #140
Heartbreaking. Especially on top of all the anniversary commentary on the Marathon FailureToCommunicate Apr 2014 #139
Thank you FailureToCommunicate. sheshe2 Apr 2014 #142
Yes, it was all too close. FailureToCommunicate Apr 2014 #144
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2014 #141
Welcome to DU, Dee Bates~ sheshe2 Apr 2014 #143
Most of the firefighters where I live Tsiyu Apr 2014 #160
Thank you for your kind post, Tsiyu. sheshe2 Apr 2014 #167
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