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13. Moore Strong!!!
Mon Apr 7, 2014, 03:39 PM
Apr 2014

I was in the thick of it and left just 2 mins. before they rushed Westboro.. Our town has suffered horrible losses with 23 of our precious children taken from us in the tornadoes last May..They said it was God's retribution for our godless town.. Mind you, there is a church on every other block it seems..The last time they came here, their tires were flattened and no one would help them..I am proud of my town and the people of Moore...

Run, you asshats! Run! LeftofObama Apr 2014 #1
I bet the losers already have a case filed, "state failed to protect our 1st amendment rights" snooper2 Apr 2014 #2
The state doesn't have to. It only cannot restrict them hobbit709 Apr 2014 #8
Police have no legal duty to protect citizens unless in custody, IronGate Apr 2014 #9
That doesn't sound right - what if they witness an assault? el_bryanto Apr 2014 #14
No, they do not. IronGate Apr 2014 #19
Which is another reason why the Second Amendment is on the books derby378 Apr 2014 #30
Welcome to DU, IronGate! calimary Apr 2014 #31
None. nt msanthrope Apr 2014 #59
Run Away! Run Away! amb123 Apr 2014 #3
wonderful when groups of extremist fundies battle each other. it's god's will lol nt msongs Apr 2014 #4
That's exactly what this is LordGlenconner Apr 2014 #20
Now that's Feral Child Apr 2014 #5
Will you look at that, a cop using a bicycle tire for self defence. At 0.56 oneshooter Apr 2014 #6
and it was effective too! irisblue Apr 2014 #22
If they had been near a grocery store it could have taken years and cost millions of lives. nt rrneck Apr 2014 #40
K&R! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Apr 2014 #7
A cousin of mine is among those who helped run those assholes out of town. Aristus Apr 2014 #10
Cool davidpdx Apr 2014 #18
Agree with davidpx. Brigid Apr 2014 #21
Pride. WilliamPitt Apr 2014 #32
K&R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RKP5637 Apr 2014 #54
"I hate Illinois Nazis" Not Sure Apr 2014 #11
These folks are jokes now AcertainLiz Apr 2014 #12
Moore Strong!!! Ghislaineldy Apr 2014 #13
Thanks for posting and welcome!!! OldHippieChick Apr 2014 #23
Welcome to DU, Ghislaineldy AND ALSO AcertainLiz calimary Apr 2014 #28
Tremendous first post. WilliamPitt Apr 2014 #33
Welcome to DU! gopiscrap Apr 2014 #41
thanks Ghislaineldy! Skittles Apr 2014 #47
Looking for Lawsuits ... busterbrown Apr 2014 #15
They have been run out of many towns accross the nation hootinholler Apr 2014 #16
Sooner or later the police won't be able to stop a crowd Lurks Often Apr 2014 #17
Another good one, WRP. n/t Duval Apr 2014 #24
When they showed up in Times Square, NYPD put them in a metal cage JPZenger Apr 2014 #25
Imagine crowds chanting "USA! USA! USA!" and chasing off antiwar activists. How would that be? n/t xocet Apr 2014 #26
They tried. Their numbers were pathetic. They accomplished nothing. bullwinkle428 Apr 2014 #27
That might very well be so, but that is beside the point. xocet Apr 2014 #29
There is nothing peaceful about hate speech ProudToBeBlueInRhody Apr 2014 #34
You don't have to be sorry. However, you do have to show that what they were doing is illegal. xocet Apr 2014 #37
I don't have to show anything ProudToBeBlueInRhody Apr 2014 #39
Remember that when others who do not share your opinion cross a police line to force you out of the xocet Apr 2014 #42
Blah blah blah Desert805 Apr 2014 #44
Really. That is what you comprehend. n/t xocet Apr 2014 #49
I get what you're getting at ... however, there's some 'protests' that are so blatantly fucked up brett_jv Apr 2014 #60
I think you're right in this. LiberalAndProud Apr 2014 #58
Wat? WilliamPitt Apr 2014 #46
That is not a very intelligent story, though. You better go back for a rewrite. xocet Apr 2014 #48
What specific laws did the counter-protesters break LanternWaste Apr 2014 #55
Oh how that made me smile !!!! SamKnause Apr 2014 #35
MY UNCLE is the one crossing the street at 45 secs in Heddi Apr 2014 #36
Pride. WilliamPitt Apr 2014 #45
A nationalist mob threatening to attack peaceful protesters is not a good thing... Taitertots Apr 2014 #38
Nationalist? Huh? Bluenorthwest Apr 2014 #57
That is a pretty quaint defense of a nationalist mob running people out of town Taitertots Apr 2014 #61
and the Westboro people scattered like geese and ran. malaise Apr 2014 #43
Awesome! LittleGirl Apr 2014 #50
Too bad SCOTUS didn't have the guts to stop this type of crap. n/t RKP5637 Apr 2014 #51
And OK, no less! Congratulations to Moore, OK. RKP5637 Apr 2014 #52
Wow, they're no longer embracing a message of hate Zambero Apr 2014 #53
Look at these idiots TRoN33 Apr 2014 #56
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