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35. Godzilla is an image right out of Spiritus Mundi
Mon Apr 28, 2014, 01:53 AM
Apr 2014
spiritus mundi ---- "Spirit of the world" ---- From "The Second Coming" (poem) by William Butler Yeats. Refers to Yeats' belief that each human mind is linked to a single vast intelligence, and that this intelligence causes certain universal symbols to appear in individual minds. The idea is similar to Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious.

Godzilla is a universal symbol with roots deep in the collective imagination of humankind,
and, via contemporary media, has achieved status as
a modern internationally-recognized mythological archetype on a Joseph Campbell/Carl Jung level.

Why Godzilla matters [View all] nikto Apr 2014 OP
2 points, one serious and one silly intaglio Apr 2014 #1
Trailer and extended look JHB Apr 2014 #3
Viva Godzuki! AceAcme May 2014 #76
There is no Godzuki sakabatou May 2014 #85
Another source Berlin Expat Apr 2014 #2
The human race can not survive RobertEarl Apr 2014 #4
Thats one way to look at it... TampaAnimusVortex May 2014 #83
It won't be everything falling apart RobertEarl May 2014 #88
I read somewhere that the monster will be covered in scars from radiation burns. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2014 #5
As a Japanese American I grew up with yuiyoshida Apr 2014 #6
I'm curious----What is the translation? nikto Apr 2014 #15
it means... yuiyoshida Apr 2014 #18
What's wrong with the Original Godzilla with Raymond Burr? Exposethefrauds Apr 2014 #20
Because... yuiyoshida Apr 2014 #21
OK I will check it out thanks. Exposethefrauds Apr 2014 #23
Bryan Cranston > Raymond Burr NT Adrahil Apr 2014 #57
I also PasadenaTrudy Apr 2014 #24
Gamera is a favorite of mine,too gort Apr 2014 #31
That's great! PasadenaTrudy Apr 2014 #33
This plain American mutt LWolf Apr 2014 #47
When 'War of the Gargantuas' first appeared in the States... randome Apr 2014 #50
My trainer LOVED the Gargatuans sakabatou May 2014 #86
One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies... AsahinaKimi Apr 2014 #7
Son Goku ka Half-Century Man Apr 2014 #26
Well said! randome Apr 2014 #8
I'm not familiar with Japanese mythology... Wounded Bear Apr 2014 #9
Many here talk about "woo". The scientific method requires controlled circumstances BUT KittyWampus Apr 2014 #10
That's not woo. Orrex Apr 2014 #32
wat NuclearDem Apr 2014 #45
+1. Or perhaps +wat. nt Codeine Apr 2014 #54
There's seems to be so many things in the world that are out-of-control... nikto Apr 2014 #11
Will humankind survive the next century? nikto Apr 2014 #12
Heh. 2naSalit Apr 2014 #51
History shows again and again Fumesucker Apr 2014 #13
That looks like Gozer the Destructor nikto Apr 2014 #14
It's Rush Limbaugh Dirty Socialist Apr 2014 #22
Limbaugh qualifies as deadly kaiju nikto Apr 2014 #30
I rewrote that song for Mexican food. It's called Tortilla. L0oniX Apr 2014 #39
Ill put my money on Gojira! LostOne4Ever Apr 2014 #44
Oh no, there goes Tokyo. NuclearDem Apr 2014 #46
Quite the pleasurable and informative read. Thanks! nt adirondacker Apr 2014 #16
I am looking forward to seeing it opening night. ProudToBeBlueInRhody Apr 2014 #17
Can't wait to see it! n/t PasadenaTrudy Apr 2014 #25
I am spectacularly geeked-up about this newest iteration... truebrit71 Apr 2014 #55
Here's a pertinent article... nikto Apr 2014 #19
the '54 movie was both noir and taboo: until the Occupation ended you couldn't even mention MisterP Apr 2014 #27
Indeed Godzilla matters. AllenVanAllen Apr 2014 #28
And the Nuclear Arm$ Race Goe$ On... nikto Apr 2014 #29
This is why I love DU. JaneyVee Apr 2014 #34
Godzilla is an image right out of Spiritus Mundi nikto Apr 2014 #35
I find this song to be appropriately ethereal and suited for these themes... nikto Apr 2014 #36
"I am he that was made by you. I have become the destroyer of your world..." nikto Apr 2014 #37
Gojira, the original Japanese film is one of the most influential films Bluenorthwest Apr 2014 #38
So... PasadenaTrudy Apr 2014 #40
Godzilla & Fukushima -- A Natural Pair nikto Apr 2014 #41
Will they ever do a Godzilla movie where it doesn't keep changing scale? The Second Stone Apr 2014 #42
This one is CGI so odds are there will be consistency. randome Apr 2014 #49
Godzilla movies that lack realism bother me jberryhill Apr 2014 #53
You clearly get it. The Second Stone Apr 2014 #58
Awesome post LostOne4Ever Apr 2014 #43
King Ghidora had so much potential... nikto Apr 2014 #60
They're making another? LWolf Apr 2014 #48
Excellent OP. Feral Child Apr 2014 #52
if Forkboy was still here he'd love this thread... dionysus Apr 2014 #56
Loved the old Godzilla movies too. Godzilla, King Kong and other monsters are modern day Titans Larkspur Apr 2014 #59
I'd include the biggest banks among the godzillas of the world nikto Apr 2014 #61
G images nikto May 2014 #62
He looks like he has a chicken beak rudolph the red May 2014 #63
Japanese fans complain local-hero Godzilla too fat Bosonic May 2014 #64
Godzilla and American Presidents and politics over the years... nikto May 2014 #65
I don't think I can watch a Godzilla movie Skittles May 2014 #66
That's odd, I don't remember having a roomate in the 80s nikto May 2014 #67
DUzy! Rhiannon12866 May 2014 #68
If you had been majoring in Kaiju and taking a class on "Godzilla"... nikto May 2014 #70
What would we do IF... nikto May 2014 #71
This message was self-deleted by its author nikto May 2014 #72
Godzilla crushes all at the box office, and there WILL be a sequel nikto May 2014 #73
That's too bad.... ProudToBeBlueInRhody May 2014 #82
New monsters, new problems sakabatou May 2014 #87
Interesting video riffs on G nikto May 2014 #74
I think it should be pointed out that the 1946 tsunami Art_from_Ark May 2014 #75
They were only prepared for Baragon... nikto May 2014 #79
That's it, in a nutshell Art_from_Ark May 2014 #80
I'm sure the point was to make a visual deeply metaphorical endeavor as opposed to mega-millions. WinkyDink May 2014 #77
All movies are made to earn a profit nikto May 2014 #81
Why Godzilla matters allan01 May 2014 #78
NSA Godzilla nikto May 2014 #84
Most fairy tales mimic the human condition and our sufrommich May 2014 #89
True, and as such, Godzilla is a state-of-the-art archetype nikto May 2014 #90
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