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12. He was stabbed in the back by his own party.
Thu Nov 27, 2014, 02:17 PM
Nov 2014

Did they ever talk about denying him the right to the SOTU speech? Did the GOP work with Bill Clinton? The way Obama is being treated is far below the norm imo. Which other POTUS gets questioned about his heritage? Did the GOP ever block a bill 50 times while Clinton or Carter were in office? Obama gets different treatment.

Clinton had to deal with Newt. Obama has to deal with the entire GOP party.

Yes shenmue Nov 2014 #1
k&R.. spanone Nov 2014 #2
Eh, it would only result in the Republicans looking petty . . . Journeyman Nov 2014 #3
Just post it online. former9thward Nov 2014 #13
No more so than towards Bush, and not much more than towards Clinton. You just notice it more. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #4
They're threatening to ban a sitting President from giving the SOTU... BklnDem75 Nov 2014 #7
DUers want Bush impeached for war crimes, if it comes to that. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #11
The "justifications" is the issue. To ban Obama from a STOTU address for Presidenting while black? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #14
I think it's "while liberal" - that's the issue - remember the impeachment of Clinton. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #21
The fuck it is, it is racial prejudice mixed in with the liberal, did you just wake up? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #24
From Jefferson to Wilson, the annual address was presented in written form. . . Journeyman Nov 2014 #27
Again, this is Congress we are talking about quit distracting with the DU narrative. Rex Nov 2014 #17
Posters on an Internet forum vs elected officials. NYC Liberal Nov 2014 #29
You're wrong. The manifestations ARE materially different. Martin Eden Nov 2014 #34
No one is threatening to ban him from the SOTU. former9thward Nov 2014 #16
The National Review is not DU, it actually has some influence over the GOP. Rex Nov 2014 #20
Who in Congress is saying this? former9thward Nov 2014 #23
Here you go: Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #26
The link did not name one person. former9thward Nov 2014 #28
way more than clinton...and bush noiretextatique Nov 2014 #35
They wouldn't treat a white POTUS that way. Rex Nov 2014 #5
right here on DU GW Bush was routinely reviled as being a chimpanzee, chimperor etc along with msongs Nov 2014 #6
I'm talking about Congress. Rex Nov 2014 #8
Congress is now depicting Obama that way, see the difference? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #15
Congress is? former9thward Nov 2014 #19
For fucks sake, it was rhetorical, regarding why they many not allow his SOTU...clear now? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #22
Yes, the thread is rhetorical. former9thward Nov 2014 #25
thats because is his a chimp olddots Nov 2014 #30
Obama didn't start two wars for the purpose of obscene profits. Initech Nov 2014 #31
Except Bill Clinton AgingAmerican Nov 2014 #10
He was stabbed in the back by his own party. Rex Nov 2014 #12
Had they thought of it, they would have done it AgingAmerican Nov 2014 #36
there is no surprise there samsingh Nov 2014 #9
Controlled for about 3 weeks...that control? And remember Liebermann? I remember. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #18
good point. But Obama had a mandate for change samsingh Nov 2014 #32
I think there hasn't been this much hatred for a president since Lincoln. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #33
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