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39. 63% want "ideological purity"; they won't vote for a DINO-1%-Wall Street BFF
Mon Jan 19, 2015, 08:34 AM
Jan 2015

There's an obvious inconsistency in the results of this poll, which can only be explained by the fact that the 63% of registered Democrats, or self-identified Dems who responded "it's more important to have a nominee who agrees with them" have not yet been made aware of HRC-Sach's intimate ties with and kow-towing to Wall Street, Big Banks and the One Percenters.

She poor-mouthed the Clintons' dire financial straits because she measures her and Bill's $80 million net worth (http://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/politician/president/bill-clinton-net-worth/) against the One Percent crowd, which the Clintons are lusting to join. They're on the fringes of that group now, but only in the sense of being bought-and-paid-for politicians. Because to the 1 %ers, politicians are people one hires (like a well-dressed, well-spoken servant) to act in one's best interests - not social equals. In Bill's case, amusing to have as a guest at a party, but for god's sakes don't leave him alone with your wives or daughters.

As far as the really wealthy go, the Clintons will always be parvenues, arrivistes and NOKD (Not Our Kind Dear, as they say in St. Barths and Palm Beach). A parvenue is someone who has risen to a higher economic class but not gained social acceptance.
An arriviste is a person who has recently acquired unaccustomed status, wealth, or success, especially by dubious means and without earning concomitant esteem. "Dubious" is appropriate re the Clintons' wealth because that + $100 million the 2 of them have raked in for speaking fees can accurately be considered as $100 million of debt they have incurred to sponsors expecting payback if HRC makes it to the Oval Office.

(As far as the poll goes, no 1%ers were contacted. They don't have listed numbers and they have people who answer their phones.)

Bottom line: HRC's "ideological purity" as that is defined by Democrats, will not pass the test of either a primary or final campaign for the presidency.

Where is LoZo when you need him? hobbit709 Jan 2015 #1
It looks like he was part of the overwhelming majority Renew Deal Jan 2015 #47
This "article" is based on a Carville-Greenberg push poll. leveymg Jan 2015 #106
That's the wrong poll Renew Deal Jan 2015 #136
That was the poll posted by hrmjustin 4 minutes before yours. leveymg Jan 2015 #146
Just in case you haven't seen Hillary's Unfavorable ratings, they're at an 8 year high. leveymg Jan 2015 #159
Yeah, all the Rethugs now dislike or hate her. So what? nt pnwmom Jan 2015 #161
That's all voters, including us. leveymg Jan 2015 #165
That negative is almost all from the Rethugs. DUers against Hillary comprise a small fraction pnwmom Jan 2015 #166
Her negatives are widespread, long-rooted, and growing. leveymg Jan 2015 #174
This is what happens in every election. pnwmom Jan 2015 #176
Right. At this point in the '08 cycle, HRC's Q scores were tracking this same way. leveymg Jan 2015 #191
She could be vulnerable to a Democratic challenge and if she is, so be it. pnwmom Jan 2015 #195
She won't be able to shake the perception that she's going to lead us to war. leveymg Jan 2015 #201
She doesn't need to shake anything. 85% of Democrats are happy with her as is. nt stevenleser Jan 2015 #224
I'd say about 45 percent. Otherwise, Hillary would be President right now instead of Barrack. leveymg Jan 2015 #225
No, the poll is clear, you can't spin it. nt stevenleser Jan 2015 #226
This poll is already spinning. eom leveymg Jan 2015 #227
It's so early.. I'm going to treasure these last two years of Obama being President. It will be Cha Jan 2015 #2
So will I, Cha. So will millions upon millions of Americans. I wish President Obama could run for a BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #155
Yes, I am definitely not alone on this, BlueCali! Here's to the Cha Jan 2015 #204
Well said, Cha! calimary Jan 2015 #185
You said it well yourself, calimary.. mahalo! Cha Jan 2015 #207
Oh well looks like my 35+ yeras of being a memebr of the Democratic Party will be ending soon ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #3
don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. wyldwolf Jan 2015 #4
It won't, enjoy your new corporate master! ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #5
I will. See ya! wyldwolf Jan 2015 #6
That is seemingly certain. TheKentuckian Jan 2015 #10
You'll not get any sympathy from this thread's OPer… They meant DLC Democrats... MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #122
Agreed. This is fun thread for rubbing DLC's noses into inconvenient truths re HRC. Divernan Jan 2015 #128
I'm not the least inconvenienced by that summation of HRC... MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #135
Why vote Republican, when you can vote 3rd way? Katashi_itto Jan 2015 #24
Wow. demwing Jan 2015 #48
how should one react to a threat to threat to leave the party? wyldwolf Jan 2015 #76
How about "No Reaction"? demwing Jan 2015 #173
how about YOU react the way you will, and I'll do the same wyldwolf Jan 2015 #177
You asked demwing Jan 2015 #208
because I won't defer to your methods means I'm not interested? wyldwolf Jan 2015 #210
You know, that little "truth" icon? MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #123
Right. So what part of "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out" demwing Jan 2015 #175
What a silly argument… MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #203
Nonsense. You're just trying to justify rudeness demwing Jan 2015 #206
Okay…. MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #211
You're confused again demwing Jan 2015 #219
Excuse me... MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #232
Apparently, I have completely misunderstood your remark demwing Jan 2015 #233
Not a problem, demwing... MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #234
Are you saying then that you will join the republican party? joshdawg Jan 2015 #7
Does it occur to you that not being a member of A doesn't automatically enroll you in B? hobbit709 Jan 2015 #9
Clever response. Who are the possibilites on the horizon for Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2015 #13
I switched to Unaffiliated earlier this month when I was at the DMV. Autumn Jan 2015 #75
Of course you did. Thanks for being honest about it. eom BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #153
We are in a world with binary thinking. zeemike Jan 2015 #41
Nope. Because we have a two-party, system like it or not. So leaving A gives by default BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #154
Yeah sure right, that is what I am going to do join the GOP in protest! ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #11
It was a silly question, wasn't it? truebluegreen Jan 2015 #60
Okay, I get your point. No problem. joshdawg Jan 2015 #73
Not being a sheep I Always ...... ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #85
Your so-called "principle" can do great harm to others frazzled Jan 2015 #151
You have that backwards. jeff47 Jan 2015 #90
I would add one more: CrispyQ Jan 2015 #98
Thread winner! RiverLover Jan 2015 #104
You're absolutely correct! joshdawg Jan 2015 #111
+1000-This thread's great review ofHRC's faults/shortcomings/GOP connections Divernan Jan 2015 #121
+1. Nt newfie11 Jan 2015 #16
Wisely spoken og1 Jan 2015 #22
+1000 Katashi_itto Jan 2015 #25
Join the club. Haven't been a member for about 4 years. Dawgs Jan 2015 #42
Don't actually agree, but would vote for a 3rd party cand. if s/he is progressive. Four years of drynberg Jan 2015 #64
Don't forget this is a CBS poll. raindaddy Jan 2015 #67
Warren and Sanders were in the poll Renew Deal Jan 2015 #144
Wouldn't a chllenge from the left be healthy for the country? raindaddy Jan 2015 #164
What, specifically, has HRC as your anti-Democratic bogey person? ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #81
Hillary's corporate legacy at State Dept AtomicKitten Jan 2015 #215
Do you think it is NOT a part of the SoS' job ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #216
I think I was supplying information AtomicKitten Jan 2015 #217
Okay.n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #220
Funny that Elizabeth Warren won't be joining you, isn't it? brooklynite Jan 2015 #91
I hope you don't leave the party. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #94
K, Bye. n/t Lil Missy Jan 2015 #127
You won't be alone. L0oniX Jan 2015 #157
awwww.... VanillaRhapsody Jan 2015 #194
Huh, imagine that! Indydem Jan 2015 #8
How so? What good jobs, ability to pay for your own health care, and what ability to own a home and TheKentuckian Jan 2015 #12
Simply put: a better economy. Indydem Jan 2015 #14
Bottom line, Bill Clinton was 10x the president than Barack Obama. DonCoquixote Jan 2015 #15
Bill and Hillary ARE rich people now. LuvNewcastle Jan 2015 #19
Chelsea's hubby's the hedge fund trading son of 2 failed grifter/politicians. Divernan Jan 2015 #55
Fortunately she is a totally lousy candidate, & the more people hear her the less they like her peacebird Jan 2015 #61
What's ironic is the things she got crucified for on the tour were for saying things DUers like. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #70
except for the fact that 85% of REAL Democrats like seem to like her... VanillaRhapsody Jan 2015 #197
Guilt by association? What the HELL does that have to do w/ Hillary?!? 66 dmhlt Jan 2015 #72
HRC plays the grandmother card; I'll play the in-laws card. Divernan Jan 2015 #74
So the past history of the father-in-law of her daughter is now Hillary's responsibility? BS!!! 66 dmhlt Jan 2015 #79
Of course dsc Jan 2015 #82
HRC's doing her best to hide Ed; not in wedding or new grandchild pictures. Divernan Jan 2015 #83
Anyone the LEAST bit influenced by that would NOT vote for HRC anyway. Give it up! 66 dmhlt Jan 2015 #221
It was also Bill Clinton who said on National TV several times that HIS taxes should be raised... VanillaRhapsody Jan 2015 #196
"Bottom line, Bill Clinton was BumRushDaShow Jan 2015 #23
"1/10th/10x the president Obama is" = fixed. "The president OF Obama" just adds another kind of ND-Dem Jan 2015 #183
Too simply put to answer the questions. What is it you think she is going to do to create a better TheKentuckian Jan 2015 #229
As Hillary is one of the architects of TPP I just want to say. Thank you Hillary. Katashi_itto Jan 2015 #26
Link to the Hillary TPP claim? Renew Deal Jan 2015 #50
You are aware of her previous job, right? (nt) jeff47 Jan 2015 #88
Her "Global Initiatives" Foundation held a symposium ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #92
Here's a link~ RiverLover Jan 2015 #100
HRC's Business LegacyatState Dept&leading part in drafting TPP Divernan Jan 2015 #126
it is very instructive how much perception management HRC requires reddread Jan 2015 #162
Thanks Divernan, for taking the time to quote the article. RiverLover Jan 2015 #169
"May well hold the keys" is a pretty weak hypothesis. Orsino Jan 2015 #36
Well her husband.... sendero Jan 2015 #62
Yep. Amen. +1 nt snappyturtle Jan 2015 #86
Proof please....this War Mongering meme has GOT to fucking stop on DU.... VanillaRhapsody Jan 2015 #198
Jeb Bush billhicks76 Jan 2015 #78
Spot on. riversedge Jan 2015 #138
A poll of 1000 people who have listed phone numbers isn't representative of Americans. nt RiverLover Jan 2015 #17
^ What people who don't like poll results usually say wyldwolf Jan 2015 #20
Of the 1000 ppl polled, how many called themselves Democrats? It doesn't say. RiverLover Jan 2015 #31
But it is representative of older folks. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jan 2015 #37
Yeah you keep clinging to that....whatever gets you through the night I suppose... VanillaRhapsody Jan 2015 #199
Another pointless CBS poll blackspade Jan 2015 #18
+1 ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #21
"The M$M continues to set the narrative for low information voters. " DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #53
I have a better idea: truebluegreen Jan 2015 #63
So they want her in the primaries. LuvNewcastle Jan 2015 #27
Things should get interesting around here come primary season oberliner Jan 2015 #28
85% of Democrats..... BrainDrain Jan 2015 #29
I totally agree. LuvNewcastle Jan 2015 #33
You nailed her lying ass first try!!! easychoice Jan 2015 #40
HRC put a 12 year old rape victim through hell, later laughed about the case. Divernan Jan 2015 #71
Thanks,I was working from old memory.Too lazy to look it up. easychoice Jan 2015 #77
Interesting. Politifact's and Media Matter's investigations differ from your "research." wyldwolf Jan 2015 #96
Hah! Your Politifact link supports my statements. Divernan Jan 2015 #105
they don't support your conclusion. But where is your 2008 'research?' wyldwolf Jan 2015 #107
Here ya go! Read it and weep! Divernan Jan 2015 #119
That's dated 2014. You said your research was in 2008 wyldwolf Jan 2015 #129
dude...seriously.. BrainDrain Jan 2015 #147
Dude, seriously. Someone claimed to have all this research from 2008 wyldwolf Jan 2015 #152
The Hillary Clinton/Rapist Tapes- from Univ. of Arkansas archives Divernan Jan 2015 #222
You've gone from "I researched this in 2008" to "I recall learning about this in 2008" wyldwolf Jan 2015 #228
One learns from doing research, my dear! Divernan Jan 2015 #230
If you call 'research' parotting a conservative source from last year... then wyldwolf Jan 2015 #231
I have a better chance of dating Miss Universe than the Pugs have of beating Hillary The Great./NT DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #57
I dunno. Beauty Queens don't have the standards they used to have. wyldwolf Jan 2015 #109
Fuck Ron Paul. Look forward to your departure in 2016. nt geek tragedy Jan 2015 #143
and you know this how? VanillaRhapsody Jan 2015 #200
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2015 #209
HRC is gonna kick some GOP ass! nt arely staircase Jan 2015 #30
That would be a welcome change from kissing Wall Street/Koch ass. Divernan Jan 2015 #120
haters gonna hate nt arely staircase Jan 2015 #212
These are great numbers for Hillary. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #32
She's not my first choice (see photo), but I'd vote for her in the general. Vinca Jan 2015 #34
Hillary Clinton as madam president will make corporations bathe in gold and sleep well in nights. TRoN33 Jan 2015 #35
You say those things like they are bad things! LondonReign2 Jan 2015 #160
The fact that people respond to this with... vi5 Jan 2015 #38
+1 MissDeeds Jan 2015 #44
63% want "ideological purity"; they won't vote for a DINO-1%-Wall Street BFF Divernan Jan 2015 #39
Your post makes no sense Renew Deal Jan 2015 #58
I kindly suggest you take a class in statistics. Divernan Jan 2015 #59
Perhaps you can explain it to us since you've had a class in statistics. wyldwolf Jan 2015 #103
I've had graduate level classes in statistics - you'll just have to trust me on this. Divernan Jan 2015 #112
So? wyldwolf Jan 2015 #131
No surprise Stephen Retired Jan 2015 #43
That's nice. Iggo Jan 2015 #45
She is more more liberal than I thought. pampango Jan 2015 #46
These are from 2002-2006, not meaningful, and if you really look at the numbers, RiverLover Jan 2015 #51
Discounting the significance of actual votes is a personal decision. You are welcome to it. pampango Jan 2015 #52
Information I like = meaningful Renew Deal Jan 2015 #65
I proudly voted for her 5 times and hope to do it again. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #54
She was elected twice as a Senator from New York Manny Man Jan 2015 #141
A primary and general in each Senate election MineralMan Jan 2015 #149
2 primaries, 2 generals, and a presidential primary. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #150
she also voted not to confirm Alito and Roberts OKNancy Jan 2015 #68
85% approve of her candidacy doesn't mean NewJeffCT Jan 2015 #49
Elections are often won by only a few percent. We may just have a GOP President in 2016. leveymg Jan 2015 #56
I expect Clinton would duplicate what Coakley did in MA. jeff47 Jan 2015 #93
The comparison is unfair to Coakley. The difference is the intensity of the negatives against HRC leveymg Jan 2015 #97
Do you have any evidence to support your assertion... DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #171
Damned shame we no longer have the unrec feature. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #66
I agree so I "un-rec'd" an OP this morning anyway. Made me feel better. nt snappyturtle Jan 2015 #87
Your post reminds me of something Colbert one said Renew Deal Jan 2015 #145
All this means is that Dems want an open primary, and that Hillary is the front runner. bluedigger Jan 2015 #69
And 100% of Wall Street approves of Hillary too. n/t benz380 Jan 2015 #80
She's a perfect candidate - for the GOP Divernan Jan 2015 #84
Proud to be a 15%er! City Lights Jan 2015 #89
All this poll says to me is that this early out, MoonchildCA Jan 2015 #95
I approve of Clinton's candidacy. i aprove of Webb's candidacy. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #99
Democrats want another liberal in the WH -- that's a good thing. NYC Liberal Jan 2015 #101
I sometimes wonder if the anti-Hillary people might not be happier at FREE REPUBLIC.... brooklynite Jan 2015 #130
I'm pretty sure FREE REPUBLIC isn't into FDR like we are~ RiverLover Jan 2015 #140
An I wonder if the pro-Hillary people might not be happier at THIRD WAY.org LondonReign2 Jan 2015 #163
Gee, ELIZABETH WARREN, HOWARD DEAN, and BARNEY FRANK are Third Way members? brooklynite Jan 2015 #168
I admire your relentless effort to push the Democratic party to the right LondonReign2 Jan 2015 #172
I admire your relentless effort to deny reality... brooklynite Jan 2015 #178
Keep up the Third Way work LondonReign2 Jan 2015 #181
You'll have to do better than snippy insults... brooklynite Jan 2015 #188
Right.... RiverLover Jan 2015 #189
The unstoppable train. If only she could cut that smelly baggage car loose. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #102
The unstoppable train ...just like in the movie Snowpiercer. L0oniX Jan 2015 #158
Once again proving how insular DU really is... SidDithers Jan 2015 #108
I've never met a single person in my "real" life who likes Hillary Clinton. RiverLover Jan 2015 #110
Then you need to get out more...nt SidDithers Jan 2015 #113
I have met plenty. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #116
No, I don't suppose you have. nt Bobbie Jo Jan 2015 #118
The few I've met have easily been convinced to change their minds. Divernan Jan 2015 #134
I have Renew Deal Jan 2015 #137
I've met a lot of Elizabeth Warren supporters who support Hillary Clinton... brooklynite Jan 2015 #142
Ouch. zappaman Jan 2015 #170
Signing a letter to get along isn't "supporting" RiverLover Jan 2015 #180
"She'd be great" brooklynite Jan 2015 #184
Liz never said that about Hillary. nt RiverLover Jan 2015 #187
You're absolutely right...the correct word was "terrific" brooklynite Jan 2015 #190
"Hillary is terrific" when trying to dodge endorsing is not endorsing. nt RiverLover Jan 2015 #192
This "new English" is really confusing me... brooklynite Jan 2015 #213
But she certainly made clear she is not running. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #186
For discussion, let's stipulate that it's not 85%... brooklynite Jan 2015 #114
It looks like the party is ready despite what some here say. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #115
Just like America was "ready" to invade Iraq in 2003. Thank you Hillary - leveymg Jan 2015 #124
She was wrong on that but I voted for Kerry so I can vote for Hillary. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #125
What would it take to disqualify her, then, if not her influential Iraq War vote? leveymg Jan 2015 #133
I think she understands the country is war weary. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #148
Yeah, Canada offers a much better representation of US public sentiment, I'm sure. /nt Marr Jan 2015 #132
... SidDithers Jan 2015 #139
Highway to Hill? JEB Jan 2015 #117
$$$ L0oniX Jan 2015 #156
Nobody asked me. tabasco Jan 2015 #167
The other 15% are all here telling us how nobody wants her... LOL! n/t Adrahil Jan 2015 #179
Hilary Clinton: unfavorable ratings converge with favorable ratings in January ND-Dem Jan 2015 #182
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2015 #193
Between name recognition, and the fact that nobody is currently running, this poll seems useless n/t arcane1 Jan 2015 #202
I "approve if a Clinton candidacy" AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #205
LOL. Sure. nt silvershadow Jan 2015 #214
If the Democratic Party nominates H. Clinton, they will have sold their souls to the devil (Oligarch rhett o rick Jan 2015 #218
Speaking of selling 1's soul, watch HRC laugh about getting a guillty rapist off. Divernan Jan 2015 #223
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