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Tue Feb 3, 2015, 07:53 AM Feb 2015

Stunned to see Anti-Vax knuckleheads here on DU. [View all]

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by SYFROYH (a host of the General Discussion forum).

I mean it's Woo on steroids and dangerous Woo at that.

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Knuckleheads? leftofcool Feb 2015 #1
Post removed Post removed Feb 2015 #4
Science deniers then Bavorskoami Feb 2015 #6
different opinions are fine.... paleotn Feb 2015 #7
Calling people names as support for evidence based rhetoric... HereSince1628 Feb 2015 #36
For people who are hurting and killing people by their actions and wacko beliefs? It's warranted. nt stevenleser Feb 2015 #77
You say: they are not uneducated, but we could educate them. Demit Feb 2015 #18
This is legitimately one of the worst arguments I've ever heard. Zynx Feb 2015 #19
You have my gratitude haikugal Feb 2015 #24
That jury decision was flawed and I don't respect it, either. Zynx Feb 2015 #29
Absolutely, I concur...and we are adults! haikugal Feb 2015 #33
+1 LiberalLoner Feb 2015 #39
Their "education" iandhr Feb 2015 #35
They are indeed fuckng stupid. They deserve zero respect and should be publicly ridiculed. Lucky Luciano Feb 2015 #46
anti-vaxxers are knuckleheads. Science has proven it. nt Javaman Feb 2015 #56
Knuckleheads againgst Vaxcist Locksteppers Hari Seldon Feb 2015 #57
No, it's not. Anti-Vaxx started as John Birch Society conspiracy garbage. That's the root of your stevenleser Feb 2015 #81
No, that's the hallmark of true Libertarians. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2015 #91
" they are not uneducated." cannondale Feb 2015 #71
That's one of the nicer things that can be said about anti-vaccers Renew Deal Feb 2015 #90
Post removed Post removed Feb 2015 #2
Pro-Vax crowd trumad Feb 2015 #5
No, didn't you hear? haikugal Feb 2015 #8
2-5 to keep this post. n/t benz380 Feb 2015 #50
Ridiculed out of existence? Hari Seldon Feb 2015 #59
Yes. You should be disgraced, shamed and laughed at Lucky Luciano Feb 2015 #66
Agreed. Up there with fucking HIV-AIDS denial. enki23 Feb 2015 #63
enki!!!! salin Feb 2015 #76
Wow, yes. Long time. enki23 Feb 2015 #84
Your above post should not have been hidden and admins should add anti-vax to their list of stevenleser Feb 2015 #83
There is *no* information being supplied by the anti-vaxxers. Zynx Feb 2015 #15
OMFG... SidDithers Feb 2015 #16
I'd rather believe in those that followed in the footsteps of Dr. Jenner hobbit709 Feb 2015 #21
There are other websites where you can find the truthiness you seek. Demit Feb 2015 #23
+1...nt SidDithers Feb 2015 #31
knows the ropes, tho. mopinko Feb 2015 #72
Post removed Post removed Feb 2015 #27
Proud Pro-Vax and made sure my kid has everything up to date. xmas74 Feb 2015 #34
You know, internationally, opposition to vaccines is just another aspect of right wing religious Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #42
Correct. It originates from the John Birch Society and is another of their wacko conspiracy theories stevenleser Feb 2015 #86
I'm not surprised. HappyMe Feb 2015 #3
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2015 #9
This gets my vote for the most entertaining spam Major Nikon Feb 2015 #12
It's certainly not the run of the mill spam. hobbit709 Feb 2015 #13
I should say so. HappyMe Feb 2015 #14
Any more proof needed that this country has become depressingly Conservative? randome Feb 2015 #10
And insane! haikugal Feb 2015 #11
Like I said...Conservative. randome Feb 2015 #38
I see what you did...lol haikugal Feb 2015 #40
I am Pro Vaccinations.... FarPoint Feb 2015 #17
I used to be stunned malaise Feb 2015 #20
There are anti-choicers here as well. People who don't believe women should have autonomy. PeaceNikki Feb 2015 #22
There should be a zero tolerance policy for craziness that kills nt geek tragedy Feb 2015 #25
Call Them Out mark67 Feb 2015 #26
The stoopid hurts blackspade Feb 2015 #28
I am not. iandhr Feb 2015 #30
It's one of the very few kinds of bipartisan anti-science cab67 Feb 2015 #32
You shouldn't be so surprised - whatever the issue, DU has detractors liberal N proud Feb 2015 #37
I'm stunned that you're stunned Orrex Feb 2015 #41
That's nothing. There's pro-bullying/Anti-payback knuckles heads too. tenderfoot Feb 2015 #43
Huh? pintobean Feb 2015 #44
If your post gets hidden haikugal Feb 2015 #45
Thank you. tenderfoot Feb 2015 #47
Why? Woo has always been a hallmark of the left wyldwolf Feb 2015 #48
A little perspective, please? m.bolden jr. Feb 2015 #49
Measles is a killer disease hack89 Feb 2015 #52
Indeed! CanSocDem Feb 2015 #80
There are many Papa Paul coverts around! Cryptoad Feb 2015 #51
I'm amazed that the same folks who accept global warming and climate change... ColesCountyDem Feb 2015 #53
Post removed Post removed Feb 2015 #54
Ugh. AtheistCrusader Feb 2015 #64
I just got a shingles vaccination yesterday Not Me Feb 2015 #55
Even the ebola nurse says Christie is all hot air on vaccination... Historic NY Feb 2015 #58
Why "even" her? Demit Feb 2015 #75
9/11 trutherism isn't DU-protected speech. Nor should be anti-vaccine denialist bullshit. enki23 Feb 2015 #60
Majority Rule should win! Hari Seldon Feb 2015 #62
I didn't say a fucking thing about majority rule. Reality isn't subject to a vote. enki23 Feb 2015 #67
That poster is already locked out of the thread. JTFrog Feb 2015 #69
Je Suis Knucklehead! Hari Seldon Feb 2015 #61
Something you won't be able to continue in this thread. AtheistCrusader Feb 2015 #68
As the President said in one of his debates, "please proceed"... stevenleser Feb 2015 #89
If people ask me whether not having your kids vaccinated makes one a bad parent... LuckyTheDog Feb 2015 #65
said the man who thinks 1984 is a user manual Android3.14 Feb 2015 #70
Got another infected person over here folks! nt Lucky Luciano Feb 2015 #74
Wait. Is there an anti-vaccine vaccine? Or does DU count for that? randome Feb 2015 #85
The government puts fluoride in the water. That affects everyone. LuckyTheDog Feb 2015 #79
Are you against fluoridation of water? Demit Feb 2015 #82
Nope, just forcing people to drink it. Android3.14 Feb 2015 #94
It's the same lack of understanding that makes for anti-GMO. Buzz Clik Feb 2015 #73
yea, compare Monsanto products with vaccines G_j Feb 2015 #78
you shouldnt be. mopinko Feb 2015 #87
The only surprise for me Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2015 #88
I believe Pres Obama AND Hillary were both guilty of the same type of vaccine hysteria... 1bigdude Feb 2015 #92
I'm vaccinated, got no beefs against vaccinations. But let us not pretend our very own govt can do WinkyDink Feb 2015 #93
Locking. aikoaiko Feb 2015 #95
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