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Mon Feb 9, 2015, 06:55 AM Feb 2015

GO UK !! Two Islamic terrorists back on streets after serving just half their sentences [View all]

Two Islamic extremists – one jailed TWICE for terror offences – are back on the streets after serving half their sentences.

Shah Jalal Hussain and Jahanagir Alom are out on licence despite a Tory pledge to end automatic early release for convicted terrorists.

Crimes the pair were involved in included plotting attacks and ­fundraising for terrorism.

Hussain, 32, has said he believes Downing Street is a “legitimate target” for suicide attacks and that he wished he had been a 9/11 bomber.

Alom was caught with two others who were plotting an attack on Wootton Bassett where dead soldiers were repatriated from Afghanistan.


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Another load of bad ideas. Rhinodawg Feb 2015 #1
Another load of Islamophobia pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #2
+1000 marmar Feb 2015 #3
That track suit is fucking scary, maybe he is running to a no go zone to do Muslimy things? Oh, no! Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #12
More hatred than phobia. hobbit709 Feb 2015 #5
So you feel like these two men are innocent and should be released? nt el_bryanto Feb 2015 #13
So, you know the criminal and parole laws of Great Britain , the entire case and are here to be the Judge? Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #15
Good response - but not really an answer to my question, so I'm going to ignore it. nt el_bryanto Feb 2015 #19
Good plan. Logically thinking is nothing you want to mess with. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #22
Yes, obviously my reply means I must want them to babysit my children pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #20
Good one. When caught with your logical pants down....one must flee... Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #23
The original article suggests that they were let go prematurely el_bryanto Feb 2015 #25
What the article "suggests" is that they were released in accordance with law. nt pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #37
But the photos suggest scary brown Muslims released due to outrageous foreign laws. That is all Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #38
Oh my, oh my. Rhinodawg Feb 2015 #45
Another single person on the TV is not convincing to anyone. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #47
From the threadstarter, should any of us be surprised? closeupready Feb 2015 #50
Yes...I have an interest in terrorism. Rhinodawg Feb 2015 #53
Nah uh. Don't play dumb. "GO UK !!" You knew EXACTLY what you were doing. closeupready Feb 2015 #55
Yes...its called "making fun of" Rhinodawg Feb 2015 #57
Yes, that was really cheap... pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #56
Islamophobic Underground mwrguy Feb 2015 #4
Some folks at DU do not like history or being not scared. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #11
Bigotry against Muslims is pretty widespread here. If these posts were aimed at other minorities, Chathamization Feb 2015 #44
Sickening to me, but not sickening enough to ban or take to jury.....majority rules? I hope not. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #48
Well, I think it diminishes partially the legitimacy which the administrators of this site closeupready Feb 2015 #52
This. Thanks. I'm going to remember that one. closeupready Feb 2015 #51
Bush, Cheney, Blair, Bibi and many others malaise Feb 2015 #6
I give you one virtual heart. Sorry, tapped out my cards for my real world hearts. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #29
Then they should be tried and convicted of something. Calista241 Feb 2015 #33
So because of that leftynyc Feb 2015 #39
They didn't "go free." pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #42
Then they are free leftynyc Feb 2015 #43
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! malaise Feb 2015 #49
LOL. linuxman Feb 2015 #7
+1 nt stevenleser Feb 2015 #28
More and more, it's Alice in Wonderland on here. Waiting For Everyman Feb 2015 #59
One wishes he had been a 9/11 bomber leftynyc Feb 2015 #8
As Linuxman noted above, some responses here are ridiculous. These two folks should be in prison stevenleser Feb 2015 #30
Exactly. Waiting For Everyman Feb 2015 #58
I suspect the response is to do with *who* posted the OP rather than what it's about... Violet_Crumble Feb 2015 #61
Wonder if a jail term does anything but put off the inevitable treestar Feb 2015 #9
Really? Put off the inevitable? Because Muslims are all going to do "the inevitable"? Just WOW. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #14
No, because THESE PERSONS were in prison for plotting and... JHB Feb 2015 #16
The critical factor is respecting another countries laws, and it is all about their religion, no? Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #17
No. nt stevenleser Feb 2015 #31
No, it's all about them being terrorists who want to do GGJohn Feb 2015 #34
A polite no. Rhinodawg Feb 2015 #46
I was talking about them, who were specifically convicted for terrorist acts treestar Feb 2015 #21
They were released according to rule of law. I am merely defending the rule of law, as my President Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #24
From whom? treestar Feb 2015 #26
That is my point. I think maybe the UK law needs amending also, release at half the jail sentence? Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #27
Oh spare me the bullshit leftynyc Feb 2015 #40
Muslims with beards in mugshots are SCARY! Better get out your blankees! I is scared........ Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #10
Too Bad, So Sad alcibiades_mystery Feb 2015 #18
The Master Plan seems to have been rejected soundly by France and Germany, for sure. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #32
How's that Islamophobia thing wrking out for you? 99Forever Feb 2015 #35
I think he left to get better legal advice? Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #36
At this moment, 52 replies and 0 recs? Not working out methinks. closeupready Feb 2015 #54
Working well for them RandiFan1290 Feb 2015 #60
Flashback to the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly in the French massacres riderinthestorm Feb 2015 #41
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