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22. Too many Democrats have THIN SKINS
Fri Feb 20, 2015, 03:12 AM
Feb 2015

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True progressives need to be fighters who relish the battle for justice,
and expect it to be uphill.

Schultz sounds like she was never really with us.

Fucking tool. nt DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #1
this will piss alot of you off olddots Feb 2015 #2
Nothing wrong with using three names -- especially for women starroute Feb 2015 #16
Public policy based on personal political calculation Fumesucker Feb 2015 #3
How craven of her. Only does the right thing when her back is up against the wall. Comrade Grumpy Feb 2015 #4
I think correct word here is corrupt. She could be bought on point Feb 2015 #11
She sucks. PeteSelman Feb 2015 #5
Wow. Selling her integrity as brazenly as LittleBlue Feb 2015 #6
Which means she doesn't even see anything wrong with what she is doing. No moral compass. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #8
Seems so. No different than her colleagues LittleBlue Feb 2015 #9
+1 a whole bunch. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #27
This is the way bidness is done at the top Fumesucker Feb 2015 #7
how opportunistic of her NBachers Feb 2015 #10
Was I ever wrong about her tularetom Feb 2015 #12
+1 BrotherIvan Feb 2015 #13
What YOU said nikto Feb 2015 #24
Marijuana flexes its political muscles. Comrade Grumpy Feb 2015 #14
Yup. The hell with her. Corrupt politician. nt TeamPooka Feb 2015 #15
Really Florida, this is the best you can do? herding cats Feb 2015 #17
Can we please get Howard Dean back? pa28 Feb 2015 #18
So? Dog bites man. McCamy Taylor Feb 2015 #19
Kudos to MJ BUT DonCoquixote Feb 2015 #20
They renamed bribes, ''campaign contributions.'' DeSwiss Feb 2015 #21
Corrupt politicians in Amurka?? nikto Feb 2015 #23
+200 ND-Dem Feb 2015 #26
Dead on. nt F4lconF16 Feb 2015 #47
Too many Democrats have THIN SKINS nikto Feb 2015 #22
"Schultz sounds like she was never really with us." Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2015 #28
barf. just barf. on both sides. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #25
when you don't really work for a living onethatcares Feb 2015 #29
This will not change my position on DWS. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #30
And, of course, being a Floridian, I am fucking supposed to support her and vote for her. djean111 Feb 2015 #31
She's definitely not an honest politician-she doesn't stay bought. hobbit709 Feb 2015 #32
I guess this is the way things are done now. HappyMe Feb 2015 #33
Hey Debbie a couple questions. Savannahmann Feb 2015 #34
These people just WILL NOT LEARN that the internet is not secure. bemildred Feb 2015 #35
DWS's principles can be purchased for very little. Scuba Feb 2015 #36
She is a republican. . B Calm Feb 2015 #37
She's awful. bigwillq Feb 2015 #38
an opportunistic politician? that never happens. nt Javaman Feb 2015 #39
Wow. That sure says a hell of a lot. Autumn Feb 2015 #40
This story is too important to sink so... Fumesucker Feb 2015 #41
Agreed... WillyT Feb 2015 #43
K & R !!! WillyT Feb 2015 #42
I might defend her with something like, they all do it...IF joeybee12 Feb 2015 #44
Well she lost a lot of us with her asinine support of arresting sick grannies for smoking pot. Warren DeMontague Feb 2015 #45
Corruption is now status quo. woo me with science Feb 2015 #46
A-freaking-men Tsiyu Feb 2015 #48
Worst. DNC. Chari. EVER! MohRokTah Feb 2015 #49
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