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Mc Mike

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41. Yes, I see what you're saying. And agree with your logical analysis.
Fri Mar 6, 2015, 05:03 AM
Mar 2015

No movement is immune to having fools or bad people in its ranks. But I think that anyone who is high-profile and gets publicity for pushing an anti-semitic angle is worthy of the suspicion that they're more than just a garden variety evil fool.

Farrakhan just serves a bircher function of attempting to widen schisms between the Black and Jewish communities. The NOI was never lefty in nature.

Farrakhan Blames Jews For 9/11 [View all] Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 OP
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Sorry for your loss. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #16
It was very abrupt Aerows Mar 2015 #17
Some people are never going leftynyc Mar 2015 #39
Some things never change...as Farrakhan demonstrates, which is, of course, the topic at hand. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #44
Fuck that leftynyc Mar 2015 #46
Perhaps there should be a panel here... PCIntern Mar 2015 #61
whoa. just read that. disturbing shit. and the "apology" offered after these little bigots cali Mar 2015 #18
Yeah, that was pretty stark. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #20
Are you intending to respond to the right post? LeftishBrit Mar 2015 #64
In other news.... zappaman Mar 2015 #3
LOL! Yup. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #4
It's rather looking Aerows Mar 2015 #6
huh? I'm perplexed by all three of your posts in this thread. they are tangential. cali Mar 2015 #10
It's time for me to go to bed Aerows Mar 2015 #12
Have a sweet sleep. cali Mar 2015 #14
What are you babbling about? leftynyc Mar 2015 #42
Being an idiot. Aerows Mar 2015 #66
Is anyone surprised by this? Ken Burch Mar 2015 #5
Well that's insane treestar Mar 2015 #19
He has always sounded like this. cali Mar 2015 #22
So true... Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #24
Oh, I do. and I think a thread about what defines homophobia would cali Mar 2015 #25
You think the article about Farrakhan's homophobia would spawn a thread... Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #27
I think a thread regarding what constitutes or defines homophobia would cali Mar 2015 #31
In that, I agree. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #32
Rather silly to single out a single group responsible for 9/11 anotojefiremnesuka Mar 2015 #21
Yes, U.S. policy is a piece of it, but the ultimate responsibility for any cali Mar 2015 #23
OK how about the CIA funding, Arming and egging on radicals in the Middle East anotojefiremnesuka Mar 2015 #33
and still, acts of mayhem and murder may well have contributing factors but cali Mar 2015 #45
People like dogs are not born violent, bigoted or hateful it take years of anotojefiremnesuka Mar 2015 #48
actually, some people are damn well born violent. some psychopaths certainly are cali Mar 2015 #60
The Russians would share at least as much blame. Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2015 #51
And his message of hate seems to be finding an audience Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #26
Apparently, even mentioning his anti-Semitism means you support Netanyahu. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #29
I just edited my post #26 with selected Jury Results Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #34
You can post them if you like. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #37
Thanks Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #40
Worse than that. My Wiki example was about the Armenian genocide of 1915 Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #38
Farrakhan lining up with the birchers, again. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #28
The "Jews did 9-11" meme isn't even relegated to the right. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #30
I'm not sure, BtA. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #35
I know some think that, but that is more of a "no true Scotsman" fallacy. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #36
Yes, I see what you're saying. And agree with your logical analysis. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #41
I agree with you as well. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #43
I'm a white R Cath, urban. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #47
If his connections are all to the far right, why is it that Democrats like John Conyers repeatedly Bluenorthwest Mar 2015 #56
You're right about the uselessness of 'apologies' when the offense is repeated again, flagrantly. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #59
Here's what makes Conyers so very dishonest. He made an excuse for the first hateful speech saying Bluenorthwest Mar 2015 #63
I don't think we're talking in circles, but maybe talking past each other, Blue. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #67
If you're alluding to Jean-Marie LePen Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #50
he is such an ass Marrah_G Mar 2015 #49
Is he still going on and on with that bullshit? Jamastiene Mar 2015 #52
Farrakhan is such an embarassment. romanic Mar 2015 #53
I initially misread this and was going to blow a gasket mythology Mar 2015 #55
A vile, rightwing bigot who unfortunately geek tragedy Mar 2015 #57
Asshole. ismnotwasm Mar 2015 #58
No more Final Call or bean pies for me BubbaFett Mar 2015 #62
Farrakhan is a right old antisemite; this isn't the first (or last) time he's said this LeftishBrit Mar 2015 #65
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