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42. What are you babbling about?
Fri Mar 6, 2015, 05:05 AM
Mar 2015

How did a story about screwy louis get turned about to a story about bibi? Since everyone else is dancing around the question, I'm just going to go ahead and ask if you are unable to separate all Jews from what is going on in Israel because it sure seems like you're desperate to change the subject of the OP.

Farrakhan Blames Jews For 9/11 [View all] Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 OP
Is he still alive? Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2015 #1
Exactly What I Thought, Hassin ProfessorGAC Mar 2015 #54
Does this mean Aerows Mar 2015 #2
In U.C.L.A. Debate Over Jewish Student, Echoes on Campus of Old Biases Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #7
I think we have segued here Aerows Mar 2015 #8
3 Sought in 1982 Attack in Paris’ Jewish Quarter Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #9
Absolutely as horrible Aerows Mar 2015 #11
Yom Hashoah observance April 19 at LFJCC Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #13
Not to complain Aerows Mar 2015 #15
Sorry for your loss. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #16
It was very abrupt Aerows Mar 2015 #17
Some people are never going leftynyc Mar 2015 #39
Some things never change...as Farrakhan demonstrates, which is, of course, the topic at hand. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #44
Fuck that leftynyc Mar 2015 #46
Perhaps there should be a panel here... PCIntern Mar 2015 #61
whoa. just read that. disturbing shit. and the "apology" offered after these little bigots cali Mar 2015 #18
Yeah, that was pretty stark. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #20
Are you intending to respond to the right post? LeftishBrit Mar 2015 #64
In other news.... zappaman Mar 2015 #3
LOL! Yup. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #4
It's rather looking Aerows Mar 2015 #6
huh? I'm perplexed by all three of your posts in this thread. they are tangential. cali Mar 2015 #10
It's time for me to go to bed Aerows Mar 2015 #12
Have a sweet sleep. cali Mar 2015 #14
What are you babbling about? leftynyc Mar 2015 #42
Being an idiot. Aerows Mar 2015 #66
Is anyone surprised by this? Ken Burch Mar 2015 #5
Well that's insane treestar Mar 2015 #19
He has always sounded like this. cali Mar 2015 #22
So true... Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #24
Oh, I do. and I think a thread about what defines homophobia would cali Mar 2015 #25
You think the article about Farrakhan's homophobia would spawn a thread... Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #27
I think a thread regarding what constitutes or defines homophobia would cali Mar 2015 #31
In that, I agree. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #32
Rather silly to single out a single group responsible for 9/11 anotojefiremnesuka Mar 2015 #21
Yes, U.S. policy is a piece of it, but the ultimate responsibility for any cali Mar 2015 #23
OK how about the CIA funding, Arming and egging on radicals in the Middle East anotojefiremnesuka Mar 2015 #33
and still, acts of mayhem and murder may well have contributing factors but cali Mar 2015 #45
People like dogs are not born violent, bigoted or hateful it take years of anotojefiremnesuka Mar 2015 #48
actually, some people are damn well born violent. some psychopaths certainly are cali Mar 2015 #60
The Russians would share at least as much blame. Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2015 #51
And his message of hate seems to be finding an audience Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #26
Apparently, even mentioning his anti-Semitism means you support Netanyahu. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #29
I just edited my post #26 with selected Jury Results Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #34
You can post them if you like. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #37
Thanks Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #40
Worse than that. My Wiki example was about the Armenian genocide of 1915 Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #38
Farrakhan lining up with the birchers, again. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #28
The "Jews did 9-11" meme isn't even relegated to the right. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #30
I'm not sure, BtA. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #35
I know some think that, but that is more of a "no true Scotsman" fallacy. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #36
Yes, I see what you're saying. And agree with your logical analysis. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #41
I agree with you as well. Behind the Aegis Mar 2015 #43
I'm a white R Cath, urban. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #47
If his connections are all to the far right, why is it that Democrats like John Conyers repeatedly Bluenorthwest Mar 2015 #56
You're right about the uselessness of 'apologies' when the offense is repeated again, flagrantly. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #59
Here's what makes Conyers so very dishonest. He made an excuse for the first hateful speech saying Bluenorthwest Mar 2015 #63
I don't think we're talking in circles, but maybe talking past each other, Blue. Mc Mike Mar 2015 #67
If you're alluding to Jean-Marie LePen Pooka Fey Mar 2015 #50
he is such an ass Marrah_G Mar 2015 #49
Is he still going on and on with that bullshit? Jamastiene Mar 2015 #52
Farrakhan is such an embarassment. romanic Mar 2015 #53
I initially misread this and was going to blow a gasket mythology Mar 2015 #55
A vile, rightwing bigot who unfortunately geek tragedy Mar 2015 #57
Asshole. ismnotwasm Mar 2015 #58
No more Final Call or bean pies for me BubbaFett Mar 2015 #62
Farrakhan is a right old antisemite; this isn't the first (or last) time he's said this LeftishBrit Mar 2015 #65
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