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For anyone who voted NO, a question: Is it OK in your mind, to call a black person "uppity"? cali Mar 2015 #1
No, it's not. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #4
On edit, no, of course not! nt Zorra Mar 2015 #6
No. and I don't understand why you would even feel the need to ask such a thing. hlthe2b Mar 2015 #8
I screwed up. I meant to write no. cali Mar 2015 #16
I think there would be a higher probablility.... NCTraveler Mar 2015 #9
are you fucking kidding us with these questions? Hell no, It is not OK to do either Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #10
I wrote Yes in my question when I meant no. cali Mar 2015 #11
ok, thanks. you were warping my brain. honestly though, that we have to even ask these questions on Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #15
Oh, no, please don't bring up the H word, Blue_In_AK Mar 2015 #2
harpy is a gender specific word and would be considered sexist Takket Mar 2015 #3
I would acribe a designation of "low grade" as a sexist term, but still sexist. NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #5
lol ... low grade Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #12
Not to be confused with "Low Down".... NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #31
should I compare it to dickhead? is dickhead similiarly low grade? Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #32
They're all sexist, in the end. NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #35
and this is why I love ya, man Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #37
Why does it matter where on the spectrum of sexism it's placed? Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #28
Because words matter and some words are more destructive than others. NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #33
Thoughtful people also recognize that all are offensive Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #45
honestly. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #34
Are you really going to freak out if someone said "what a gyp?" ZombieHorde Mar 2015 #43
Gyp is an ethnic slur and yes, I've pointed that out when it's said in my presence. Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #46
Your point about the cumulative effect is pretty good. ZombieHorde Mar 2015 #51
A funny story about "gyp" Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #52
That is funny. nt ZombieHorde Mar 2015 #53
Yes. Please mansplain to me exactly how much outrage I'm allowed msanthrope Mar 2015 #48
No. TheCowsCameHome Mar 2015 #7
It's long been used as a term to belittle women. Almost exclusively outside cali Mar 2015 #13
Maybe so. I've never heard it before. TheCowsCameHome Mar 2015 #49
If you can come up with any male-specific derogatory terms Arkana Mar 2015 #14
So you're not going to carp if HIllary gets called a harpy? cali Mar 2015 #17
I expect it from them, and I know she's not. Arkana Mar 2015 #19
We do like to rationalize our biases and pretend we've put thought into them... LanternWaste Mar 2015 #40
I don't particularly like the words but asshole and fuckhead are gender neutral./NT DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #18
"ted cruz" nt geek tragedy Mar 2015 #21
Do you call McCain or Cruz a harpy? If not, why not? uppityperson Mar 2015 #23
Why is a gender-specific term necessary? Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #25
Chris Christie is a dick. Comrade Grumpy Mar 2015 #26
Because men are so terribly oppressed. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #39
Seems clear to me to be a sexist term. morningfog Mar 2015 #20
I would imagine calling any female one is sexist. Prism Mar 2015 #22
Depends. Is she? n/t cigsandcoffee Mar 2015 #24
cute. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #27
Is it necessary or even useful to level personal insults at politicians Maedhros Mar 2015 #29
^this^ Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #36
Harpy: A grasping unpleasant woman. JEB Mar 2015 #30
note. the word. woman. thus, sexist. that simple. the end. eom. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #38
People who use the term have no understanding of the mythology Kalidurga Mar 2015 #41
I think we're becoming way too politically correct. Vinca Mar 2015 #42
Yes, unless the person is playing D&D. ZombieHorde Mar 2015 #44
Why? earthside Mar 2015 #47
Yes. Charles Pierce about Carly Fiorini cali Mar 2015 #50
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