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Gormy Cuss

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52. A funny story about "gyp"
Mon Mar 30, 2015, 05:11 PM
Mar 2015

I was sitting with colleagues at lunch and someone used the term "gypped." I pointed out gently that it was an ethnic slur and should be avoided. One of the other people piped up to say that it was just slang and no more an ethnic slur than saying someone "jewed you."

For anyone who voted NO, a question: Is it OK in your mind, to call a black person "uppity"? cali Mar 2015 #1
No, it's not. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #4
On edit, no, of course not! nt Zorra Mar 2015 #6
No. and I don't understand why you would even feel the need to ask such a thing. hlthe2b Mar 2015 #8
I screwed up. I meant to write no. cali Mar 2015 #16
I think there would be a higher probablility.... NCTraveler Mar 2015 #9
are you fucking kidding us with these questions? Hell no, It is not OK to do either Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #10
I wrote Yes in my question when I meant no. cali Mar 2015 #11
ok, thanks. you were warping my brain. honestly though, that we have to even ask these questions on Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #15
Oh, no, please don't bring up the H word, Blue_In_AK Mar 2015 #2
harpy is a gender specific word and would be considered sexist Takket Mar 2015 #3
I would acribe a designation of "low grade" as a sexist term, but still sexist. NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #5
lol ... low grade Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #12
Not to be confused with "Low Down".... NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #31
should I compare it to dickhead? is dickhead similiarly low grade? Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #32
They're all sexist, in the end. NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #35
and this is why I love ya, man Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #37
Why does it matter where on the spectrum of sexism it's placed? Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #28
Because words matter and some words are more destructive than others. NYC_SKP Mar 2015 #33
Thoughtful people also recognize that all are offensive Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #45
honestly. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #34
Are you really going to freak out if someone said "what a gyp?" ZombieHorde Mar 2015 #43
Gyp is an ethnic slur and yes, I've pointed that out when it's said in my presence. Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #46
Your point about the cumulative effect is pretty good. ZombieHorde Mar 2015 #51
A funny story about "gyp" Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #52
That is funny. nt ZombieHorde Mar 2015 #53
Yes. Please mansplain to me exactly how much outrage I'm allowed msanthrope Mar 2015 #48
No. TheCowsCameHome Mar 2015 #7
It's long been used as a term to belittle women. Almost exclusively outside cali Mar 2015 #13
Maybe so. I've never heard it before. TheCowsCameHome Mar 2015 #49
If you can come up with any male-specific derogatory terms Arkana Mar 2015 #14
So you're not going to carp if HIllary gets called a harpy? cali Mar 2015 #17
I expect it from them, and I know she's not. Arkana Mar 2015 #19
We do like to rationalize our biases and pretend we've put thought into them... LanternWaste Mar 2015 #40
I don't particularly like the words but asshole and fuckhead are gender neutral./NT DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #18
"ted cruz" nt geek tragedy Mar 2015 #21
Do you call McCain or Cruz a harpy? If not, why not? uppityperson Mar 2015 #23
Why is a gender-specific term necessary? Gormy Cuss Mar 2015 #25
Chris Christie is a dick. Comrade Grumpy Mar 2015 #26
Because men are so terribly oppressed. NuclearDem Mar 2015 #39
Seems clear to me to be a sexist term. morningfog Mar 2015 #20
I would imagine calling any female one is sexist. Prism Mar 2015 #22
Depends. Is she? n/t cigsandcoffee Mar 2015 #24
cute. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #27
Is it necessary or even useful to level personal insults at politicians Maedhros Mar 2015 #29
^this^ Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #36
Harpy: A grasping unpleasant woman. JEB Mar 2015 #30
note. the word. woman. thus, sexist. that simple. the end. eom. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2015 #38
People who use the term have no understanding of the mythology Kalidurga Mar 2015 #41
I think we're becoming way too politically correct. Vinca Mar 2015 #42
Yes, unless the person is playing D&D. ZombieHorde Mar 2015 #44
Why? earthside Mar 2015 #47
Yes. Charles Pierce about Carly Fiorini cali Mar 2015 #50
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