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18. That's a fair observation, and I only today learned about the whole family of enterprises.
Fri Apr 24, 2015, 06:27 PM
Apr 2015

When I looked up the CGI numbers I didn't differentiate between CGI and the Bill Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, the umbrella org, or I'd have used that data.

The OP question is a tricky one:

Operational and Administrative expenses are, pretty much, everything except for block grants, if there are any, or graft.

Not sure what the OP was looking for, Form 990s don't have a category for siphoned funds or such.

But expenses can be lavish, lots of flight and hotels and dinners just to deliver a package or address an audience.

These things start to add up and they take away from putting food in the stomachs of hungry children or clothes on the backs of their parents.

I know you know this, charitable orgs are often evaluated for how much actually served the target populations, and I am interested in learning more.

Also, where the revenue comes from, item by item, not just categorically.

This is a job interview, I'm tough on candidates.

I'm not a Republican Congressteahadist, so I'm not particularly interested. nt onehandle Apr 2015 #1
Well the primaries haven't started, we can advocate for or against anyone we like. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #3
Is your name 'Botany?' I was addressing the OP, and GOPers. You needn't continue lecturing me. nt onehandle Apr 2015 #10
You're an outspoken Hillary supporter. I'm trying to help you. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #11
It might become embarrassing for you if she's the nominee. JaneyVee Apr 2015 #21
If she's the nominee we're going to have a tough time beating the opposition. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #24
LOL. Stepping down. How about others step up instead? JaneyVee Apr 2015 #20
Why are they... odd_duck Apr 2015 #2
it's called swiftboating and the media is going after the clintons. spanone Apr 2015 #4
+ 1 Botany Apr 2015 #5
Answer: 1: NO. Only 32% of CGI revenue was spend on grants paid out. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #6
Where do your numbers show money going directly to the Clintons? pnwmom Apr 2015 #8
Has anyone made that claim? The OP question didn't ask about that. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #9
You just suggested that Chelsea has. The foundation says that none of the Clintons draw salaries. pnwmom Apr 2015 #12
They offerer more assistance than just grants. This smacks of the same right wing meme okaawhatever Apr 2015 #13
Paid staff earn between $138,750 and $464,229 per year. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #15
I don't know where guidestar is getting its numbers. pnwmom Apr 2015 #14
I posted that link earlier, my figures are for CGI, a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #16
But the question was about the Clinton Foundation overall. pnwmom Apr 2015 #17
That's a fair observation, and I only today learned about the whole family of enterprises. NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #18
I agree that I would be very unlikely to donate to a charity with huge overhead expenses. pnwmom Apr 2015 #22
I found the IRS filing instructions: NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #23
Are those fucking GMO FOODS in that picture! snooper2 Apr 2015 #7
They were picked by little hands in faraway lands.... NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #19
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