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Tue Jun 9, 2015, 08:29 PM Jun 2015

DU Straw poll.......Who will you vote for in the primary [View all]

109 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Hillary Clinton
11 (10%)
Bernie Sanders
93 (85%)
Martin O'malley
2 (2%)
Lincoln Chafee
0 (0%)
3 (3%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Why not follow your poll up with this question: FSogol Jun 2015 #1
Chafee Reter Jun 2015 #5
From my cold dead hands... Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #42
and we shouldn't learn samsingh Jun 2015 #51
Only half serious. I like the rulers with centimeters on one side and inches on the other. Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #67
O'Malley. nt hifiguy Jun 2015 #6
+1 daleanime Jun 2015 #32
^THIS^ cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #37
I'd be thrilled as hell Aerows Jun 2015 #8
Sounds like we should want Skinner to put in place "instant runoff" voting polls! cascadiance Jun 2015 #10
Me. Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2015 #30
My second best choice is O'Malley! sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #40
If not Bernie, then O'Malley. vi5 Jun 2015 #52
That's the spirit. Vote Democratic. FSogol Jun 2015 #65
O'Malley. stage left Jun 2015 #82
Sanders NaturalHigh Jun 2015 #87
not sure if it will matter. NC has such a late primary it is usually done by littlewolf Jun 2015 #2
Well then we should push for primaries that are truly National Kalidurga Jun 2015 #3
OTOH the extended campaign process reveals a lot about a candidate Recursion Jun 2015 #24
I am not saying shorten the process Kalidurga Jun 2015 #25
So you'll trust votes tallied but not reported? brooklynite Jun 2015 #74
Let me put it this way I think no matter what state a person is from should have a say Kalidurga Jun 2015 #75
Are you talking about the GE or the Primary? brooklynite Jun 2015 #76
The primary Kalidurga Jun 2015 #77
...which has nothing to do with being on the East Coast... brooklynite Jun 2015 #81
Not really and even is so not worth the trade off of making tens of millions votes ceremonial TheKentuckian Jun 2015 #26
+1 daleanime Jun 2015 #33
How about rotate who gets to go first? jeff47 Jun 2015 #35
Unfortunately you'll pry the early contests out of Iowa's and NH's cold dead hands Recursion Jun 2015 #38
Yeah, they'd fight like hell against it. I'd hope that would be outweighed jeff47 Jun 2015 #39
muahhahaha! You should be Alaska. Only Hawaii is less lucky in roguevalley Jun 2015 #18
That's ridiculous. Can something not be done about that? Our elections are a farce, seriously. sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #41
NC Primary Date has been Tentatively Moved Up: February 16, 2016 KoKo Jun 2015 #49
Pass Cali_Democrat Jun 2015 #4
Kick & Rec GoneOffShore Jun 2015 #7
I have not decided yet. Agnosticsherbet Jun 2015 #9
Sanders (nt) bigwillq Jun 2015 #11
Bernie for sure madokie Jun 2015 #12
I only vote for candidates who know how to shoe a horse. Buzz Clik Jun 2015 #13
That be Bernie!! Puzzledtraveller Jun 2015 #16
Yeah, sure. Buzz Clik Jun 2015 #17
LOL MuseRider Jun 2015 #28
The winner. Rex Jun 2015 #14
BERNIE FTW!! Puzzledtraveller Jun 2015 #15
Wow, Hillary doing better than I guessed she would. nt Logical Jun 2015 #19
I will support almost any Democrat over the GOP - OhZone Jun 2015 #20
k & r! n/t wildbilln864 Jun 2015 #21
Kick Logical Jun 2015 #22
Undecided, lean O'Malley Recursion Jun 2015 #23
Interesting that the most prominent Hillary supporters are sitting it out. Renew Deal Jun 2015 #27
So many will be bitterly disappointed when their Messiah is not chosen by normal Democrats. Old and In the Way Jun 2015 #29
I'm a Hillary supporter. But I have to ask why Jim Webb wasn't listed as an option? (eom) StevieM Jun 2015 #31
Webb hasn't announced that he will run. He only has an exploratory committee and FSogol Jun 2015 #43
Hillary Onlooker Jun 2015 #34
Hillary is a warmonger. Bernie is a dove. Which of these two has a "male mindset"??? Romulox Jun 2015 #47
Hillary will be destroyed... rbnyc Jun 2015 #50
I think your support for HRC is for all the wrong reasons. Instead of voting for the person rhett o rick Jun 2015 #57
I cannot agree enough with this post. Maedhros Jun 2015 #59
So your argument is not to send the best anti-corporate candidate to the general cui bono Jun 2015 #61
Beats me. zappaman Jun 2015 #36
Whoever hasn't withdrawn by primary time here in Texas... LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #44
Bernie if it were held right now. nt Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #45
Um, most of us don't get to select the candidate in a Primary. It's over before they get to us. nt Romulox Jun 2015 #46
We have a late primary. femmocrat Jun 2015 #48
My sentiments exactly Proud Public Servant Jun 2015 #56
"Other." H2O Man Jun 2015 #53
Vote fraud! Vote fraud! KamaAina Jun 2015 #54
I Will No Longer Settle For The Lesser Of Two Corporate Evils - Go Bernie Go cantbeserious Jun 2015 #55
In other words, if I may, you as the frog in the pot, don't want the choice of a slow boil (ala HRC) rhett o rick Jun 2015 #58
Roger That - Many Citizens See HRC For What She Is - A Patron Of The Oligarchs cantbeserious Jun 2015 #62
yup.... Pharaoh Jun 2015 #66
FEEL THE BERN!!! cui bono Jun 2015 #60
Proud Hillary supporter. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #63
She is doing better than I expected. She broke 10% finally. nt Logical Jun 2015 #68
it is just an internet poll. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #69
From a really liberal website. Die hard liberals. Of course she would not do well here. nt Logical Jun 2015 #71
Didn't Kucinich do well here? He never got elected. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #72
So that's all you're worried about? Policies don't matter I guess, makes.... Logical Jun 2015 #78
Where did I say policy does not matter? provide a link. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #79
I'm ready for Alfred olddots Jun 2015 #64
It's going to be a long election season on DU... ellisonz Jun 2015 #70
Obviously ...the candidate that DOESN'T NEED NO STINKING SURROGATE! L0oniX Jun 2015 #73
I think the bigger question is who will you vote for Purrfessor Jun 2015 #80
Both Sanders and O'Malley. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #83
Looks like the site should be renamed Bernie Underground..... Hobo Jun 2015 #84
By the time Indiana gets around to voting, the candidate is already chosen. B Calm Jun 2015 #85
As usual, Vermin Supreme gets no love here, and Pat Paulsen isn't running this year. Buns_of_Fire Jun 2015 #86
Only 13 months to go until convention Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #88
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