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+1000000000000 randys1 Jun 2015 #1
I guess we're lucky she didn't wave around a copy of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" villager Jun 2015 #2
That's true. Bonobo Jun 2015 #4
or show clips from 'The Eternal Jew' Nazi film- appalachiablue Jun 2015 #151
If you've ever listened to her 500+ shows per year, you'd know she agrees with you riderinthestorm Jun 2015 #3
Only Nixon could go to China Fumesucker Jun 2015 #5
You finally got it off? nt Bonobo Jun 2015 #27
That has the making of a limerick. zeemike Jun 2015 #37
...and now you've got Stinkbrain? Comrade Grumpy Jun 2015 #53
+1! FailureToCommunicate Jun 2015 #100
I agree, 100000% pangaia Jun 2015 #6
Especially the pool party thing elias7 Jun 2015 #9
Right. I was nervous about even mentioning it. pangaia Jun 2015 #11
You shouldn't be. I for one want to know the facts. I do not know her, but all week I saw sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #25
Sabrina, I have no idea why it happened. pangaia Jun 2015 #40
Thanks, it makes it all the more strange that she make such an error of judgement. sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #59
I don't doubt she's "on our side," but I also think Bonobo is more right than wrong tishaLA Jun 2015 #309
I'm sure she's great. Bonobo Jun 2015 #7
Something went drastically wrong here. This is so out of character... riderinthestorm Jun 2015 #8
Sure sounds like it, but there is an explanation somewhere. Bonobo Jun 2015 #10
Nope. It's not meaningless. nt riderinthestorm Jun 2015 #15
Some people just do not realize their own prejudices REP Jun 2015 #26
bullshit. she travels in rarified circles. I don't buy that she's never heard the slur cali Jun 2015 #28
That's why I said I wondered at her na´vetÚ - I rather doubt it, too REP Jun 2015 #30
She's been a fixture in media in WDC since 1973 where she was born in 1936. appalachiablue Jun 2015 #289
That she unquestioningly accepted this old slander speaks volumes about her REP Jun 2015 #13
She's one of the last liberal Dem voices on radio. She does 500+/- shows/week riderinthestorm Jun 2015 #17
And why did she so willingly swallow what was fed her? REP Jun 2015 #21
Awful. Agreed nt riderinthestorm Jun 2015 #33
she fed it to herself. she's admitted that. cali Jun 2015 #29
Yup. She did. Typical Diane that she'd accept all responsibility riderinthestorm Jun 2015 #35
" Fuck her bigot ass. " ? pangaia Jun 2015 #310
it was a massive fuckup on her part Scootaloo Jun 2015 #39
Personally I think the correct response is non of your damn business. Kalidurga Jun 2015 #12
I don't disagree with you but... Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #14
Every Jew in Congress has been called "the Senator from Israel" REP Jun 2015 #16
Ya I know, I'm not disagreeing with the OP. Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #20
It's so ridiculous it doesn't need addressing. REP Jun 2015 #22
Yeah, but it does. Bonobo Jun 2015 #24
Not in the way Rehm did it is what I meant. REP Jun 2015 #32
Agreed. nt Bonobo Jun 2015 #34
a less appealing possibility 6chars Jun 2015 #64
It is similar alright Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #84
It's a variation on "birtherism", and quite frankly, equally vile. bullwinkle428 Jun 2015 #18
You are psychic! What are this week's lotto numbers?!?! Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #19
We shouldn't pretend that this isn't lurking deep in our own side. Bonobo Jun 2015 #23
I know you and I don't pretend, a few others don't as well. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #137
The first thing I thought of was comments on Bonobo's earlier thread. m-lekktor Jun 2015 #31
I never meant to suggest he wasn't "white" exactly. Bonobo Jun 2015 #36
It doesn't even need to be WASPs REP Jun 2015 #38
He didn't say "Did you eat?" Bonobo Jun 2015 #41
Heh REP Jun 2015 #42
i know what you meant m-lekktor Jun 2015 #44
Thanks. nt Bonobo Jun 2015 #48
I'm floored. nt Rex Jun 2015 #83
As it stands, the question is out of context. Half-Century Man Jun 2015 #43
Personally, it's like no big deal on the one hand... on a "single person" level Bonobo Jun 2015 #45
I know, personnally. Ah-nee y'hoo-dee (I don't have an aleph-bet font generator) Half-Century Man Jun 2015 #71
Why not just answer? treestar Jun 2015 #275
What "ties" does Bernie have to another country? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #282
Treestar doesn't even try to say Bernie has ties to another country. YOU are the one creating KittyWampus Jun 2015 #285
Bullshit. They did that and much worse. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #296
You misunderstand. She did not ask him anything. She stated it as fact, when he pushed back Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #55
All seems fairly tame, what the heck is all the fuss about? Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #56
Senator Obama, you were born in Kenya Fumesucker Jun 2015 #62
Exactly. n/t Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #74
There is nothing tame about it, Fred. She made a query on the internet about dual loyalty Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #73
Would asking Senator Cruz if he had dual citizenship re: Canada, be anti-Canuck? Of course not...so.. Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #76
Fred Sanders doesn't see anti-Semitism so it doesn't exist. Bonobo Jun 2015 #78
And some see it everywhere. Ad hominem? Weak. The interview line of questioning was anti-Semitic.....how? Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #80
It is clearly impossible to get you to understand. Bonobo Jun 2015 #88
Ad hominems are not helpful for understanding anything. Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #89
Please quote my ad hominem. I will wait. nt Bonobo Jun 2015 #90
Psst: You'll be waiting a long time...... Coventina Jun 2015 #102
No surprise coming from Fred. 840high Jun 2015 #126
You can't possibly be surprised leftynyc Jun 2015 #249
You know what? I can't help you, but I assure you what she did and WHO she asked Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #86
Having read some of your stupid shit in the past. I used to think it was an act. I'm Guy Whitey Corngood Jun 2015 #93
You honor me with your pedestrian-grade insults, sir. Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #95
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #103
Oh!!!! Bonobo Jun 2015 #104
Doesn't it? There's something veeeery Guy Whitey Corngood Jun 2015 #111
graham4anything is jewish JI7 Jun 2015 #205
I looked it up. It seems you're right. On the other hand it's always struck me as performance art.nt Guy Whitey Corngood Jun 2015 #209
his "michelle obama for president" stuff may have been , but his personal stuff was real JI7 Jun 2015 #212
I stand corrected. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Jun 2015 #214
Would telling Obama that he had dual citizenship with Kenya be racist? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #246
Tame??? SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #96
She wants a little list Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #243
I'm shocked that you have such a very high tolerance for antisemitism. wait, considering cali Jun 2015 #117
A minor misunderstanding on my part. Half-Century Man Jun 2015 #77
She posted her source, I don't believe that leaves anything to the imagination. Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #82
I had not seen a link to her source. Half-Century Man Jun 2015 #85
It is listed in this OP on the subject, facebook comments. Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #94
Good grief. SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #101
Exactly what I thought too. Rex Jun 2015 #112
Well that certainly is a heaping double scoop of evil shit right there. Half-Century Man Jun 2015 #108
She asked it right after a bunch of questions about the middle east 6chars Jun 2015 #67
hey, I was right--after the Muslims we're going after either Jews or Chinese MisterP Jun 2015 #46
To state he was on 'the list', is so insulting in such a deep way that I am shocked Rex Jun 2015 #47
"The list". OMFG. nt Bonobo Jun 2015 #49
Exactly I was so shocked I nearly fell out of my chair. Rex Jun 2015 #50
Yes, a Nazi list of all Jews in Congress Oilwellian Jun 2015 #210
Can you believe it!? She started to demand he was on a list with other Jews! Rex Jun 2015 #290
Agreed. Her "source" is vile. There is simply NO excuse for her use of it. Coventina Jun 2015 #51
I was waiting for her to ask Bernie if Jews have horns LittleBlue Jun 2015 #52
The whole thing has been blown up out of all proportion, and out of context. Is Bernie upset? Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #57
Ugh. Bonobo Jun 2015 #61
I do not agree. This was going around the internet as if it was a fact until fortunately a quick sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #66
Probably not. Bernie has probably been called everything during his career LittleBlue Jun 2015 #69
What "name" was he called by the interviewer? Maybe I missed that part. Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #79
Not a single name, there was just a demand that he was on 'a list' of fellow Jews. Rex Jun 2015 #87
The whole thing is absolutely nuts. SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #107
bullshit H2O Man Jun 2015 #75
But she has a list! Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #54
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 2015 #58
I'm not Jewish either, but that just floored me. Rex Jun 2015 #63
Right. H2O Man Jun 2015 #72
It does, I listened to her on TPR for years and years. I am glad Bernie Sanders played it down. Rex Jun 2015 #81
Thanks, H2O. Bonobo Jun 2015 #65
All thanks to you. H2O Man Jun 2015 #68
There's something extra special about the United States though... Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2015 #60
Thank you. AtomicKitten Jun 2015 #70
It's interesting how there's not a single Hillary avatar in this entire thread. What, Hillary ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2015 #91
I think there are Hillary supporters on this thread. Bonobo Jun 2015 #92
I've already commented on the leftynyc Jun 2015 #250
I thought Diane Rehm was Jewish. OnyxCollie Jun 2015 #97
Why did you think that? oberliner Jun 2015 #110
I think you owe an apology to Diane Rehm kwassa Jun 2015 #98
She was quoting nazi propaganda from a known hate site! WOW! Rex Jun 2015 #106
Not only that, but she followed up with a request that Bernie "name names"!!! Coventina Jun 2015 #109
Yes, that is a great point. Bonobo Jun 2015 #113
and what is your proof of that? kwassa Jun 2015 #114
The webpage that she quoted it from. Rex Jun 2015 #115
Here it is: beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #128
and what is your proof that she quoted from this webpage? kwassa Jun 2015 #139
She admitted to reading a facebook comment and believing it enough to make it a question Rex Jun 2015 #149
and where is the proof that she read the facebook comment from this site? kwassa Jun 2015 #153
Does it matter which anti-semitic source she got it from? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #156
I knew you had no connection. You made it up. kwassa Jun 2015 #159
You know me well? WTF? There is another GD thread with the same info. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #162
But it is not information. Where is the proof that Diane read from this site? kwassa Jun 2015 #164
If she had accused Obama of having "dual citizenship w/Kenya would you be defending her? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #170
I would be asking for her source of the information. kwassa Jun 2015 #176
It is a KNOWN anti-semitic dog whistle. Just like calling him a Zionist. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #182
No dog whistle, just a jump to judgement based nothing, with no evidence. kwassa Jun 2015 #197
So if she had used a racist talking point to accuse Obama of divided loyalty you'd be okay with it? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #207
What does Obama have to do with this? Oh, everything is his fault. kwassa Jun 2015 #223
Wrong. I'm illustrating the double standard some are using to dismiss anti-semitic bigotry on DU. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #226
And she has replied that her source was Facebook. Coventina Jun 2015 #193
There are plenty of Jewish DUers saying in no uncertain terms that it is antisemitic cali Jun 2015 #280
I know she read it from a facebook site that linked to that site. Rex Jun 2015 #161
Show me the link that proves she read from that site. kwassa Jun 2015 #168
I did, you probably should actually look at the links provided instead of just replying. Rex Jun 2015 #173
She clearly should H2O Man Jun 2015 #233
Too true. Rex Jun 2015 #234
You know of any other fb lists accusing Sanders of having dual citizenship? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #152
I have no idea what Diane Rehm reads, but for you to SUPPOSE .... kwassa Jun 2015 #160
Did you even bother to fucking read the excerpt from Dailykos? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #165
NO, this seems to be just another game...I gave direct links and they were ignored. Rex Jun 2015 #178
He's excusing bigotry because he favours a particular journalist. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #238
To make excuses for someone that started to demand a Jew is on a certain list with other Jews Rex Jun 2015 #288
And it's only going to get worse. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #297
Pretty much yes we do. Rex Jun 2015 #298
It's usually much more subtle. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #299
Thanks for all that you are doing to keep this an issue. Rex Jun 2015 #304
You said it - whether it's directed at Obama, Hillary or any other Dem. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #305
Why would he owe her an apology? Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #144
what makes Bernie any more a minority than Rehm?? kwassa Jun 2015 #145
Who said Rehm wasn't? Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #146
How is claiming someone has dual citizenship anti-Semitism? kwassa Jun 2015 #154
Because it suggests the person has other loyalties Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #157
Bullshit. Such ideas are projections. kwassa Jun 2015 #163
It's bullshit that works Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #167
and Kennedy was supposed to be a pawn of the Pope. kwassa Jun 2015 #169
I never said it was unique to Jews, did I? Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #174
and what Zionist angle would that be? kwassa Jun 2015 #181
That Sanders would be primarily dedicated to Zionist/Jewish causes, not American ones Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #187
Where did Diane Rehm say that? Can you quote directly? kwassa Jun 2015 #190
That is the implication of drawing attention to "divided loyalties" Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #198
So, you are just making this up? thank you very much. kwassa Jun 2015 #199
I never said she did. I only explained how insinuations such as these work. eom. Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #201
So, you are convicting Diane with your projections? interesting how that works. kwassa Jun 2015 #206
"Mr. Obama, where do you keep your birth certificate? I heard it is in a State Dept. Vault" Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #213
Did Diane ask this question? I think not. kwassa Jun 2015 #216
You don't understand insinuation. You don't understand intellectual exercises. Hmm ... eom. Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #217
It isn't insinuation. It is your personal projection. kwassa Jun 2015 #220
Good night, Kwassa Bad Thoughts Jun 2015 #225
your decision to stick to your position can no longer be attributed to ignorance. cali Jun 2015 #281
Because it is an age-old anti-Semitic canard. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #166
Are you completely ignorant of the fact leftynyc Jun 2015 #251
Not ignorant. Just deliberately obtuse. nt COLGATE4 Jun 2015 #279
I've already seen leftynyc Jun 2015 #284
When the dog whistle blows, some come running and then claim to be deaf. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #155
You got that right! Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #171
How about "I'm sorry you're too stupid to do fact-checking of hate sites" Coventina Jun 2015 #175
My issue is with her apology and taking "credit" for dispelling the myth. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #184
I know. The whole thing stinks. Coventina Jun 2015 #191
Why would he even know!? Why does she assume he should know!? Rex Jun 2015 #204
Because all Jews are in on it together, doncha know? Coventina Jun 2015 #218
This is as bad as Rex Jun 2015 #300
When someone spends this much time defending anti-semitic propaganda against its critics... beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #179
I've actually listened to Diane Rehm many times. Have you? kwassa Jun 2015 #186
And that magically makes what she did not anti-Semitic? Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #195
IKR!?! Rex Jun 2015 #208
Write again when you find proof. kwassa Jun 2015 #172
Tell it to Dailykos, Salon and other liberal websites. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #177
So? They don't know either, apparently. kwassa Jun 2015 #180
Right. According to kwassa everyone else is mistaken. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #185
No. Just people who haven't listened to Diane Rehm and think they know something. kwassa Jun 2015 #188
Don't know what? That accusing a Jewish senator of dual citizenship is anti-semitic? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #192
Not to mention stupid and unprofessional SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #267
Yes, at best it's unbelievably stupid and reckless. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #278
That is just so, perfectly said. Oilwellian Jun 2015 #235
You're welcome! beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #236
She presented a lie as fact on her show. Coventina Jun 2015 #158
and she was corrected, and she apologized. kwassa Jun 2015 #194
So you admit she was wrong to cite anti-semitic propaganda? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #196
I'm still waiting for you to find the cite, which you have no idea of ... kwassa Jun 2015 #202
It doesn't matter which anti-semitic propaganda source she used, kwassa. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #211
You can't prove that she used ANY anti-semitic source. kwassa Jun 2015 #219
Where else would she get an anti semitic slur from? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #222
Saying someone has dual citizenship is not an anti-Semitic slur. kwassa Jun 2015 #224
"WAMU's Diane Rehm Uses Antisemitic Slur Against Bernie Sanders" beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #227
"NPR host falls for anti-Semitic Israeli citizenship hoax" beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #228
"Jewish Dems Denounce Offensive Questioning of Sen. Sanders" beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #231
Well what about it, kwassa? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #237
You have far more patience with that poster than I would have. neverforget Jun 2015 #239
It's not our first dance. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #241
Would you like to buy some oceanfront property on the moon? AtheistCrusader Aug 2015 #312
It is when you harbor hatred for Jews based on racist conspiracy theories kfreed Dec 2015 #313
I am well aware of DR's show. I strongly disagree that she is a progressive Democrat. Coventina Jun 2015 #200
i wish i could say it is surprising how many times mods here mopinko Jun 2015 #99
Normally, Diane Rehm tends to be liberal, but she is of Arab/Christian heritage. Sancho Jun 2015 #105
That's going from one broad brush to another. merrily Jun 2015 #118
has she discussed this issue before on her show ? JI7 Jun 2015 #148
I don't listen everyday, but yes, she has discussed Israel and the mideast many times. Sancho Jun 2015 #253
Holy Moses!( "Jesus!", isn't the right epithet here, obviously). Ken Burch Jun 2015 #116
yes, today's show. Coventina Jun 2015 #120
I just checked out what happened online. Ken Burch Jun 2015 #123
Agreed. Especially when she just vaguely alluded to "a list" Coventina Jun 2015 #134
Historically, things go to a really bad place when people start keeping lists of Jews. Ken Burch Jun 2015 #141
Agreed 100%. It was truly shocking on so many levels Coventina Jun 2015 #143
There are lists purporting to identify dual US-Israel citizens in our government oberliner Jun 2015 #138
Who the hell would keep lists like that? Other than neo-Nazis? Ken Burch Jun 2015 #140
Ron Paul Forums? oberliner Jun 2015 #150
Locking thread. TexasTowelie Jun 2015 #119
This post isn't about that oberliner Jun 2015 #124
I already explained TexasTowelie Jun 2015 #127
Yes, please. SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #130
You know how people who aren't mods make fake "Locking" posts? oberliner Jun 2015 #131
I apologize if I came off harsh. TexasTowelie Jun 2015 #142
No worries and likewise oberliner Jun 2015 #147
Unlocking thread. TexasTowelie Jun 2015 #121
Unlocking is the correct decision Renew Deal Jun 2015 #122
It isn't discussing religion either gollygee Jun 2015 #129
I know Renew Deal Jun 2015 #135
Thanks, TexasTowelie! beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #133
It looks like this isn't locked anymore? gollygee Jun 2015 #125
TT made a mistake. But then fixed the mistake, acknowledged it, and apologized for it in short order Warren DeMontague Jun 2015 #247
Much like Rehm did, no??? In fact, identical. Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #286
Why don't you take it up with TT, then, Fred? Warren DeMontague Jun 2015 #295
I'm surprised she didn't use the Z word. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #132
Ain't that the truth. SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #136
Oh it's coming...rest assured...it's coming. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #183
And kwassa will be here to tell us it's all in our head. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #189
it diminishes a particular talking point against Bernie a certain segment of DU m-lekktor Jun 2015 #203
Why would a so called liberal excuse bigotry of any kind? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #215
yup m-lekktor Jun 2015 #221
Another few parts of the puzzle clicked together for me the last day or so Fumesucker Jun 2015 #229
I knew this was coming. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #230
We talked about this the other night. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #240
Me either. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #242
Interesting Depaysement Jun 2015 #232
Discussions of anti-semitism usually brings all types out. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #244
And don't waste any effort on deniers. Bonobo Jun 2015 #245
Kick Warren DeMontague Jun 2015 #248
Why is that question not allowed? treestar Jun 2015 #252
When an American has his loyalty questioned simply because he's Jewish it's an anti-semitic slur. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #254
Obama had his questioned treestar Jun 2015 #257
Again with they "they"... Geez. Bonobo Jun 2015 #258
And play the victim again. treestar Jun 2015 #265
Yep, those fucking Jews are always playing victim. I hear you already. Bonobo Jun 2015 #269
"I do not want someone who puts Israel first in any office, let alone the Presidency." beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #259
Yep, that is an Anti-Semitic statement Bonobo Jun 2015 #264
what's wrong with that? treestar Jun 2015 #268
Questioning an American's loyalties because of his religion is okay if you're a bigot. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #274
You are simply reinforcing that we can't ask that question treestar Jun 2015 #276
"This is a "victimhood" very light compared to what other groups of people have put up with." beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #277
"If you want to be POTUS, state clearly and unequivocally that the US is your first priority. " oberliner Jun 2015 #291
Certain ones who were born here and just happen to be Jewish. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #302
dupe beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #303
It wasn't a question Fumesucker Jun 2015 #255
Well it was OK to ask Obama that now wasn't it? treestar Jun 2015 #260
You disapproved of it when it was asked of Obama, yes? Bonobo Jun 2015 #261
Not particularly treestar Jun 2015 #273
Thank you, Senator McCarthy. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #307
It wasn't a question Fumesucker Jun 2015 #272
First of all it wasn't a question. Bonobo Jun 2015 #256
I posted a new op: Dog Whistles- an Anti-Semitism Primer beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #262
Oh goodie, we can have the same people join in and the same people stay out and the same people Bonobo Jun 2015 #266
I think it will help people understand why this is offensive. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #270
I'm sure for each person it is different. treestar Jun 2015 #263
Tell me more Bonobo Jun 2015 #271
Probably one of his/her "best friends" nt COLGATE4 Jun 2015 #283
So you are completely ignorant to the gravity of the situation, why am I not surprised. Rex Jun 2015 #287
Here's the link: Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #292
Your post puts the controversy in proper perspective. An apology is due. Eleanors38 Jun 2015 #293
Agreed - the law of return is not that complicated TBF Jun 2015 #294
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #301
oh I think your departure would meet with much greater applause cali Jun 2015 #308
Yes. AngryOldDem Jun 2015 #306
Rehm: Interesting. Are there members of Congress who do have dual citizenship FiveGoodMen Jun 2015 #311
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