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26. Oh come on, it's obvious. Himself. And he'll probably tuck the Secretary of State
Sat Jul 11, 2015, 08:39 PM
Jul 2015

in there, too, because he already knows all the answers. Hell, he'd be bored.

Geraldo Rivera udbcrzy2 Jul 2015 #1
NJ Gov. Chris Christie fadedrose Jul 2015 #10
I was thinking Clyde the orangutan from Every Which Way But Loose - same reason Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2015 #50
Louie Gohmert. The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #2
Ann Colter cause her books have been publishing his rascist fantasies for years. Vincardog Jul 2015 #3
Seriously. Can you imagine? Warren DeMontague Jul 2015 #75
Arpaio TeddyR Jul 2015 #4
LOVE the paw!!! calimary Jul 2015 #5
Is birth on this planet a requirement? TheCowsCameHome Jul 2015 #6
Bill O'Reilly. bravenak Jul 2015 #7
Zell Miller Maru Kitteh Jul 2015 #8
I understand from the locals brer cat Jul 2015 #31
Christine (I am not a witch) O'Donnell Brother Buzz Jul 2015 #9
You should have Ted Cruz on there padfun Jul 2015 #11
+ 1, Cruz would be the smart political choice AverageGuy Jul 2015 #40
Oily Taterz Adenoid_Hynkel Jul 2015 #12
BWHAAAA udbcrzy2 Jul 2015 #15
I don't think she's eligible due to unnaturalness or sumpin'. bluedigger Jul 2015 #46
Not eligible. Born in the Soviet Union. jmowreader Jul 2015 #57
one of his kids, Donald Jr or Ivanka Beringia Jul 2015 #13
Well, he did say he'd date his daughter... Chan790 Jul 2015 #42
I believe it Beringia Jul 2015 #44
This character seems the most appropriate choice hifiguy Jul 2015 #14
Lyndon LaRouche kysrsoze Jul 2015 #16
What ever that thing on his head is would get my vote :-) madokie Jul 2015 #17
Gary Busey GreatGazoo Jul 2015 #18
Gary would bring some sanity to the ticket. n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2015 #37
Josh Duggar vankuria Jul 2015 #19
The Duck Dynasty guy yes, Josh Duggar no jmowreader Jul 2015 #59
I thought of Josh Duggar vankuria Jul 2015 #69
Give him a couple of years... jmowreader Jul 2015 #72
this guy!!!! spanone Jul 2015 #20
Um, no... Gidney N Cloyd Jul 2015 #35
He said he was joking about Oprah Winfrey Agnosticsherbet Jul 2015 #21
If he chooses Rand Paul, Jamaal510 Jul 2015 #22
Bozo The Clown Initech Jul 2015 #23
You ladies and gentlemen don't seem to be treating my query with the seriousness it deserves. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #24
I would seriously like to suggest brer cat Jul 2015 #33
You're right. Most of the comments take your query TOO seriously. (n/t) Jim Lane Jul 2015 #58
I am torn between the two Joes, Arpaio and The Plumber, you?/nt DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #66
I'm undecided until I see their birth certificates. (n/t) Jim Lane Jul 2015 #71
His toupee Salviati Jul 2015 #25
Oh come on, it's obvious. Himself. And he'll probably tuck the Secretary of State libdem4life Jul 2015 #26
lol! treestar Jul 2015 #79
he should hold a special addition of The Apprentice to pick one lol Takket Jul 2015 #27
Donald Trump. No one else would get along with Trump except Trump still_one Jul 2015 #28
A mirror Warpy Jul 2015 #29
James Traficant El Supremo Jul 2015 #30
Yeah...he'd have been "the hair apparent". n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2015 #36
Aww, I liked him 20 years ago Reter Jul 2015 #54
Ted Cruz ananda Jul 2015 #32
Meatloaf or Omarosa pamela Jul 2015 #34
The man that sings this song. Uncle Joe Jul 2015 #38
Kelsey Grammer JHB Jul 2015 #39
His Toupee' (nt) LostOne4Ever Jul 2015 #41
Meatloaf. He was such an asset to the Romney campaign! Tanuki Jul 2015 #43
Clint Eastwood bluedigger Jul 2015 #45
I doesn't really matter, video footage of favor by the Cat God means he will Rex Jul 2015 #47
Why isn't Ted Nugent on that list? I pick him. Avalux Jul 2015 #48
You have to watch the whole season of Trump! to see which celebrity starved idiot Johonny Jul 2015 #49
Larry the Cable Guy 99Forever Jul 2015 #51
David Duke. tymorial Jul 2015 #52
Be more specific Reter Jul 2015 #53
The ghost of hair long past. n/t freshwest Jul 2015 #55
Zombie Raygun daleanime Jul 2015 #56
ODD Todd Akin donco Jul 2015 #60
We won't find out who the new Veep will be pugetres Jul 2015 #61
His hairdresser, "Blind" Willy Bumblethumbs. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2015 #62
definitely Ann Coulter. Those 2 would be a match made in heaven. malikr25898 Jul 2015 #63
Welcome to DU! treestar Jul 2015 #80
This message was self-deleted by its author Faryn Balyncd Jul 2015 #64
Leona Helmsley Faryn Balyncd Jul 2015 #65
Kid Rock. Scuba Jul 2015 #67
General Francisco Franco... First Speaker Jul 2015 #68
I prefer Herman Cain... Stellar Jul 2015 #70
Palin - "Your Fired-I Quit 2016" lame54 Jul 2015 #73
I hear Carrot Top is available. Warren DeMontague Jul 2015 #74
Miley Cyrus would turn him down... pinboy3niner Jul 2015 #76
The alien symbiant living beneath his scalp whose tentacles we see on his head aint_no_life_nowhere Jul 2015 #77
His EGO benld74 Jul 2015 #78
In all gratitude he should have Sara Palin as VP lunatica Jul 2015 #81
Steve King of Iowa - it's like they share a brain rurallib Jul 2015 #82
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