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52. Political progressiveness is one of my criteria.
Sun May 20, 2012, 07:34 PM
May 2012

I don't care how sweet, loving, etc. a man is, if he is a winger, it is just not going to work. I can't respect somebody who buys the baloney. Deep down, there is an inherent selfishness in the winger mentality.

I'VE HAD IT WITH MEN Skittles May 2012 #1
Scheduling Skittles for an ass-kicking. MiddleFingerMom May 2012 #67
I found nice atheists at a Unitarian-Universalist church. YMMV. Manifestor_of_Light May 2012 #2
Speaking generally, wo/men who say "where are the good wo/men" Zalatix May 2012 #3
I heard this saying once: Selatius May 2012 #4
I think sometimes people who say that are looking for somebody who is raccoon May 2012 #7
Right, because women get worse with age, and of course a man who chooses Darth_Kitten May 2012 #14
I'm pretty confident that isn't what he said... Cave_Johnson May 2012 #54
Some things strike me as really funny. lumberjack_jeff May 2012 #83
Wrong. Darth_Kitten May 2012 #15
no video? hfojvt May 2012 #53
a lot of times people have these lists of things they are looking for ejpoeta May 2012 #5
Agreed too many people have their ideal/perfect person and don't want to jp11 May 2012 #12
ya. mine isnt perfect either. and yet, those nonperfections dont bother me at all seabeyond May 2012 #21
As far back as Jane Austen's time: treestar May 2012 #6
Most of the gay people I've known Confusious May 2012 #8
Well OK but at least as long as there is not an odd number treestar May 2012 #9
you have got to be kidding me hfojvt May 2012 #57
If you are single at that age aren't there some number of women to every man? treestar May 2012 #69
at fifty though, it feels like the game is already over hfojvt May 2012 #74
I found one. blueamy66 May 2012 #10
Most likely TuxedoKat May 2012 #11
No, have to disagree with you. Darth_Kitten May 2012 #16
Well, I have to go by my own personal experience. blueamy66 May 2012 #71
that is true. when I met bob i didn't realize it ejpoeta May 2012 #18
that's cool blueamy66 May 2012 #72
If that's the case, thank the Universe I never married! nt raccoon May 2012 #22
I've wondered if I'll ever meet a woman like me. unreadierLizard May 2012 #13
These women weren't as smart or strong as they wanted the world to believe... Darth_Kitten May 2012 #17
It's just beginning for you. dawg May 2012 #25
Looks get to women too treestar May 2012 #50
There are plenty of good men. mainer May 2012 #19
So, how can a certified public accountant make himself seem a little dangerous? dawg May 2012 #24
forget the sideburns. Shave your head! mainer May 2012 #26
Can't do that. dawg May 2012 #28
love it.... nt seabeyond May 2012 #30
How to be awesome. Chan790 May 2012 #36
Wow, what a brilliant relpy! dawg May 2012 #38
Women who chase men in sports cars get what they deserve mainer May 2012 #39
Oh, I'm not looking at the wrong women. It's way worse than that!!! dawg May 2012 #41
well for dawg's sake, get OUT THERE then! mainer May 2012 #44
Take the ring off goclark May 2012 #59
Screw you, I'll wear what I want. lumberjack_jeff May 2012 #78
I wish we could rec individual posts Rob H. May 2012 #84
Have you considered writing a book on the subject? Buns_of_Fire May 2012 #86
How about running with sharpened pencils? KansDem May 2012 #27
Yeah, it's pretty hopeless. dawg May 2012 #29
No, I just posted how to pull it off. Chan790 May 2012 #37
Here are some suggestions from Monty Python Art_from_Ark May 2012 #87
Some people are drama monarchs and many of them are women treestar May 2012 #51
Both men and women can be attracted to "baddies" Lydia Leftcoast May 2012 #65
Yep, I follow that idea of not looking and if treestar May 2012 #68
I would love to meet someone nice, stable, kind and sensitive. Marrah_G May 2012 #63
mahina... that is all i have around me. they arent hard to find. i hear ya. nt seabeyond May 2012 #20
I hope that I'm one of the good ones. dawg May 2012 #23
all it means to me is a person with good character and principles. i dont think it is a tough seabeyond May 2012 #31
sorry about hop? dawg May 2012 #32
lol... double sorry seabeyond May 2012 #33
It DOES mean different things to different women Lydia Leftcoast May 2012 #66
Hey now - nothing wrong with a little 420! Taverner May 2012 #34
In my personal life there are more than enough good, fine decent, kind, mature, smart, supportive... Little Star May 2012 #35
The same principle holds true for both genders: GaYellowDawg May 2012 #40
Maybe they should look beyond trying to meet men at the gym, bars and night clubs Sen. Walter Sobchak May 2012 #42
I"M RIGHT HERE!!!! Motown_Johnny May 2012 #43
Ms. goclark goclark May 2012 #45
Yeah, there ought to be a dating/dating advice board mainer May 2012 #46
I agree goclark May 2012 #47
If I weren't already happily married, I would specify on any dating website: mainer May 2012 #48
That is so cool goclark May 2012 #49
Political progressiveness is one of my criteria. mahina May 2012 #52
Absolutely agree goclark May 2012 #60
HOWEVER, I once perused a dating site for Democrats, and half the men's profiles Lydia Leftcoast May 2012 #80
Welllllllllll....................... DFW May 2012 #55
"Say, baby, who's awesome?" Ikonoklast May 2012 #56
Do very many women really wonder that? hfojvt May 2012 #58
My wife sort of likes me. We've been together since '84. HopeHoops May 2012 #61
Human beings are an odd bunch Marrah_G May 2012 #62
Have you ever watched "Excused"? WorseBeforeBetter May 2012 #75
yikes- no i've never seen that Marrah_G May 2012 #76
See my post above about "baddies" Lydia Leftcoast May 2012 #81
I met a good man at a bar and been married almost 23 years now.. cynatnite May 2012 #64
It happens; but under unusual circumstances Lydia Leftcoast May 2012 #82
Mine's pretty good ... noamnety May 2012 #70
The whole pairing-up thing never worked out well for me bhikkhu May 2012 #73
Look for Friends not someone to Love goclark May 2012 #77
You're looking for the wrong women Lydia Leftcoast May 2012 #79
There are a lot of good men and women Blasphemer May 2012 #85
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