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Binkie The Clown

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20. Other: In the eye of the beholder. People with a dirty mind will find it disturbing.
Sat May 21, 2016, 09:11 PM
May 2016

Not because of its content, but because of their own warped interpretation of the content.

one terrified parent and one sick child oldandhappy May 2016 #1
Neither. Rex May 2016 #2
My thoughts as well Scootaloo May 2016 #6
This. bigwillq May 2016 #7
Seconded AgerolanAmerican May 2016 #9
Yes. Life is often far beyond the categories. enough May 2016 #14
Yep. GoCubsGo May 2016 #29
Gorgeous and touching. A HERETIC I AM May 2016 #3
There are humans way sicker than Fox malaise May 2016 #4
On doctors orders I had to drench my naked kids in a bathtub when they ran dangerous fevers. mikehiggins May 2016 #5
Something is mentally wrong with people who associate this pic with abuse. Oneironaut May 2016 #8
Having experienced a bout sarisataka May 2016 #10
+1 JimDandy May 2016 #11
I'd call it 2naSalit May 2016 #12
It's beautiful due to the raw depiction of everyday life. herding cats May 2016 #13
K&R a 5th rec for publicity. The story is more beautiful than the photo Jeffersons Ghost May 2016 #15
salmonilla? Oh, that poor baby. What a great dad! liberal_at_heart May 2016 #16
Beautiful. Igel May 2016 #17
Neither? left-of-center2012 May 2016 #18
It's the context that determines whether the picture is disgusting or beautiful Lurks Often May 2016 #19
Other: In the eye of the beholder. People with a dirty mind will find it disturbing. Binkie The Clown May 2016 #20
There's photo at the link of another child. There the parent was the mother. rug May 2016 #25
Well babies come out of the vaginas of women underthematrix May 2016 #26
Nice photo of a father and his caring whistler162 May 2016 #21
back when the pedo scare was getting into swing in the early 90s paediatricians MisterP May 2016 #22
Neither. WillowTree May 2016 #23
I hope the kidhas recovered Liberal_in_LA May 2016 #24
I can't find any updates but I expect if he didn't recover it would have been mentioned. rug May 2016 #28
I don't like pics like this but I definitely hate this one underthematrix May 2016 #27
Do you hate the picture or that it was put on social media? rug May 2016 #30
I mostly hate that it was put on social media but naked hairy dude with A kid on his lap underthematrix May 2016 #31
How do you know it's not his kid? nt Quackers May 2016 #36
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #32
Either you forgot the "sarcasm" thingee, or you are a total asshole. The jury is out. n/t mikehiggins May 2016 #33
Jury is in. Post was hidden. HOPNOSH May 2016 #35
That child is probably 2 maybe 3. Children that age take a shower with their parents quite often HOPNOSH May 2016 #34
I don't think anything is wrong with it, but I think sharing it is unwise. LeftyMom May 2016 #37
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