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Surya Gayatri

(15,445 posts)
Wed Jun 29, 2016, 05:58 AM Jun 2016

Patrick Stewart: "We (the UK) don't need any lectures from the Frogs and the Krauts"...[sarc] [View all]

"We invented human rights for godssake. We should be writing our own Bill of Rights and foisting it on the Europeans"

"Umm, we already have, sir."

"We have? What's it called?"

"The European Convention on Human Rights".

Oh, the breathtaking, head-shaking irony...

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I love Patrick Stewart. He's one of the few people in the Exilednight Jun 2016 #1
I have such a man crush on him... Glassunion Jun 2016 #49
Fab! n/t TubbersUK Jun 2016 #51
Our bill of rights was based on the Magna Carta. merrily Jun 2016 #2
That's the stark irony...the reviled "European Convention on Human Rights", Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #4
The Magna Carta was not common law. merrily Jun 2016 #6
It is the early founding reference for Common Law. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #8
Not really. merrily Jun 2016 #10
Yes, really. I don't know that I'd keep arguing against the historical origins of due process, but msanthrope Jun 2016 #11
Common law predates the Magna Carta. (No clue who is arguing against due process.) merrily Jun 2016 #12
Yes. But that wasn't the poster's point. I think you clearly missed that. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #17
See Replies 6 and 8. merrily Jun 2016 #18
Ah...there is your problem. You didn't understand the context. "Founding reference." msanthrope Jun 2016 #22
Since you claim to understand it and you also claim I didn't, your "request" seems bizarre. Pass. merrily Jun 2016 #24
Well....you claim the poster is using a word she is not using. msanthrope Jun 2016 #29
I quoted her words, and please see Reply 30. Thanks. merrily Jun 2016 #31
Thank you for proving my point with that quotation. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #33
As an iconic symbol, yes Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #13
It's iconic, but that does not mean common law was founded on it. None of your links merrily Jun 2016 #14
What original claim would that be? Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #15
The one you made in your Reply 8. You've been posting here long enough to follow a subthread. merrily Jun 2016 #16
Sura never said common law was founded on the MC. You seem to be conflating the concepts msanthrope Jun 2016 #19
Her post 8, in its entirety: "It {the Magna Carta} is the early founding reference for Common Law." merrily Jun 2016 #20
You seem confused by the difference between "foundation" msanthrope Jun 2016 #25
Still not interested in playing your game. merrily Jun 2016 #30
Not always easy following sub-threads. Not always easy responding to Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #21
I think the poster is confused as to what "Founding reference " means in this context..... msanthrope Jun 2016 #23
It would seem that there is some confusion, yes. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #26
Well.....when I pointed out you never used the word she is claiming you did, she passed. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #27
No surprise, I'm afraid. Much quick-drawing from that direction. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #35
Leaving the sandbox seems the current tactic. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #37
Boom! Mic drop! LOL! Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #40
It was a point of info relating to one of the first lines of your OP merrily Jun 2016 #28
That was a quote from the sketch, spoken by Patrick Stewart, Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #34
Did British Common Law ever apply to the 'colonies'? malaise Jun 2016 #41
Sorry? What does the egregious flouting of British Common Law Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #43
They all failed to live up to those ideals malaise Jun 2016 #46
Couldn't agree more, absolutely spot on...BUT, that does not Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #47
That can be said about pretty much any society mythology Jun 2016 #52
Very funny but it reminds me of .Monty Python's "Life of Brian" underpants Jun 2016 #3
It reminded me of a different one... JHB Jun 2016 #9
If you watch the credits Shankapotomus Jun 2016 #32
Ah underpants Jun 2016 #39
I love this sketch. DeadLetterOffice Jun 2016 #5
Nobody could've done it so well. I'll bet he wrote the script, too. Quintessentially British. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #7
K & R n/t TubbersUK Jun 2016 #36
I saw this a few months ago. geardaddy Jun 2016 #38
Someone care to explain... Indydem Jun 2016 #42
That's the whole point. The Brits lent their principles of law to the EU Convention. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #45
Brexit touted the ECHR as an example TubbersUK Jun 2016 #48
K&R Solly Mack Jun 2016 #44
K&R Native Jun 2016 #50
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