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Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:16 PM Jun 2012

Women: How feminine are you? [View all]

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by Bolo Boffin (a host of the General Discussion forum).

Has the price of the womens' movement been at the expense of femininity?

I see no reason why June Cleaver couldn't have been the CEO of Mobil Exxon instead of Ward Cleavers' stay-at-home wife. Is todays' woman obligated to hawk, scratch, spit and cuss like man to be a success? Aren't women more than guys without dicks? IMO, most women today are not feminine.

How feminine are you?

12 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Poll closed
I'm feminine and completely agree with you.
1 (8%)
I'm feminine and you're full of shit.
1 (8%)
Femininity has nothing to do with the womens' movement.
8 (67%)
I'm not a feminine woman but I play one at work.
0 (0%)
I'm not a feminine woman, never have been, unnecessary.
1 (8%)
1 (8%)
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Women: How feminine are you? [View all] unkachuck Jun 2012 OP
How about, you just go sit on a tack and spin around? Quantess Jun 2012 #1
I like your edit for clarity siligut Jun 2012 #4
what you said cwydro Jun 2012 #8
+1000 Aerows Jun 2012 #27
The OP seems to have fled with his tail between his legs.. cwydro Jun 2012 #38
All I can say to that is... Ken Burch Jun 2012 #41
Ya think? Nice one..... Rowdyboy Jun 2012 #54
He'll be back... gkhouston Jun 2012 #73
That would be cruel...to the tack. n/t. Ken Burch Jun 2012 #48
+1 obamanut2012 Jun 2012 #80
LOL Cali_Democrat Jun 2012 #125
You know we can see who votes how . . . don't you? siligut Jun 2012 #2
lol, that's classic. (nt) noamnety Jun 2012 #12
So Uncle Chuck checked that he is feminine. DURHAM D Jun 2012 #26
What the hell is it to you? Brickbat Jun 2012 #3
I've met every kind of woman you can imagine in the movement EFerrari Jun 2012 #5
^^ This. n/t gkhouston Jun 2012 #42
Define what you mean by "feminine". scarletwoman Jun 2012 #6
+ ManyShadesOf Jun 2012 #52
I really don't get what one has to do with the other. Dash87 Jun 2012 #7
I was on the jury for this, and voted to hide it. Ken Burch Jun 2012 #9
I'm curious too cwydro Jun 2012 #35
I find it amazing that you could get one vote in favor of this shit, much less three... Rowdyboy Jun 2012 #61
thank you ken. I can't even begin to fathom how this was left up. cali Jun 2012 #66
I just alerted on it again. Ken Burch Jun 2012 #67
I just posted a thread about it in Meta cali Jun 2012 #68
I did the same and marked the TOS box Ms. Toad Jun 2012 #76
Can you post the results, if you haven't deleted the mail? muriel_volestrangler Jun 2012 #131
Here you go...unfortunately, none of the "leave it" votes explained their reasoning Ken Burch Jun 2012 #134
Oh please noamnety Jun 2012 #10
EVERY woman is feminine Ken Burch Jun 2012 #11
ummm...I can kick your ass...in my heels and skirt. Is that feminine enough for you? Evergreen Emerald Jun 2012 #13
Insulting. longship Jun 2012 #14
WTF is wrong with you? Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #15
And to think... Oilwellian Jun 2012 #16
Thanks a lot for your obvious FLAMEBAIT. Quantess Jun 2012 #17
How's this thread ohheckyeah Jun 2012 #18
I would suggest you delete this post RainDog Jun 2012 #19
I alerted, and here's what I found in my mailbox instantly afterward: Quantess Jun 2012 #20
I wish I had been on the jury longship Jun 2012 #22
agreed nt steve2470 Jun 2012 #23
Me too. That might be even more disturbing than this POS post/poll. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #114
Oh woe is all of womenkind that they might not be feminine enough to suit you! Lex Jun 2012 #21
No, women are not feminine. WTF? Quantess Jun 2012 #24
I see you are the only one who has checked the top choice. DURHAM D Jun 2012 #25
When you got up this morning, Habibi Jun 2012 #28
WTF ? JI7 Jun 2012 #29
Account suicide? This is atrocious. Especially since you say you're male... joshcryer Jun 2012 #30
Thank you - nice to have a male say it. TBF Jun 2012 #103
lonely, much? nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #31
Eff off you silly prat. GoneOffShore Jun 2012 #32
What is it about the women of today you find unfeminine? aint_no_life_nowhere Jun 2012 #33
lol amuse bouche Jun 2012 #34
And it's a really SHORT petard at that... Ken Burch Jun 2012 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Jun 2012 #36
And how masculine are you? go and find the current "Penis" thread Mira Jun 2012 #37
uh..."enter your stats"? Ken Burch Jun 2012 #40
Yup - measurements - link: Mira Jun 2012 #47
i voted that the movement has nothing to do with feminity fizzgig Jun 2012 #39
All I can say is Ken Burch Jun 2012 #43
Post removed Post removed Jun 2012 #45
Yeah, cwydro Jun 2012 #46
I would wear it as a badge of honor if it was hidden....However its nearly impossible to Rowdyboy Jun 2012 #51
or as the neighbor said ManyShadesOf Jun 2012 #57
Indeed Rowdyboy Jun 2012 #58
strongly seconded La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2012 #124
WTF GObamaGO Jun 2012 #49
Did anyone else notice the only vote in favor of this OP is by the original poster? Jamastiene Jun 2012 #50
Unrec hell, if MIRT is limited to low post counts then the admins need to know Rowdyboy Jun 2012 #53
True that. Jamastiene Jun 2012 #120
jeezus. Matariki Jun 2012 #55
Loved your original post Rowdyboy Jun 2012 #62
All of us ManyShadesOf Jun 2012 #56
In the circles I run in Gemini Cat Jun 2012 #59
I'm a real "girly girl" but cross me and Raine Jun 2012 #60
Sort of like THIS? Ken Burch Jun 2012 #70
Wow. Apparently really strange things happen in the middle of the night. PotatoChip Jun 2012 #63
They all return to their coffins before the sun comes up. n/t gkhouston Jun 2012 #71
Post removed Post removed Jun 2012 #64
keep on alerting, fellow duers. this cannot be allowed to stand. cali Jun 2012 #65
i was wondering if that post was going to make it.... sorry cali. nt seabeyond Jun 2012 #97
Repeated alerts won't seat another jury. Write to Skinner. yardwork Jun 2012 #99
If repeated alerts with TOS violation checked are sent.... hlthe2b Jun 2012 #123
This is basically the same as starting polls titled Ken Burch Jun 2012 #69
Exactly marions ghost Jun 2012 #72
I'm feminine... From The Ashes Jun 2012 #74
why is this still here? LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #75
I alerted and checked the TOS box Ms. Toad Jun 2012 #77
I did too but only got the automated reply. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #79
The automated reply will be the only visible response Ms. Toad Jun 2012 #94
I hope you are right. I've been fighting against this kind of stuff all my life though LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #100
Yes, it is acceptable Oilwellian Jun 2012 #118
I wonder if we could write to Rachel Maddow about all of this if she would cover it? LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #122
Misspelled your user name should be UPKACHUCK!! retread Jun 2012 #78
I cannot believe this was juried 3-3 obamanut2012 Jun 2012 #81
and the OP is a hit and runner maddezmom Jun 2012 #82
Yeah, I noticed that, too obamanut2012 Jun 2012 #88
Yep cyberswede Jun 2012 #105
I can't believe that some people are defending it. I feel like I'm in Twilight Zone. yardwork Jun 2012 #91
This. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #101
+1 obamanut2012 Jun 2012 #121
Femininity has nothing to do with the women's movement? redqueen Jun 2012 #83
LOL THIS! :) LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #84
It amazes me that we can have a discussion like this when it is obvious rhett o rick Jun 2012 #95
Its all the stuff that is sterotypically defined as womanly. redqueen Jun 2012 #107
I agree it's socially constructed nonsense. nm rhett o rick Jun 2012 #110
Great post. Jamastiene Jun 2012 #119
Well said! arcane1 Jun 2012 #130
I see the OP rec'd his own OP. I didnt think that possible. nm rhett o rick Jun 2012 #85
They responded to their own poll claiming to be "feminine," too. In profile they say they are male. yardwork Jun 2012 #93
I didnt know that it is possible to rec your own OP. Otherwise my OPs would have gotten rhett o rick Jun 2012 #96
You might not want to follow this one's example, though. This one is not exactly Emily Post. yardwork Jun 2012 #98
I understand. nm rhett o rick Jun 2012 #113
This, on DU? Really? Chorophyll Jun 2012 #86
what exactly is "femininity?' serious question. nt StarryNight Jun 2012 #87
Behaviors and other characteristics stereotypically associated with women. redqueen Jun 2012 #109
You identify as male but you responded to your post claiming to be "feminine." yardwork Jun 2012 #89
i was thinking yesterday walking into the grocery store, seein the women scratch, spit along the way seabeyond Jun 2012 #90
What in actual fuck? Starry Messenger Jun 2012 #92
Ridiculous, and I'm sure it's already been alerted on. TBF Jun 2012 #104
I'm feeling that way too. LiberalLoner Jun 2012 #106
It was, and allowed to stand 3-3. Starry Messenger Jun 2012 #117
Clearly we have our own morans here. hifiguy Jun 2012 #102
Been a while since you've had a date, huh? LanternWaste Jun 2012 #108
I didn't realize DU was a dating site. n/t unreadierLizard Jun 2012 #111
This OP is impressive in terms of the amount of fail in a short OP. stevenleser Jun 2012 #112
Three points: steve2470 Jun 2012 #115
Someone should tell this guy rox63 Jun 2012 #116
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Jun 2012 #126
Polls hath no fury like an asshole scorned. Solly Mack Jun 2012 #127
Other: kiss my ass lapislzi Jun 2012 #128
I read this OP three times and I still don't understand it arcane1 Jun 2012 #129
I find it fascinating that this offensive post still stands Blue_In_AK Jun 2012 #132
Well I hope this post just made your day.... The empressof all Jun 2012 #133
Why is this still here? Sharks have been jumped today and it's disgraceful. nt LaurenG Jun 2012 #135
*sigh* That's just so wrong, on so many levels. Zorra Jun 2012 #136
I have no words. n/t cynatnite Jun 2012 #137
Feminity and masculinity are not real things. They're just cultural, abstract concepts. ZombieHorde Jun 2012 #138
I'd probably be mad about this OP if I could understand it whatchamacallit Jun 2012 #139
"Well, whaddaya expect. They're Canadian" Warren DeMontague Jun 2012 #140
Here's a monkey wrench: Who's definition of "feminine" are we using? Taverner Jun 2012 #141
Well, why COULDN'T June Cleaver have been the CEO of Mobil Exxon? rocktivity Jun 2012 #142
"Aren't women more than guys without dicks?" Rex Jun 2012 #143
Locking. Bolo Boffin Jun 2012 #144
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