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I've told my trump loving family and friends blue cat Nov 2016 #1
Was told by a RW friend "we should give him a chance", I said I would, just like McConnell Thinkingabout Nov 2016 #20
I hope we model better behavior than Mitch McConnell! LAS14 Nov 2016 #21
I agree with you metroins Nov 2016 #26
I agree. We should not stoop to their level. Chemisse Nov 2016 #29
I wish Democrats had gone McConnell on Baby Bush. yurbud Nov 2016 #32
No, sorry. They should get nothing. GoneOffShore Nov 2016 #44
Well, when the Repubs adopted that attitude it meant the American people got nothing. LAS14 Nov 2016 #47
But do Republicans offer the American people? Privatize Social Security? Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2016 #53
We look for opportunities. Probably not many, unfortunately. LAS14 Nov 2016 #56
Then prepare to lose treestar Nov 2016 #63
This is a game of prisoner's dilemma LostOne4Ever Nov 2016 #55
Exactly! treestar Nov 2016 #64
Democrats has done this in past years, the result was when Obama was elected McConnell Thinkingabout Nov 2016 #66
Why did they hate Hillary? Or Bill? Or Jimmy? Or any Democrat? nt MadDAsHell Nov 2016 #2
Obama WAS hated more heaven05 Nov 2016 #6
My racist Dad hated Obama because AnotherMother4Peace Nov 2016 #11
We can safely rule out their skin color no? tia uponit7771 Nov 2016 #31
Apparently not; there seem to be a lot of DUers that assume you win or lose votes solely based on.. MadDAsHell Nov 2016 #33
Yeap, I've heard that one before... somehow being black gets a person more votes uponit7771 Nov 2016 #40
because they supported equal rights JI7 Nov 2016 #37
They hated Obama much more treestar Nov 2016 #65
perfectly stated still_one Nov 2016 #3
Hate him worse, even, Cous. rec, nt. Mc Mike Nov 2016 #4
I don't hate Trump at all. ananda Nov 2016 #5
Yep... IthinkThereforeIAM Nov 2016 #9
I can't be so magnanimous. I hate this man who assaults women repeatedly & unrepentantly..... AnotherMother4Peace Nov 2016 #13
Good for you. I really do hate him though. Chemisse Nov 2016 #30
Except we don't have to invent horseshit reasons to hate Trump JHB Nov 2016 #7
Horse Shit? doesnt quite do it busterbrown Nov 2016 #22
Don't you mean BALLISTIC diarrhea? BigBearJohn Nov 2016 #54
I'm convinced the Obama hate was partly a reaction to our hate of W Qutzupalotl Nov 2016 #42
I think it's wider than that... JHB Nov 2016 #52
They hate the Prez. I'm AFRAID of Trump. patricia92243 Nov 2016 #8
I believe many voted for Trump simply out of spite. hay rick Nov 2016 #10
He hates the same people his voters hate. alfredo Nov 2016 #48
So, you're sayin we hate Trump just because he is orange? world wide wally Nov 2016 #12
I wish DU had a Like button renate Nov 2016 #18
Wow! That is spot on! C Moon Nov 2016 #14
I don't hate him because of skin color. I hate him because he's a rapist fascist asshole NightWatcher Nov 2016 #15
Should have used "bad" instead of "racist" gulliver Nov 2016 #16
Works either way. 47of74 Nov 2016 #17
You think this equivalency talk will somehow get your opponents' acknowledgment? Respect? ancianita Nov 2016 #19
Agree.. But I dont fully understand. busterbrown Nov 2016 #24
What gets their respect is tough talk not reason treestar Nov 2016 #67
We have to figure out a better way to make Congress represent WE, THE PEOPLE Cary Nov 2016 #23
Boy!! That sounds good but busterbrown Nov 2016 #25
They care about their own? Cary Nov 2016 #28
You hear about it all the time. A GOP senator has a kid with drug problems... Bucky Nov 2016 #36
I guess we have a difference with definitions. Cary Nov 2016 #39
Nailed it Cary. sheshe2 Nov 2016 #50
Worse MFM008 Nov 2016 #27
I don't hate Trump. Bucky Nov 2016 #34
For real Lotusflower70 Nov 2016 #35
Here's something to point out to your RW friends and family. lpbk2713 Nov 2016 #38
The difference is they hated Obama for reasons that were untrue Martin Eden Nov 2016 #41
K & R Duppers Nov 2016 #43
racist and, like much of the attack on hillary, based on certainot Nov 2016 #45
I don't hate Trump..... lastlib Nov 2016 #46
Methinks thou doth protest too much :) - nt KingCharlemagne Nov 2016 #49
I hate him. johnp3907 Nov 2016 #51
Well, I was taught as a kid to never say you hate someone Auntie Bush Nov 2016 #59
Not the same Bear Creek Nov 2016 #57
scrolling down thought that mess of bigots responding yuiyoshida Nov 2016 #58
They hate Obama because of the color of his skin . . . MrModerate Nov 2016 #60
Nope. lark Nov 2016 #61
Kick treestar Nov 2016 #62
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