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31. No but he will ignore and we'll have another 9/11 style attack
Wed Jan 25, 2017, 12:36 AM
Jan 2017

The question is will Dems learn. Will they join in another war or attack him like the GOP on Benghazi.
K & R n/t TubbersUK Jan 2017 #1
another revoltin' development Repubs have gotten us into . . annabanana Jan 2017 #2
God get the red out Jan 2017 #3
Holy shit, fun n serious Jan 2017 #4
Chances are that the reason we didn't hear about the Russians months ago... Sancho Jan 2017 #5
Frightening get the red out Jan 2017 #6
crap bdamomma Jan 2017 #7
The CIA will trap him greymattermom Jan 2017 #8
from your lips to foggy bottom. mopinko Jan 2017 #18
Nice. DK504 Jan 2017 #20
Trump is a honeypot away from scandal. TeamPooka Jan 2017 #22
Yeah. And it's probably his own daughter. tenorly Jan 2017 #29
No but he will ignore and we'll have another 9/11 style attack hollowdweller Jan 2017 #31
Espionage is easier to convict than treason jmowreader Jan 2017 #32
You just say "no." McCamy Taylor Jan 2017 #9
This is troubling because it is a Presidents organization but, Jim Beard Jan 2017 #10
We need to hope that we have heroes on the inside today. Nt retrowire Jan 2017 #11
Any source that is outed with undoubtedly fall off the face of the earth. TheBlackAdder Jan 2017 #12
Not just the source. Will Trump hand over the agents too? Eugene Jan 2017 #13
It's frightening to think of the CIA turning on a US President. drm604 Jan 2017 #14
He's not my President world wide wally Jan 2017 #16
+1 blueseas Jan 2017 #26
Uh, yeah, CIA vs The Prez is kind of a scary idea, ya' think? nikto Jan 2017 #36
Where's James Bond when we fucking need him? world wide wally Jan 2017 #15
I'm so there with you. I was watching a show on Hitler last night. woodsprite Jan 2017 #17
They're the fucking CIA. KPN Jan 2017 #19
Can't they provide documentation, recordings without revealing the source? chowder66 Jan 2017 #21
KnR Hekate Jan 2017 #23
CIA should do what he would do, just lie. lark Jan 2017 #24
Spies like us blueseas Jan 2017 #25
MI6 and Mossad will be cautious with what they share during Trumps tenure. sarcasmo Jan 2017 #27
Altho I can see Mossad being a string-puller also erronis Jan 2017 #39
loss of human int ... MountainFool Jan 2017 #28
Yeah, unfortunately. That sounds like a very reasonable concern to me. calimary Jan 2017 #38
This is precisely why he's not fit to be president BainsBane Jan 2017 #30
Jesus. spanone Jan 2017 #33
CIA should finger Putin's allies in russia regardless of source so when Vlad's plant TeamPooka Jan 2017 #34
I thought the CIA ALREADY HAD evidence nikto Jan 2017 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #37
Guess we may find more confidence about the JFK assassination jeanmarc Jan 2017 #40
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