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23. Buttigieg is also not establishment.
Wed Feb 22, 2017, 06:48 PM
Feb 2017

And don't you fucking tell me that Sanders isn't establishment or that Perez isn't establishment. Don't even fucking start. Buttigieg is the only way to unify the party. Perez will stoke resentment from the Sanders fans (only because Sanders endorsed Ellison way early in the "race" which it shouldn't have ever become to begin with) and Ellison will not even attempt to put an end to this interparty fighting.

Buttigieg is a smart guy. Listen to him on his podcast interviews. He knows what it takes to unify the party and get us out of this mess.

Your pick for DNC chair [View all] Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 OP
Since they are friends, and cbreezen Feb 2017 #1
Nice thought. Mother Jones says aside from political noise Hortensis Feb 2017 #55
I can't help but agree with you... cbreezen Feb 2017 #58
If you get too irritated, click the person's name and Hortensis Feb 2017 #59
Anyone who is competent and will fight for every seat. Salviati Feb 2017 #2
Fight for every seat Bettie Feb 2017 #24
Any would be fine ... EXCEPT the one that Susan Sarandon wants. NurseJackie Feb 2017 #3
That is about where I am. boston bean Feb 2017 #6
Which one does Debbie Wasserman Schultz want? Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #35
Why should that be a determining factor? George II Feb 2017 #38
That reply made me laugh because it reminded me of this ... NurseJackie Feb 2017 #43
She likes Ellison. NurseJackie Feb 2017 #42
If it was REALLY that important to you, then you'd already know. But you don't NurseJackie Feb 2017 #44
Whoever will bust ass 24/7/365 in all fifty states. Iggo Feb 2017 #4
Buttigieg was endorsed by Martin O'Malley and Howard Dean. That's good enough for me. FSogol Feb 2017 #5
Agreed Idoru Feb 2017 #9
Buttigieg is also not establishment. joshcryer Feb 2017 #23
No surrogates. grantcart Feb 2017 #7
I just want somebody selected to we can finally fucking move on Blue_Tires Feb 2017 #8
VA has an important Governor race this year. n/t FSogol Feb 2017 #10
And hopefully I'll have it under control by the time it arrives... Blue_Tires Feb 2017 #12
I have a preference, but for fucks sake no more DWS types (she cost us a shiteload). demmiblue Feb 2017 #11
I have a theory that DWS would've been the better person to lead us into the general election Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #16
Right. And the good news is we'all get that with either Ellison or Perez. BannonsLiver Feb 2017 #18
Seriously. She went to the times and insulted millennials & defended putting pot smokers in prison. Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #36
Many of the DWS types insulted and harangued millennials, and they still do to this day. demmiblue Feb 2017 #37
That is super bad. fun n serious Feb 2017 #48
Ellison for me Kimchijeon Feb 2017 #13
how is the name Buttigieg pronounced? Skittles Feb 2017 #14
It's like Boot-a-jeg. Sort of? leftstreet Feb 2017 #21
ah OK Skittles Feb 2017 #25
BOOT-edge-edge. Denzil_DC Feb 2017 #39
ok great, thanks Skittles Feb 2017 #40
He needs to get a bunch of T-shirts made with that printed on them or something. Denzil_DC Feb 2017 #41
Ellison, but also a big fan of Buttigieg geek tragedy Feb 2017 #15
I would love that. Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #17
I would have to say... yuiyoshida Feb 2017 #19
agreed Skittles Feb 2017 #26
Why is Ellison not on the list at the top? panader0 Feb 2017 #20
Crikey! Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #22
Why Is Buttigieg On The Bottom otohara Feb 2017 #28
I did the easy names to spell on a cell phone first Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #46
Keith Ellison has great organizing skills. Equinox Moon Feb 2017 #27
Buttgieg would be a more serious contender if he wasn't surgiing so late in the game Seasider Feb 2017 #29
which one supports cannabis legalization? Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #30
Should be shared between Perez and Ellison - then Ellison can keep flamingdem Feb 2017 #31
Tom Perez! Cha Feb 2017 #32
Post removed Post removed Feb 2017 #33
Why is Buttigieg listed last? George II Feb 2017 #34
Ellison. mvd Feb 2017 #45
I like Buttigieg too, though mvd Feb 2017 #47
He won me over tonight. herding cats Feb 2017 #49
Me too mvd Feb 2017 #50
I'm thinking he has real potential. herding cats Feb 2017 #52
Michael Moore is 100% for Ellison flamingdem Feb 2017 #51
Any of them will be an improvement. southerncrone Feb 2017 #53
- Bigredhunk Feb 2017 #54
Which is the one who said women need to take a back seat to men BainsBane Feb 2017 #56
I picked Buttigieg but I'm also really octoberlib Feb 2017 #57
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