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11. I said no because
Wed Apr 26, 2017, 02:47 PM
Apr 2017

The word war in the traditional definition. If it was to get approval to launch ground-based military operations against North Korea the meeting would not have been delayed as long as it has. It would have been done days ago.

I also doubt that it is about an immediate strike against North Korea. If that were the case it would only consult the members of the Armed Forces Committee and head Republicans. The full Senate has too many voices that will want to be heard.

Do I think it is about North Korea and possible military options being discussed, yes. Likely this meeting is an attempt to avoid the Syria Fiasco of having so many senators say they should have been informed. The administration will claim this is a blanket announcement of any potential future strikes.

Also it is helping to establish a pecking order. He makes the Senate come to him thus he has peed higher on the tree.

its pretty transparent MFM008 Apr 2017 #1
Meh, it is a dog and pony show Thomas Hurt Apr 2017 #2
Yes I'm resigned to the fact maryellen99 Apr 2017 #3
it may just be a show designed to intimidate Kim Jung-Un. n/t ginnyinWI Apr 2017 #4
Steven, sell? Since when does this bunch of outright criminals Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #5
The Barnum And Baily Trump Circus Is Just Directing Our Attention To.... global1 Apr 2017 #6
They may have satelite photos? kentuck Apr 2017 #7
Does anyone know what time is this gathering supposed to commence? nt. PearliePoo2 Apr 2017 #8
Trump is going to circumcise all of them. Orrex Apr 2017 #9
I'm guessing they will try to get the senate to keep their mouths shut and they should not.... bettyellen Apr 2017 #10
I said no because sarisataka Apr 2017 #11
It's a command performance for the benefit of Lord Rump. Buns_of_Fire Apr 2017 #12
I think it's a reaction to the Senate's reaction to the bombing of the empty Syrian air base. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2017 #13
Hopefully MuseRider Apr 2017 #14
I think it about something else. See link below. politicaljunkie41910 Apr 2017 #15
Do we know that Trump will even be there? He doesn't do well in groups of less than thousands. randome Apr 2017 #16
I think its about controlling the media's attention more than anything else. of course just about mulsh Apr 2017 #17
Maybe an attempted bribe. moondust Apr 2017 #18
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