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Useful information to see progress when we don't see results we want! Thank you! Eom Lyricalinklines Jun 2017 #1
k&r bigtree Jun 2017 #2
When we start awarding seats as participation medals, get back to me... Moostache Jun 2017 #3
Check your numbers, they don't support your contention... Wounded Bear Jun 2017 #5
Splitting hairs a bit... Moostache Jun 2017 #16
Funny, I don't see a lot of endzone dancing... Wounded Bear Jun 2017 #20
I think it is a day to celebrate getting close EarlG Jun 2017 #7
You r right but need some groupthink BootinUp Jun 2017 #10
Prior to the GOP wave in 2010 NewJeffCT Jun 2017 #12
His Presidency is likely to get worse leftstreet Jun 2017 #14
I'm with you. As long as we keep celebrating our small losses, Alice11111 Jun 2017 #23
You do realize we didn't win a special election Motownman78 Jun 2017 #41
The circumstances were much different then Alice11111 Jun 2017 #42
How? Motownman78 Jun 2017 #43
Please clearly explain how we were supposed to immediately win DEEP RED districts? LBM20 Jun 2017 #46
If I knew that, we would not have DT. What I do know is Alice11111 Jun 2017 #52
The OP is trying to be positive Motownman78 Jun 2017 #40
Please clearly explain how YOU would win in a DEEP RED district that has voted R for DECADES? LBM20 Jun 2017 #47
They really did explain how they would win Progressive dog Jun 2017 #50
It's only over if we give up... Wounded Bear Jun 2017 #4
Fair point....and there's 15 months of Trumpie to the midterms ! OnDoutside Jun 2017 #6
So, he should be able to do 3x as much damage as he has Alice11111 Jun 2017 #25
The longer he stays Pres the tougher the situation for the OnDoutside Jun 2017 #33
The net result is that the Democratic candidate still lost. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #8
Yeah but EarlG Jun 2017 #13
The trend in everyone of those states is toward the Democrat. Blue_true Jun 2017 #19
Trend? The Democrat lost. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #35
The trend is your friend. Plot the data at each election and see what that tell you. Blue_true Jun 2017 #39
I'll believe the trend when we have an actual Democratic majority in Congress. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #44
Correct! Alice11111 Jun 2017 #26
Great post thank you. titaniumsalute Jun 2017 #9
K&R... spanone Jun 2017 #11
Yes, a good sign.. disillusioned73 Jun 2017 #15
Sorry, but there's nothing here to get all weak in the knees with ecstasy about. jcmaine72 Jun 2017 #17
I read something where Democrats won 7 of 7 Special Elections between 2009 and the election of 2010. Blue_true Jun 2017 #21
That's true moose65 Jun 2017 #30
Who's not aiming higher? EarlG Jun 2017 #22
I'm with you, EarlG. To get this close in those deep red districts has to be freaking catbyte Jun 2017 #24
I think we could have aimed higher, earlier. Much higher. Alice11111 Jun 2017 #28
John Ossoff has it right. People like Susan Serandon and Adam Green and Bernie Sanders are wrong. Blue_true Jun 2017 #18
To take a contrary opinion bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #27
K&R!!!! So good to read real, positive stuff, instead of gloomy and sarcastic twaddle secondwind Jun 2017 #29
THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO FOCUS ON!! WoonTars Jun 2017 #31
K&R mcar Jun 2017 #32
Good numbers! kentuck Jun 2017 #34
Winning by 1 point is the same as winning by 30 points oberliner Jun 2017 #36
I assume you do not get that the numbers are moving in a good direction. n/t USALiberal Jun 2017 #37
Do you see any of these seats going D in 2018? oberliner Jun 2017 #38
Great post. Mike Niendorff Jun 2017 #45
Great Post that is very interesting! Dem_4_Life Jun 2017 #48
I hope you're right. ecstatic Jun 2017 #49
Excellent post, buck up campers we can win njhoneybadger Jun 2017 #51
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