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21. I read something where Democrats won 7 of 7 Special Elections between 2009 and the election of 2010.
Wed Jun 21, 2017, 01:06 PM
Jun 2017

But still lost 63 seats in 2010. If the republicans overreach like they seem to be doing, 2018 will turn into a disaster for them. As for us, we need to work on our mindset and start voting in every election and voting early where that option is available so that our vote get recorded and we don't come down to one hit or miss day.

Useful information to see progress when we don't see results we want! Thank you! Eom Lyricalinklines Jun 2017 #1
k&r bigtree Jun 2017 #2
When we start awarding seats as participation medals, get back to me... Moostache Jun 2017 #3
Check your numbers, they don't support your contention... Wounded Bear Jun 2017 #5
Splitting hairs a bit... Moostache Jun 2017 #16
Funny, I don't see a lot of endzone dancing... Wounded Bear Jun 2017 #20
I think it is a day to celebrate getting close EarlG Jun 2017 #7
You r right but need some groupthink BootinUp Jun 2017 #10
Prior to the GOP wave in 2010 NewJeffCT Jun 2017 #12
His Presidency is likely to get worse leftstreet Jun 2017 #14
I'm with you. As long as we keep celebrating our small losses, Alice11111 Jun 2017 #23
You do realize we didn't win a special election Motownman78 Jun 2017 #41
The circumstances were much different then Alice11111 Jun 2017 #42
How? Motownman78 Jun 2017 #43
Please clearly explain how we were supposed to immediately win DEEP RED districts? LBM20 Jun 2017 #46
If I knew that, we would not have DT. What I do know is Alice11111 Jun 2017 #52
The OP is trying to be positive Motownman78 Jun 2017 #40
Please clearly explain how YOU would win in a DEEP RED district that has voted R for DECADES? LBM20 Jun 2017 #47
They really did explain how they would win Progressive dog Jun 2017 #50
It's only over if we give up... Wounded Bear Jun 2017 #4
Fair point....and there's 15 months of Trumpie to the midterms ! OnDoutside Jun 2017 #6
So, he should be able to do 3x as much damage as he has Alice11111 Jun 2017 #25
The longer he stays Pres the tougher the situation for the OnDoutside Jun 2017 #33
The net result is that the Democratic candidate still lost. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #8
Yeah but EarlG Jun 2017 #13
The trend in everyone of those states is toward the Democrat. Blue_true Jun 2017 #19
Trend? The Democrat lost. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #35
The trend is your friend. Plot the data at each election and see what that tell you. Blue_true Jun 2017 #39
I'll believe the trend when we have an actual Democratic majority in Congress. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #44
Correct! Alice11111 Jun 2017 #26
Great post thank you. titaniumsalute Jun 2017 #9
K&R... spanone Jun 2017 #11
Yes, a good sign.. disillusioned73 Jun 2017 #15
Sorry, but there's nothing here to get all weak in the knees with ecstasy about. jcmaine72 Jun 2017 #17
I read something where Democrats won 7 of 7 Special Elections between 2009 and the election of 2010. Blue_true Jun 2017 #21
That's true moose65 Jun 2017 #30
Who's not aiming higher? EarlG Jun 2017 #22
I'm with you, EarlG. To get this close in those deep red districts has to be freaking catbyte Jun 2017 #24
I think we could have aimed higher, earlier. Much higher. Alice11111 Jun 2017 #28
John Ossoff has it right. People like Susan Serandon and Adam Green and Bernie Sanders are wrong. Blue_true Jun 2017 #18
To take a contrary opinion bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #27
K&R!!!! So good to read real, positive stuff, instead of gloomy and sarcastic twaddle secondwind Jun 2017 #29
THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO FOCUS ON!! WoonTars Jun 2017 #31
K&R mcar Jun 2017 #32
Good numbers! kentuck Jun 2017 #34
Winning by 1 point is the same as winning by 30 points oberliner Jun 2017 #36
I assume you do not get that the numbers are moving in a good direction. n/t USALiberal Jun 2017 #37
Do you see any of these seats going D in 2018? oberliner Jun 2017 #38
Great post. Mike Niendorff Jun 2017 #45
Great Post that is very interesting! Dem_4_Life Jun 2017 #48
I hope you're right. ecstatic Jun 2017 #49
Excellent post, buck up campers we can win njhoneybadger Jun 2017 #51
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