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boston bean

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Mon Sep 18, 2017, 07:18 PM Sep 2017

I believe it is correct to criticize Bernie when he disrespects my party. [View all]

He is throwing bombs from the sidelines at a party he won't join.

Republicans do that. I don't like it when they do that.

I don't like it when greens do it.

I don't like it when libertarians do it.

I don't like it when an independent democratic socialist does it.

End of story.

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Yep greeny2323 Sep 2017 #1
It's also simple to understand... FBaggins Sep 2017 #235
What "bombs" has he thrown? berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #2
Here is a sample. boston bean Sep 2017 #4
Sorry that's not a bomb. It's actually true. berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #6
Exactly who is he or you referring to?? boston bean Sep 2017 #9
There are three Democrats still in the House berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #10
Ummm. He said this in 2017 whem trump is president. boston bean Sep 2017 #12
You're free to look it up yourself but it is a fact berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #16
Yeah. So. you and think he meant three lowly house member who in 2017 are not voting boston bean Sep 2017 #18
It validates what he said. berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #20
Maybe for you and you alone. For me it validates NOTHING. boston bean Sep 2017 #28
Truth hurts berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #29
I'm not hurt,you?? boston bean Sep 2017 #36
Only the American people are hurt. LiberalLovinLug Sep 2017 #101
I think Sanders needs to stop the attacks on the party. That is what I think. boston bean Sep 2017 #103
There's a difference between Plucketeer Sep 2017 #214
These are criticisms that should be shared within the Democratic Party leadership. Fla Dem Sep 2017 #170
But maybe he is right? LiberalLovinLug Sep 2017 #220
His "leadership role" is just about in name only. George II Sep 2017 #290
But this is ridiculous, Bernie says that, attacks the D party and you say it is Eliot Rosewater Sep 2017 #211
Crap like this is the problem. Adrahil Sep 2017 #109
Yep. calimary Sep 2017 #198
Link to where he stated this please, where these are the people he is talking about. sheshe2 Sep 2017 #13
Can't tell if you're asking me or Boston bean berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #23
That is an article from 2 and a half years ago. sheshe2 Sep 2017 #40
And amazingly still relevant. berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #57
Lol sheshe2 Sep 2017 #74
I saw that. (nt) ehrnst Sep 2017 #315
Well, if we're picking issues, didn't he vote against gun control several times? George II Sep 2017 #209
Where are the three current democrats who voted against the ACA ehrnst Sep 2017 #316
A $700 billion defense spending bill passed today. HarmonyRockets Sep 2017 #37
Ok????? boston bean Sep 2017 #42
No, Democrats should not vote Rural_Progressive Sep 2017 #142
Prove your allegations. boston bean Sep 2017 #144
You need money for a Senatorial campaign...there is nothing wrong with it...if you can't show Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #237
What does that have to do with the OP? sheshe2 Sep 2017 #45
So.... you want to primary everyone? bettyellen Sep 2017 #51
No HarmonyRockets Sep 2017 #67
Everyone except those four? bettyellen Sep 2017 #73
No HarmonyRockets Sep 2017 #79
We need specifics. Not just broad brushed insinuations and attacks. boston bean Sep 2017 #83
Voting records are facts HarmonyRockets Sep 2017 #86
hmmmmm. Votes are recorded as facts. Almost evry single democrat votes the same way so boston bean Sep 2017 #88
American voters have huge support for the military and their representatives reflect that. bettyellen Sep 2017 #89
Ayup. People have very short memory. boston bean Sep 2017 #90
Bernie takes his F-16 money, same as the rest of them. Kuchinch of Dept of Peace fame.... bettyellen Sep 2017 #95
Look at polls from the last decade HarmonyRockets Sep 2017 #156
+1 Go Vols Sep 2017 #167
THIS hueymahl Sep 2017 #179
Yet Bernie takes his pork for his state for a reason.... you know that. What people want cut is .... bettyellen Sep 2017 #190
Oh yeah! Plucketeer Sep 2017 #226
I know people think this "15 Trilion Dollar Boondoggle" and waste of military spending is fine but.. bettyellen Sep 2017 #255
Spot. On. Arazi Sep 2017 #206
Indeed they are BainsBane Sep 2017 #307
That's quite an evolution BainsBane Sep 2017 #305
Lemme guess, gonna primary all the Democrats who voted for it? Eliot Rosewater Sep 2017 #317
Blue dogs in red states...your point? They all voted for it this year when it counted. Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #243
Bernie has his share of questionable votes BainsBane Sep 2017 #266
Bernie is the judge, Bernie is the jury... delisen Sep 2017 #306
Sorry, that is intentionally, unfairly trashing an entire party. Honeycombe8 Sep 2017 #191
What!!!!? sheshe2 Sep 2017 #7
Ayup. boston bean Sep 2017 #14
That's the TRUTH and smart people who are being honest and not in denial KNOW it. m-lekktor Sep 2017 #21
So who are you calling ummmmm....un-smart?? boston bean Sep 2017 #30
fyi reading is key shanny Sep 2017 #64
I read fine and I also have a real keen knack with comprehension. You?? boston bean Sep 2017 #71
whatevs, sweetie shanny Sep 2017 #80
Thanks kiddo. boston bean Sep 2017 #97
It's pretty clear. InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2017 #153
whoaaa...how dare bernie.....nt mentalslavery Sep 2017 #218
also.... "The current model of the Democratic Party obviously is not working" lancelyons Sep 2017 #265
He said the democratic model isn't working. CrispyQ Sep 2017 #233
Bernie had one job to do and he succeeded. 4now Sep 2017 #3
KR Me. Sep 2017 #5
K&R sheshe2 Sep 2017 #8
Ok, what has Bernie said that you disagree with? CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #11
Well, just yesterday he said: George II Sep 2017 #38
Wait though CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #59
Don't forget DownriverDem Sep 2017 #87
So he can attack and attack but takes no responsibility? Eliot Rosewater Sep 2017 #210
It was a joke CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #229
An opinion column from April 23 proves your point? mcar Sep 2017 #247
Of a poll? CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #248
What a meanie HarmonyRockets Sep 2017 #15
I couldn't agree more. n/t Stand and Fight Sep 2017 #17
We've got a sociopath in the WH mcar Sep 2017 #19
Done and done: TCJ70 Sep 2017 #24
I knew I'd get this response mcar Sep 2017 #27
"Constant attacks"... guess that's why Gillibrand said he's a leader berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #31
She said in the interview there is no national leader until a president is elected. boston bean Sep 2017 #35
But if you cut out what she said before and what she said after that "leadership" quote... George II Sep 2017 #43
I did not hear "the" leader. delisen Sep 2017 #54
Neither did I, but some are now saying that she said it. George II Sep 2017 #60
Oh she said his name alright. Said it first when asked "Who's the leader of the Democratic party" berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #63
Give the exact verbatim response. Because she spoke with an emphasis on ideas. Not on the persons. boston bean Sep 2017 #65
I don't need to. I already posted on this earlier. berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #70
I just told you why i think you are wrong. Can you respond to that? It is not at odds with her boston bean Sep 2017 #72
You have ZERO facts to back up what you say berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #75
The video and transcript would back up what I said. Oh my. boston bean Sep 2017 #77
Only the land of alternative facts and fake news. berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #81
If you disagree, post the evidence for your stance. boston bean Sep 2017 #84
Whatever Gillibrand said she's not the arbiter of who is leader of our party. brush Sep 2017 #113
That doesn't mean she was right NastyRiffraff Sep 2017 #186
He's trying to help the party... thesquanderer Sep 2017 #25
He's trying to help the party by publicly trashing it? mcar Sep 2017 #32
I don't see the quote in question as "trashing the party." (n/t) thesquanderer Sep 2017 #50
K mcar Sep 2017 #78
Agreed, but you won't hear a peep on that truth. They'd rather ignore common sense... brush Sep 2017 #114
Other folks bother me when they disrespect the values Sienna86 Sep 2017 #22
+1000 to that berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #26
Exactly who is disrespecting the values of the Democratic Party? boston bean Sep 2017 #33
People who question the Independent Senator from Vermont apparantly. SaschaHM Sep 2017 #41
i think that may be the only bar to reach. boston bean Sep 2017 #46
I Agree hueymahl Sep 2017 #182
You're damn right it is! NurseJackie Sep 2017 #34
I believe your definition of "disrespect" is off. white_wolf Sep 2017 #39
He has not done much of that? I could come up with at least a dozen things he's said, but since.... George II Sep 2017 #49
If he's still doing it, why would you have to go back to last year? thesquanderer Sep 2017 #52
Yesterday: "The current model of the Democratic Party obviously is not working", and he didn't.... George II Sep 2017 #58
Truth... thesquanderer Sep 2017 #102
Well, we gained seats in the Senate and House AND we "won" the presidency in 2016. How... George II Sep 2017 #104
The answer to your question... thesquanderer Sep 2017 #148
Once again, in 2016 we gained seats in the House and Senate. Obama wasn't a candidate in 2016. George II Sep 2017 #261
Whoops, messed up my years, sorry! thesquanderer Sep 2017 #269
We didn't win the presidency Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2017 #256
How about this? First google hit: George II Sep 2017 #106
That's basically the same quote as your last one. thesquanderer Sep 2017 #146
Sure Warren and Brown COULD have....But they are Democrats who would rather build the party than MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #163
So whether the message is or is not legitimate depends on the messenger? (n/t) thesquanderer Sep 2017 #204
No. MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #216
Except he's not a Democrat. Which really actually pisses me off. moriah Sep 2017 #68
Yeah he has EVERY right to criticize white_wolf Sep 2017 #85
Ummmm. You have missed the point in its totality. boston bean Sep 2017 #93
Let me see if I can explain a little more of what I meant. moriah Sep 2017 #99
Sorry. Skinner disagrees. PDittie Sep 2017 #159
Is it then that I don't have the right to criticize Bernie? moriah Sep 2017 #161
I won't alert your posts. PDittie Sep 2017 #174
And you're right about the age of that post. moriah Sep 2017 #164
Indeed (as to your first graf). PDittie Sep 2017 #176
Eh, juries, I've not even been really thinking about them. moriah Sep 2017 #178
Perhaps then you could explain the many Kamela Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein posts... Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #244
I can assure you that this Democrat would never vote for Genghis Kahn leftofcool Sep 2017 #123
So if Sanders had won the primary Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2017 #257
Yep DownriverDem Sep 2017 #273
Agreed. End of story. PERIOD. democratisphere Sep 2017 #44
The funny thing is I actually agree with SOME of Bernie's criticisms. PragmaticLiberal Sep 2017 #47
Like it or not, many believe Bernie is currently among those in the front seats. thesquanderer Sep 2017 #56
That's how she feels and that's fine. PragmaticLiberal Sep 2017 #76
Like moths to a flame. RandySF Sep 2017 #48
Why ask people to just ignore his attacks? boston bean Sep 2017 #53
Because he should be attacking lying, cheating repugs instead of his allies. brush Sep 2017 #117
Especially when that ... NanceGreggs Sep 2017 #55
Bernie could heal the sick, end starvation and poverty and yet CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #61
That sounds exactly like what happened here sheshe2 Sep 2017 #126
That is sad :( CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #139
It is sad. sheshe2 Sep 2017 #145
He was vilified all over this board, she mcar Sep 2017 #249
Yes he was mcar. sheshe2 Sep 2017 #271
I've been here since 2002 mcar Sep 2017 #280
Not really leftofcool Sep 2017 #127
All polls indicate otherwise CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #141
Example please? George II Sep 2017 #205
You know the polls. You've seen them CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #231
I didn't make a sweeping proclamation about polls, you did. George II Sep 2017 #236
And you've seen the polls CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #240
Some of the ones I've seen don't reach your conclusion. Ergo, not "all". George II Sep 2017 #241
I have not seen any who say that. Not a single one. CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #242
You clearly haven't seen them "all". George II Sep 2017 #312
Oh but I have! CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #314
Sorry, sheshe2 Sep 2017 #143
This is what I know: I know i James48 Sep 2017 #62
K&R! Tarheel_Dem Sep 2017 #66
Republicans are the party of non-dissent. marked50 Sep 2017 #69
Agree Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sep 2017 #82
NO more Birnie unless it is current and newsworthy, PLEASE! BigmanPigman Sep 2017 #91
Me too shenmue Sep 2017 #92
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #94
My party is the Democratic Party. You? boston bean Sep 2017 #96
LOL, this thread backfired. KTM Sep 2017 #98
Is that your take?? It takes all kinds to make the workd go round they say. boston bean Sep 2017 #100
100+ recs, 200+ responses. Nice "backfire" BB. It think you made your point fairly strongly. George II Sep 2017 #208
LOL KTM Sep 2017 #252
Focus on common goals please. That's what we need common goals and hard work. mucifer Sep 2017 #105
When don't you believe it is correct to critisize Bernie Sanders ? CentralMass Sep 2017 #107
what??? boston bean Sep 2017 #110
You seem to find that it is correct to critize Sanders under any circumstances. CentralMass Sep 2017 #111
I do? boston bean Sep 2017 #112
Yes in my humble opinion you do. I'll say on my behalf that CentralMass Sep 2017 #118
Please let this stop. zentrum Sep 2017 #108
It's a strange place to be in ... NanceGreggs Sep 2017 #115
We had a real stolen election. You remember the reason this website was founded? boston bean Sep 2017 #119
Ah, yes ... NanceGreggs Sep 2017 #124
++++ sheshe2 Sep 2017 #129
"but you can't say a word against the NON-Democrat". And yet... TCJ70 Sep 2017 #134
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #157
You mean like the time he said the DNC was "worthless" under Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Warren DeMontague Sep 2017 #116
Harry Reid is a democrat. boston bean Sep 2017 #121
One idea of criticism is that it should be judged on merit. dgauss Sep 2017 #149
isnt judging on merit itself, a form of criticism? Warren DeMontague Sep 2017 #150
Nah, it's as simple as this dgauss Sep 2017 #154
These attacks on Bernie.... Catch2.2 Sep 2017 #120
You really feel I bashed Bernie with this OP?? boston bean Sep 2017 #122
Fuuny, no one on DU had a problem attacking Hillary and her emails leftofcool Sep 2017 #125
Are you kidding?! Catch2.2 Sep 2017 #131
Do search of the archives leftofcool Sep 2017 #147
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2017 #128
What inconvenient truth? Please be precise. boston bean Sep 2017 #130
Ya, cuz truth is so mysterious and destructive it can't be said. fleabiscuit Sep 2017 #137
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2017 #138
This message was self-deleted by its author DesertRat Sep 2017 #140
Some serious cray-cray there. ucrdem Sep 2017 #152
K&R brer cat Sep 2017 #132
Take a chill pill Wordilocks Sep 2017 #133
Why should anyone object? Fair is fair, right? NurseJackie Sep 2017 #135
What do they fear? NurseJackie Sep 2017 #136
It's not a bash, and it's an important point. ucrdem Sep 2017 #151
We can't win elections based solely on reactionary politics CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #158
K&R Jamaal510 Sep 2017 #155
I am not OK with this.. disillusioned73 Sep 2017 #160
Apparently we are doing nothing wrong. Voltaire2 Sep 2017 #284
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #162
Goose-stepping? So you're saying Democrats are Nazis and fascists. betsuni Sep 2017 #183
Good grief. Comparing the Democratic Party (and its leadership) to goose-stepping Nazis? NurseJackie Sep 2017 #194
Did I Miss The Loyalty Oath, Or Something? ProfessorGAC Sep 2017 #165
Yes you missed something alright. boston bean Sep 2017 #166
"My Party"/"The Party" ProfessorGAC Sep 2017 #168
when something is put in quotes, that usually mean someone said it. boston bean Sep 2017 #169
Please re-read my post roomtomove Sep 2017 #172
are you professor GAC? that is who I am responding to roomtomove.. boston bean Sep 2017 #175
I agree with the OP Gothmog Sep 2017 #171
The term "Lemming" comes to mind. usaf-vet Sep 2017 #173
Been warned DownriverDem Sep 2017 #177
It's correct to defend your party, where it is defensible. Orsino Sep 2017 #180
And I believe it is correct to criticize the Clintons for destroying my Party. dogman Sep 2017 #181
This, unfortunately, is the painful truth. NT hueymahl Sep 2017 #184
The Clintons did not destroy anything, murielm99 Sep 2017 #272
Your Party, not mine? dogman Sep 2017 #277
All the usual propaganda words I expect murielm99 Sep 2017 #292
Study the history of Bill Clinton as Gov of Arkansas and Hillary's role there. dogman Sep 2017 #293
I have. murielm99 Sep 2017 #299
My credentials v. Hillary's. dogman Sep 2017 #308
I agree. Bernie is welccome to make proposals and work towards passage of bills he supports. Nitram Sep 2017 #185
A general view of the Democratic Party should be in order Fluke a Snooker Sep 2017 #187
Stirring the pot left-of-center2012 Sep 2017 #188
without his help in current media/news Republicans would have got rid of ACA by now. Sunlei Sep 2017 #189
Theres enough DINOs in the party. mwooldri Sep 2017 #192
Oh brother! Disrespects? KPN Sep 2017 #193
I don't goose step. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #195
I completely agree with you. Jim Lane Sep 2017 #197
This primary has exposed fundamental confusion over what "THE PARTY" is. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #200
"Every registered Democrat" More_Cowbell Sep 2017 #219
Please keep that in mind, every REGISTERED Democrat. George II Sep 2017 #221
Will do, George! Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #279
I am not a registered Democrat. My state does not register voters by party. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2017 #283
So democrats goose step? sick Eliot Rosewater Sep 2017 #215
What's the meaning of your expression "goose step", that's the second time it's been used... George II Sep 2017 #222
You are on the internet. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #224
Using your suggestion, the first hit I get on google is this video. So can I safely conclude.... George II Sep 2017 #225
The only thing you can safely conclude is you don't know what a dictionary is. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #227
Sorry, that's not the "only" thing that I can safely conclude. George II Sep 2017 #230
OH SNAP. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #234
. George II Sep 2017 #238
Funny. When I Google "goose step" Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2017 #259
What part of calling Dems "goose steppers" is "critical self-reflection"? SunSeeker Sep 2017 #260
The part where I recognize my peers are not as awesome as I once thought they were. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #282
You saw the first hit I got on google earlier today for "goose step", didn't you? George II Sep 2017 #286
That wasn't the first hit you got tkmorris Sep 2017 #294
You calling me a liar? George II Sep 2017 #296
Why would anyone say that? Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #309
So, in backing down from claiming I wasn't truthful you say I'm lazy, inept, or dishonest... George II Sep 2017 #310
You mean to say... Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #311
No, I mean to say what I said, thank you. George II Sep 2017 #313
Constructive criticism of the party is not the same as disrespect. n/t backscatter712 Sep 2017 #196
There is no such thing as constructive criticism ...all it does it drive voters away...especially Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #232
well at least you are honest about how you think the party ought to operate. Voltaire2 Sep 2017 #285
Go ahead. People who agree with support you and those who disagree won't. aikoaiko Sep 2017 #199
amen to you!! samnsara Sep 2017 #201
correct is a little strong, and if you never ever have harsh words for your party, then you aren't JCanete Sep 2017 #202
Some of his comments would violate DU guidelines. ehrnst Sep 2017 #203
This is why I think it needs to be looked into again. However, I would not like to see threads Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #245
wahhhhhhhhhhhhh snort Sep 2017 #207
Same back too you! Pauldg47 Sep 2017 #212
How does this post help DEMS win in 2018? RiverStone Sep 2017 #213
Damn Straight! Mountain Mule Sep 2017 #217
How does calling the party an absolute failure help unite us for 2018? MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #223
Maybe you haven't been paying attention tkmorris Sep 2017 #295
When people are not open to suggestion without getting defensive, chwaliszewski Sep 2017 #228
Great cartoon. Tobin S. Sep 2017 #239
I think that goes both ways. haveahart Sep 2017 #288
If the Dem establishment wants Bernie and progressives to get on board . . FairWinds Sep 2017 #246
Don't know how many elections it will take for them to figure this out. harun Sep 2017 #270
I am a progressive DownriverDem Sep 2017 #274
i'm on board with them too . .. FairWinds Sep 2017 #304
We need *ALL* the support we can get right now. Initech Sep 2017 #250
Did you say the same bout Hillary when she dissed the DNC under the guise of constructive criticism? InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2017 #251
K & R SunSeeker Sep 2017 #253
I realize I'm new here, but how long is this going to go on? Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2017 #254
It seems like for some the primary never ended. lovemydogs Sep 2017 #263
That's pretty much where I stand, as well. hamsterjill Sep 2017 #258
I believe it is correct to criticize my party when it is being stupid lovemydogs Sep 2017 #262
Agreed. lancelyons Sep 2017 #264
K&R stonecutter357 Sep 2017 #267
Yes it is Progressive dog Sep 2017 #268
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD UT_democrat Sep 2017 #275
It is never going to end. Voltaire2 Sep 2017 #287
It's always okay to criticize Sanders here on the DU. nt hughee99 Sep 2017 #276
Agree 100% nt lillypaddle Sep 2017 #278
K&R. Well said, BB lunamagica Sep 2017 #281
It's my party too and most Democrats are with him on this. There is room for improvement. Quixote1818 Sep 2017 #289
The country has passed the party by... mudstump Sep 2017 #291
this view feeds the false progressive vs establishment dichotomy. JHan Sep 2017 #297
She was called "establishment" because her husband was once president. StevieM Sep 2017 #298
Yes and Stevie, I'll never get over it... JHan Sep 2017 #300
HRC was not actually someone who had long been liked by the establishment, whatever exactly that StevieM Sep 2017 #301
+++++++++ JHan Sep 2017 #302
That's very fair. egduj Sep 2017 #303
I'm with you. nt cwydro Sep 2017 #318
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