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Response to Ms. Toad (Reply #334)

Post removed [View all] Post removed Sep 2017 OP
this debate scares me.... samnsara Sep 2017 #1
I hope he will speak about why we need to save the ACA and why the GOP plan is murderous Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #3
He does not need to be the lead voice of the opposition to Trumpcare EffieBlack Sep 2017 #7
At least he was not the Democrat who called ACA crazy in MI karynnj Sep 2017 #350
If he does something that destructive leftynyc Sep 2017 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2017 #107
And YOU don't speak for me lillypaddle Sep 2017 #118
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2017 #123
WOW lillypaddle Sep 2017 #130
Wow - that's pretty arrogant. I'm a progressive and you sure as hell don't speak for me EffieBlack Sep 2017 #132
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #145
Well, thank you SO much for explaining myself to me! EffieBlack Sep 2017 #150
Yet here you are smearing them anyway. MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #153
Seems Legit lol. stonecutter357 Sep 2017 #152
Domo arigato Comrade Robato sharedvalues Sep 2017 #355
Spiritual leader? MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #155
Who anointed you the spiritual weather vane of the entire Democratic Party? NBachers Sep 2017 #159
If we lose the ACA Sanders is the last person I would blame. pangaia Sep 2017 #108
Hey, Gang, AlleganCarpenter Sep 2017 #164
This. CrispyQ Sep 2017 #183
Thank you. MuseRider Sep 2017 #188
You're making too much sense RandomAccess Sep 2017 #318
LOL, thanks. MuseRider Sep 2017 #326
Please call these senators Gothmog Sep 2017 #192
Yes! G_j Sep 2017 #232
Thanks for the phone numbers. Important calls. oasis Sep 2017 #247
Thank you for the nos. sprinkleeninow Sep 2017 #281
Done. Snackshack Sep 2017 #336
Scarborough and panel are crucifying him this morning. lamp_shade Sep 2017 #2
Really? jalan48 Sep 2017 #156
Were you watching? Was I wrong? What's your point? lamp_shade Sep 2017 #169
This is our source for this discussion? jalan48 Sep 2017 #170
I guess I struck a nerve. lamp_shade Sep 2017 #175
Not really. I just thought it might be important to give some context to the discussion. jalan48 Sep 2017 #178
Oh lamp_shade Sep 2017 #187
As long as the context doesn't reflect poorly on ehrnst Sep 2017 #305
Turn on tv. It is everywhere. Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #269
Most journalists work for large corporations or conglomerates. Honeycombe8 Sep 2017 #211
Are you smearing Rachel Maddow for working for MSNBC too? We aren't Luddites and bettyellen Sep 2017 #215
I will be watching Rachel Maddow tonight and AMJOY tomorrow Gothmog Sep 2017 #280
I'm sorry I'll miss Joy. Rachel is must see TV for me too! bettyellen Sep 2017 #286
I agree as to Rachel Gothmog Sep 2017 #289
Joy sat in for Lawrence tonight, so that was nice to see. Busy lady! bettyellen Sep 2017 #344
This is just laughable now. Corporations are not going anywhere, R B Garr Sep 2017 #250
Is MNSBC now bad? Gothmog Sep 2017 #279
Always on point... LexVegas Sep 2017 #4
Or maybe he is playing 3D chess Trumpocalypse Sep 2017 #5
Oh, please EffieBlack Sep 2017 #10
That isn't what happened. Instead, the Republicans renewed efforts to repeal ACA. yardwork Sep 2017 #15
You think the MFA bill prompted them to try to repeal the ACA again? TCJ70 Sep 2017 #25
The Republicans said that it did. yardwork Sep 2017 #268
You believe a word that they say? NickB79 Sep 2017 #315
Yes in fact they said that. Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #270
bernie does not have the capacity for 3D chess Fresh_Start Sep 2017 #42
I think you're right. He is only ever able to insist on the rightness of his cause. Demit Sep 2017 #73
His cause may be right...but his tactics are not working. Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #271
You don't know that. KPN Sep 2017 #306
Have you turned on the TV or read some op eds? It is not working. Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #308
What is not working? KPN Sep 2017 #346
He has a very dualistic worldview. ehrnst Sep 2017 #179
Graham-Cassidy is not about healthcare. It's a way to fund tax cuts for the rich. greatauntoftriplets Sep 2017 #141
Single payer is the extreme in the United States The Wizard Sep 2017 #149
I agree that our for-profit system needs to be replaced brer cat Sep 2017 #287
You're kidding, right? NastyRiffraff Sep 2017 #177
We Critisized Obama For Not Taking The Extreme When He Was Pushing ACA.... global1 Sep 2017 #196
The dig at Hillary makes me want to run and buy Sanders book. lunamagica Sep 2017 #337
I said this last week leftynyc Sep 2017 #6
Exactly. Bernie is all about Bernie. EffieBlack Sep 2017 #12
Bernie is so much about Bernie CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #290
Absolutely. Which wouldn't be such an issue ehrnst Sep 2017 #300
However he doesn't CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #321
#Obamacare Alone Isnt Enough. RandiFan1290 Sep 2017 #8
...and that's a discussion we can have AFTER NEXT WEEK. brooklynite Sep 2017 #13
Exactly! Bernie's move doesn't help us. themaguffin Sep 2017 #90
It helps Bernie's brand. ehrnst Sep 2017 #302
So you would prefer nothing? Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #272
And that is exactly the goal of "repeal and replace" (nt) ehrnst Sep 2017 #304
Yes...and that is why we need to fight for the ACA and stop messing with MFA...which can't pass. Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #309
Since January Sen. Sanders has organized 170+ rallies, spoken to thousands ... Donkees Sep 2017 #11
Yes, Bernie likes rallies EffieBlack Sep 2017 #18
Once you get a taste of those adoring crowds ehrnst Sep 2017 #22
Do you really think Sanders is using his energy like he is for 'adoring crowds?" pangaia Sep 2017 #125
Yes. EffieBlack Sep 2017 #138
Well, that's an honest answer. We'll just have to disagree on this one. pangaia Sep 2017 #143
I think that he feels personally validated by large cheering crowds.(nt) ehrnst Sep 2017 #147
You may be right, but I don't think so. pangaia Sep 2017 #154
Sanders is one of the most effective Senators we have fighting for us ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #34
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #49
that must be why 16 top Senators signed on as co-sponsors of his single payer bill..... virtualobserver Sep 2017 #71
Post office naming bills get more sponsors than that EffieBlack Sep 2017 #124
I think this is the "Iraq war resolution" situation for anyone planning to run in 2018 and 2020 ehrnst Sep 2017 #157
You can fully support the bill without making a top priority this week EffieBlack Sep 2017 #255
+1000 (nt) ehrnst Sep 2017 #257
You can get more than 16 Senators to sign on to a post office naming EffieBlack Sep 2017 #260
this simply isn't true ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #91
I'm with you, ProfessorPlum! SalviaBlue Sep 2017 #244
Please provide a link proving fellow Senators see Sanders as a "joke" riderinthestorm Sep 2017 #106
I don't need to read it on the internet. I know it first hand EffieBlack Sep 2017 #112
So you have nothing. Noted that your smears are utterly baseless nt riderinthestorm Sep 2017 #137
I have plenty and actually know what I'm talking a out EffieBlack Sep 2017 #148
Uh huh. Right nt riderinthestorm Sep 2017 #166
His career confirms your last paragraph lunamagica Sep 2017 #338
If one was to provide the link to articles where his colleagues talk about him ehrnst Sep 2017 #173
The OP isn't alerted on (or if it has been it's been allowed to stand) riderinthestorm Sep 2017 #180
I would not share outside of a private message. ehrnst Sep 2017 #181
And yours is a perfect example of how even facts about Bernie are R B Garr Sep 2017 #189
The OP made claims that the Senate thinks Sanders is a joke, useless, and an annoyance riderinthestorm Sep 2017 #197
Now come the laughable demands that only word-for-word utterances R B Garr Sep 2017 #203
Uh huh. So you got nothing either. Duly noted riderinthestorm Sep 2017 #212
Just what I thought. You want a link to someone uttering the word "joke' R B Garr Sep 2017 #214
Hmmm. I think you misunderstood G R's post lunamagica Sep 2017 #339
"Graham's smirks and smiles" melman Sep 2017 #216
He also spoke during and after his gleeful facial expressions. R B Garr Sep 2017 #217
What else would you expect melman Sep 2017 #219
ffs, indeed. When you hand an opponent something he is happy about, then R B Garr Sep 2017 #220
Right melman Sep 2017 #221
Oh, yes. Let's waste time talking about how a smile and laughter really R B Garr Sep 2017 #233
You're the one that bought up the smirks melman Sep 2017 #238
No, you are the one who was trying to imply smirks and laughter R B Garr Sep 2017 #239
I absolutely did not try to do that melman Sep 2017 #242
Ridiculous. If you didn't watch Graham, just say so. R B Garr Sep 2017 #245
"trying to imply that Graham is sad and dejected" melman Sep 2017 #254
if you didn't watch Graham, just say so. Implying R B Garr Sep 2017 #258
I saw the way Graham was smirking and gleeful when R B Garr Sep 2017 #116
You don't know really how he's seen in the Senate... Raster Sep 2017 #226
According to a 2016 WaPo story, lapucelle Sep 2017 #229
perhaps because the aim of his amendments is to help American citizens ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #266
There were and are Democratic senators lapucelle Sep 2017 #288
was that an attempt to refute my point? ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #296
There was no point to refute. N/T lapucelle Sep 2017 #310
He's not doing such a great job effectively fighting for us when he introduces Ninsianna Sep 2017 #323
I've been following his career for about 20 years ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #351
There was another candidate that had adoring crowds at his rallies and he doc03 Sep 2017 #56
Wow, started reading your post and thought safeinOhio Sep 2017 #85
Not at all Trump and Bernie. We can't doc03 Sep 2017 #249
Voted for Bernie in primary safeinOhio Sep 2017 #282
I don't know but it won't be either one of them. This party is a doc03 Sep 2017 #311
Many people here speak in such derogatory terms about Morning Joe and then Dustlawyer Sep 2017 #80
You can say that again... pangaia Sep 2017 #128
Consider the following two political options... brooklynite Sep 2017 #160
Thats all they got, "Socialized Medicine?" Dustlawyer Sep 2017 #172
Explain then why an overwhelming majority of voters are clamoring for it? brooklynite Sep 2017 #190
Providing, or even talking about, a better alternative shanny Sep 2017 #194
John Conyers has been introducing his Medicare for All bill lapucelle Sep 2017 #227
THANK you! EffieBlack Sep 2017 #261
And Bernie is founding member of the progressive caucus CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #292
And John Dingel, actual FDR dem, was introducing single payer since 1935 Ninsianna Sep 2017 #319
Nobody has claimed Bernie invented single payer CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #320
That's actually what all the cheerleading has been saying. Ninsianna Sep 2017 #324
No one has said Bernie invented single payer CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #328
That's patently untrue. Ninsianna Sep 2017 #329
A few things CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #340
A few more things. Ninsianna Sep 2017 #352
BRAVO!!! lunamagica Sep 2017 #341
That's not a single payer bill. lapucelle Sep 2017 #349
Facts like this don't matter workinclasszero Sep 2017 #82
Spot on. safeinOhio Sep 2017 #86
Yup. concreteblue Sep 2017 #93
It is depressing. nt DLevine Sep 2017 #115
Very workinclasszero Sep 2017 #121
Same toxic soup that gets shit-stirred on a regular basis. Raster Sep 2017 #241
Why can't the intelligent and caring folks that post on this board workinclasszero Sep 2017 #316
Agree wholeheartedly. So many either can't or won't see how this works Atticus Sep 2017 #275
That doesn't matter. Close only counts in horse shoes Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #273
Yes. I didn't see this coming. Bernie's bill is being used as the reason to pass Graham-Cassidy. Honeycombe8 Sep 2017 #14
That despite the fact MoonRiver Sep 2017 #44
You do know the Repubs are against Medicare, too, right? That's socialized health care. Honeycombe8 Sep 2017 #199
OF COURSE I know that. MoonRiver Sep 2017 #201
Just pointing out that your argument isn't applicable, that their opinions on it all are consistent. Honeycombe8 Sep 2017 #204
Military personnel can access the VA, with limited costs for them. MoonRiver Sep 2017 #206
I was simply pointing out the irony, or maybe hypocrisy in the situation. MoonRiver Sep 2017 #283
Some Democrats are so terrified of GOP talking points Loubee Sep 2017 #162
I don't know what that means, but all that matters right now is how the Repubs vote. Honeycombe8 Sep 2017 #200
Sanders is a grandstander first and foremost. We need to ask ourselves if it might not be his Trust Buster Sep 2017 #16
Exactly EffieBlack Sep 2017 #19
+1000 (nt) ehrnst Sep 2017 #23
No. He is not a grandstander, in my opinion. pangaia Sep 2017 #133
Let us get the call on the field, shall we ? EVERY health organization has come out against this Trust Buster Sep 2017 #168
THIS! EffieBlack Sep 2017 #295
Really? how else do you explain his 3 month long advertising campaign? Fresh_Start Sep 2017 #207
I reject your premise and the rest of your post is simply an invitation to join you Atticus Sep 2017 #278
That's what I'm afraid of lunamagica Sep 2017 #342
But he's not doing it NOW, when it counts. brooklynite Sep 2017 #17
Bernie is a good man Pugster Sep 2017 #20
His supporters aren't going on CNN to "debate" single payer EffieBlack Sep 2017 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author pangaia Sep 2017 #139
It's not Bernie, It's Conyers (A Democrat) berni_mccoy Sep 2017 #21
exactly ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #32
Conyers introduced a Medicare for All bill in January EffieBlack Sep 2017 #54
Because then someone else would be getting all the attention/credit BannonsLiver Sep 2017 #235
Bernie's going to be debating the Rethugs, not Conyers. And the fear is that pnwmom Sep 2017 #209
This message was self-deleted by its author MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #26
This is such BS shanny Sep 2017 #27
Let's keep splitting up Democrats. I want the Orange Fuhrer to win in 2020. Vinca Sep 2017 #28
If they are not smart enough to get out and vote for a democrat to hell with them. They do not get boston bean Sep 2017 #40
Say to hell with them and Trump is re-elected. Vinca Sep 2017 #45
Oh yeah if they are so alienated by democrats to allow a trump presidency. Not just yeah but hell boston bean Sep 2017 #50
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2017 #135
Is that what I said?? boston bean Sep 2017 #142
So people should stop being the people they are and instead be the people you want them to be. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #53
They are free to be who they want to be. boston bean Sep 2017 #62
In the same sense as "you're free to keep equivocating" Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #101
I said something that offends?? boston bean Sep 2017 #126
Only if one is offended by nonsense. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #163
Thanks for the admission. boston bean Sep 2017 #231
Are you having a bad vocabulary day? Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #259
Am I making you mad or something? boston bean Sep 2017 #262
Not especially. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #263
nope. boston bean Sep 2017 #264
Cool. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #265
That can be said of the "far left". They want to shape the Democraty party into their views only lunamagica Sep 2017 #343
So, no matter what Bernie does, we're supposed to kiss his ass so we don't alienate his supporters EffieBlack Sep 2017 #59
Nobody has to kiss anyone's ass, but as I read post after post after post of Bernie bashing Vinca Sep 2017 #251
Question DownriverDem Sep 2017 #81
In spite of the fact that I voted for and support that Hillary wants to help other human beings, pangaia Sep 2017 #146
I have no idea why you feel that way. Hurt feelings from the last primary maybe? Vinca Sep 2017 #253
The Republicans are the adversary. Not Sanders ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #29
Sure he does. Hey guys would today be a good day to call the party an absolute failure? MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #33
Lol. boston bean Sep 2017 #41
You're killing me! Tarheel_Dem Sep 2017 #291
... lunamagica Sep 2017 #345
So is Conyers a Democrat? Is Klobuchar? Are they grandstanders? Tom Rinaldo Sep 2017 #30
+1 nt riderinthestorm Sep 2017 #43
Cannot agree more! iwannaknow Sep 2017 #57
So who should bend to whom? Demit Sep 2017 #88
Why does anyone have to "bend" to anybody? concreteblue Sep 2017 #98
We agree on that, and yet there is infighting. The question is how do we stop that. Demit Sep 2017 #110
There are those who claim to be on the side of Democrats ehrnst Sep 2017 #301
Conyers is doing an issue forum on his legislation at the CBC annual legislative conference EffieBlack Sep 2017 #66
But is NOW the right time for that forum? TCJ70 Sep 2017 #74
The forum is an annual event planned months ago EffieBlack Sep 2017 #100
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #89
Stop accusing Democrats of being the "same as freepers." Demit Sep 2017 #144
it is an utter nonsense argument that this somehow makes the Republican case stronger. JCanete Sep 2017 #360
TO convoluted for some too understand. pangaia Sep 2017 #151
Strange that days ago he sent out a copy of G-C flagged for its attacks dogman Sep 2017 #31
From his Facebook page: dogman Sep 2017 #37
The GOP doesn't need an excuse to be evil ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #35
wow, just wow. Javaman Sep 2017 #36
Nope. Dem leadership is involved in this debate Arazi Sep 2017 #38
you can say it, but that carries water for Republicans tactic to divide & conquer D party. Sunlei Sep 2017 #39
Your "sit down and shut up" message GaryCnf Sep 2017 #46
So Bernie is asking for the moon on a stick... mwooldri Sep 2017 #47
beat it NJCher Sep 2017 #48
Best reply.... safeinOhio Sep 2017 #105
I would have left off the last sentence DFW Sep 2017 #51
I hope this doesn't break any DU rules. DownriverDem Sep 2017 #52
Why are no Dems (proper) not joining the debate? Why Bernie? He's being used by GOP to 'win' CousinIT Sep 2017 #58
Because I am in a giving mood GaryCnf Sep 2017 #65
Your snark is unwarranted. Sanders - as his haters here love to point out - is not a "Dem" CousinIT Sep 2017 #225
Really chopper050 Sep 2017 #55
No one is talking about taking big money out of elections. safeinOhio Sep 2017 #134
Bernie's "Our Revolution" is a PAC. They do not have to reveal their donors and emulatorloo Sep 2017 #202
Yep. That and Jeff Weaver staying on, was the reason several core staff quit ehrnst Sep 2017 #299
Is it time to remind everyone that Tad Devine WhiteTara Sep 2017 #60
Yes I would like to know more about all delisen Sep 2017 #76
I've read some pretty interesting articles about all that. MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #119
I haven't forgotten that Bernie voted against Russian sanctions. MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #103
I had forgotten that WhiteTara Sep 2017 #127
NO of course not because it is absurd and divisive LiberalLovinLug Sep 2017 #61
Agree. I live in Vermont. Bernie is not in this for himself. He is in it for US. n/t garybeck Sep 2017 #67
This message was self-deleted by its author garybeck Sep 2017 #79
49% of Americans want single payer health Care. You say he's in this only for himself??? garybeck Sep 2017 #63
K& R Gothmog Sep 2017 #64
I'm amazed that such a crazy ineffectual Senator is responsible for so many horrible Nanjeanne Sep 2017 #68
indeed! :) He's not even a Democrat himself ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #95
You'd be surprised at how many people blame Bernie for Trump. HughBeaumont Sep 2017 #158
I was being sarcastic. I'm not surprised at all. Nanjeanne Sep 2017 #161
If Hillary's responsible for Trump, is Bernie responsible for Hillary? EffieBlack Sep 2017 #165
Me too. Surely he realizes the timing sucks. Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #276
Is Amy Klobuchar a Dem or doesn't care about Dems and is only out for herself? Gore1FL Sep 2017 #69
I think you are so wrong. classykaren Sep 2017 #70
me too n/t garybeck Sep 2017 #102
DUers are our own worst enemies, who needs Republicans IronLionZion Sep 2017 #72
Well he is not a republican for sure. pwb Sep 2017 #75
YES! democratisphere Sep 2017 #77
Well, Magoo48 Sep 2017 #78
Funny how Bernie can criticize Dems and the party to his heart's content EffieBlack Sep 2017 #87
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #97
I won't say he needs to be quiet, but Blue_Tires Sep 2017 #83
+1 treestar Sep 2017 #167
+ a million gazillion. R B Garr Sep 2017 #210
I hope that the so-called debate about the republican bill doesn't become long promotional event.... George II Sep 2017 #84
He's a Pied Piper PubliusEnigma Sep 2017 #92
It is a despicable fucking LIE, so you should not be allowed to say it. alarimer Sep 2017 #94
Isn't it funny . . . . HughBeaumont Sep 2017 #114
I support a multi-payer system but I don't know if it would have stopped our political situation StevieM Sep 2017 #171
We've reached the bottom of the bucket for excuses why we can't have single payer CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #322
Do you have a copy of what he will be speaking about? jalan48 Sep 2017 #96
Fuck yeah! ornotna Sep 2017 #99
So what you're saying is we don't need him? vi5 Sep 2017 #104
I didn't say anything close to that EffieBlack Sep 2017 #109
Well, it seems odd then.... vi5 Sep 2017 #193
Agree 100% nt lillypaddle Sep 2017 #111
the primary is over.....mkay...the primary is over mentalslavery Sep 2017 #113
Apparently it's not over for you ... EffieBlack Sep 2017 #117
it was a little irony....mkay....a little irony mentalslavery Sep 2017 #122
Yet another thread bringing the party together.... Chakaconcarne Sep 2017 #120
Funny how any criticism of the guy who constantly criticizes the party EffieBlack Sep 2017 #129
When were we not allowed to say that here? n/t hughee99 Sep 2017 #131
Bernie's Timing Says It All dlk Sep 2017 #136
One thing at a fucking time! world wide wally Sep 2017 #140
Every day Sanders posts on his FB a call to reject Graham Cassidy bill. Nanjeanne Sep 2017 #174
but he criticizes the pure-democratic party which is beyond criticism...cuz hillary mentalslavery Sep 2017 #243
It does seem like it would have been smarter for him to have waited til the end of September MadLinguist Sep 2017 #176
Yawn Ace Rothstein Sep 2017 #182
Worst post ever. m-lekktor Sep 2017 #184
Yet Bernie & only four other dems voted against the massive give away to the MIC this week. CrispyQ Sep 2017 #185
What do you mean by "NOW"? left-of-center2012 Sep 2017 #186
He says he's proud of "taking on virtually the entire party establishment" ucrdem Sep 2017 #191
If by taking them on he means taking their money and support. MrsCoffee Sep 2017 #205
This is really the window to it all, in his own words. He needs the agita R B Garr Sep 2017 #213
There is no question what he did and what the results are. We live with them daily Eliot Rosewater Sep 2017 #252
Yes. And there's no question about his intentions here, either. ucrdem Sep 2017 #356
Enough of this crap. Eyeball_Kid Sep 2017 #195
_Kid chopper050 Sep 2017 #222
With you 100% EffieBlack Expecting Rain Sep 2017 #198
Bullshit RhodeIslandOne Sep 2017 #208
This has nothing to do with who's' behind anything EffieBlack Sep 2017 #218
Let me get this straight... Act_of_Reparation Sep 2017 #223
So every time someone brings up single payer, you're going to allow the GOP to bully you? RhodeIslandOne Sep 2017 #332
You are correct. From beginning to end... every word is true. NurseJackie Sep 2017 #224
Once Again Nurse J. Me. Sep 2017 #237
You are, if you are determined to continue this particular narrative. guillaumeb Sep 2017 #228
You speak for most Democrats. nt LexVegas Sep 2017 #230
Sorry, no she doesn't. She speaks for a small, certain subset.... Raster Sep 2017 #240
Looking at how the majority voted, yes, she speaks for R B Garr Sep 2017 #248
The majority voted for Bernie to be quiet on healthcare? m-lekktor Sep 2017 #277
Desperate, but unfortunately very familiar. nt R B Garr Sep 2017 #313
No, the majority voted for Hillary Clinton. And everyone on this site voted for her for POTUS lunamagica Sep 2017 #348
That was then melman Sep 2017 #358
If we lose the ACA, who will be blamed? Demsrule86 Sep 2017 #274
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #234
Citing rules are ya? oasis Sep 2017 #236
....... disillusioned73 Sep 2017 #246
I'll take him over a person who makes a divisive hateful thread like this anyday. Nt LostOne4Ever Sep 2017 #256
well said ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #267
The ACA would not have passed without Bernie Sanders. I guess trumps election and then onecaliberal Sep 2017 #284
He threatened to withold his vote when they wouldn't make it single payer. ehrnst Sep 2017 #298
"The ACA would not have passed without Bernie Sanders"....and 59 other Senators. George II Sep 2017 #312
I'm allowed, because I say it all the time, and damn the consequences. Everything you said is true. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2017 #285
I'm going to watch the debate Monday night and LMFAO CherokeeFiddle Sep 2017 #293
No. Read the TOS. Ms. Toad Sep 2017 #294
thank you ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #297
Constructive criticism is always welcome, Expecting Rain Sep 2017 #330
MmmmHmmmm. . . Ms. Toad Sep 2017 #331
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #333
We agree that it has gone haywire, Ms. Toad Sep 2017 #334
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #335
my thoughts as well.... chillfactor Sep 2017 #303
No, unless you are close minded KPN Sep 2017 #307
I am glad Gavin Newsome doesn't feel the same way. Nanjeanne Sep 2017 #314
LOL... The empressof all Sep 2017 #317
We've always been allowed. First amendment packs Corvo Bianco Sep 2017 #325
Get a new hobby. Warpy Sep 2017 #327
It depends on what the meaning of "allowed" is. Jim Lane Sep 2017 #347
I can't wait to kick this back up after Sanders obliterates everyone Monday. Quixote1818 Sep 2017 #353
Coincidentally, that's what Russian news outlets and bots say too. sharedvalues Sep 2017 #354
I don't give a fuck. Say what you want. It's bullshit, but feel free. But this is illustrative JCanete Sep 2017 #357
This message was self-deleted by its author liberalnarb Sep 2017 #359
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