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Last night I heard a commentator refer to it as the "Grand Old Pedophiles." Vinca Nov 2017 #1
I prefer 'Ghoulish Old Perverts'............ LongTomH Nov 2017 #14
Greedy Old Perverts lagomorph777 Nov 2017 #17
Here's there baseball cap: L. Coyote Nov 2017 #24
A great read titaniumsalute Nov 2017 #2
You Own This Stevie Boy! ProfessorGAC Nov 2017 #3
While you are correct in what you say, he has led the fight against Trump. I would OnDoutside Nov 2017 #12
I have done a lot of thinking... dajoki Nov 2017 #19
I'll stick up for Goldwater Pope George Ringo II Nov 2017 #26
Yep - that shift in the parties was the beginning of the end Cosmocat Nov 2017 #33
Also, as long as we're talking about changes from '64 Pope George Ringo II Nov 2017 #41
Yes I agree with 1964 as the start, but I think they upped the OnDoutside Nov 2017 #34
The Master And His Minions - 1985 Marcuse Nov 2017 #21
Where's Chuckie Todd? ProfessorGAC Nov 2017 #22
Chuck Todd was 13 years old in 1985 emulatorloo Nov 2017 #36
I Know ProfessorGAC Nov 2017 #40
I agree totally. Save your outrage Schmidt, you helped make this mess. nt Irish_Dem Nov 2017 #27
I believe in redemption and atonement nt emulatorloo Nov 2017 #37
really? Republicans haven't cared about that in decades so no biggie beachbum bob Nov 2017 #4
Just figure this out, Steve? sarge43 Nov 2017 #5
He's been saying similar for a long while now. emulatorloo Nov 2017 #38
I give him credit for calling Moore a pedophile and Pence a titanic fraud and nonstop liar dalton99a Nov 2017 #6
A relevant quote from Washington's Farewell Address: Girard442 Nov 2017 #7
Well done. Your emphasis is perfectly placed. brush Nov 2017 #9
Thanks. Very current and ominous. KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2017 #10
Holy moly Washington must've had a crystal ball. lagomorph777 Nov 2017 #18
Everytime I read something from our founding fathers JDC Nov 2017 #29
k and r Achilleaze Nov 2017 #8
It exposes a profound moral rot all right. ananda Nov 2017 #11
Steve Schmidt brought moral rot to the Republican party in the era of Rove/Cheney/Bush oberliner Nov 2017 #13
Steve has done a lot of damage SHRED Nov 2017 #20
The question I would have for Steve is, if Jeb Bush had won instead OnDoutside Nov 2017 #15
"otherwise normal, decent people" hibbing Nov 2017 #16
I thought Eisenhower died. L. Coyote Nov 2017 #25
STEVE WHY ARE YOU SO SURPRISED???? infullview Nov 2017 #23
He's been saying stuff like this for at least a year. It's not a surprise to him. emulatorloo Nov 2017 #39
Is "expose" the right word? Or "makes it impossible to ignore"?... JHB Nov 2017 #28
I'm glad schmidt has always been critical of trump and continues to be JI7 Nov 2017 #30
I have no idea exactly why Schmidt turned against his own party. Grammy23 Nov 2017 #31
Every time I see Schmidt, I think of his role in poisoning our nation w Sarah Palin. Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2017 #42
No, Steve. That rot has been hiding in plain sight for decades. GoCubsGo Nov 2017 #32
K&R... spanone Nov 2017 #35
Was it moral rot to try and turn Sarah Palin into a vice president, Steve? Volaris Nov 2017 #43
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