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22. I am astounded by the fact....
Sun Dec 17, 2017, 10:59 AM
Dec 2017

...that with all the problems facing this White House, Donald Trump was focused on getting Richard Beckler to keep all his communications within his Transition Team secret and from public view???

VERY valuable post as we listen to the squeals coming out annabanana Dec 2017 #1
The KGOP republicans are so sleazy - "running interference" Achilleaze Dec 2017 #2
+1 for "KGOP" ! FailureToCommunicate Dec 2017 #25
I like it, too pandr32 Dec 2017 #31
So if they are indeed running interference here calimary Dec 2017 #35
They are protecting themselves at this point. The heck with Trump. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #51
Thanks for posting. No wonder Trump and GOP are in panic mode emulatorloo Dec 2017 #3
(Mueller Team) "We have secured either the account owners consent or appropriate criminal process" emulatorloo Dec 2017 #4
Giuliani has been might quiet for a while. I will be very pleased if he gets nailed Tanuki Dec 2017 #5
He's an ex-DA. He knows the value of remaining silent. Iggo Dec 2017 #38
He is in all of this and knows he is in deep trouble. nt Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #39
K&R Solly Mack Dec 2017 #6
Here's the full list of Trump transition team. Pence to Bondi & beyond Wwcd Dec 2017 #7
Don't forget KellyAnne: kpete Dec 2017 #9
The Kellyanne that never ever stops talking? 😭 I kinda feel sorry for her cellmate, Wwcd Dec 2017 #11
Makes one feel warm and fuzzy all over. shraby Dec 2017 #13
I hope hope hope they have Chris Collins MY sleazebag non-rep pangaia Dec 2017 #16
"Could be a lot of 'Felicias' in those emails." BumRushDaShow Dec 2017 #12
From the Twitterverse, I read that Guiliani had offered to make a deal with Mueller. Eyeball_Kid Dec 2017 #44
Bookmarked! kentuck Dec 2017 #8
Makes sense to me nolabels Dec 2017 #10
Next on Hannity: "Some people are saying..... concreteblue Dec 2017 #14
OH yes... 10, 9, 8 come on Kellie Ann... new face lift time... pangaia Dec 2017 #18
You beat me to it! Of course they will say Mueller killed Beckler! Ilsa Dec 2017 #20
No they will say Hillary Alwaysna Dec 2017 #32
I'm curious... kag Dec 2017 #33
Yes how did Backler die? In light of all the recent Russian deaths Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #41
Wondered that myself....nt 2naSalit Dec 2017 #42
Somewhere in the thread they are saying prostate cancer, Ilsa Dec 2017 #46
Yes if you know you are dying, why take such an important and sensitive job. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #48
In summary, they all lied to the FBI thinking someone was covering up their crimes. LOL. L. Coyote Dec 2017 #15
Hard to imagine them being this naive, but there it is. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #49
Hard to imagine? tazkcmo Dec 2017 #56
True, it still boggles my mind. nt Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #57
This is the thing about illegal activity, you are forced to coverup for as longas possible. L. Coyote Dec 2017 #59
They got away with a lot in NYC. I guess they figured they were smarter Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #60
Re excerpt: "assured" a person, "ensured" an action. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2017 #17
Great post!! n.t USALiberal Dec 2017 #19
So, was that the moment in time when God changed sides ? rickford66 Dec 2017 #21
YEP! kpete Dec 2017 #34
This should be the headline. Well said. rickford66 Dec 2017 #45
Bwaaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaaa!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2017 #54
I am astounded by the fact.... kentuck Dec 2017 #22
He's been a sociopath for a long time. Secrecy, lies, breaking the law, are second nature to him. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #40
I hope Mueller takes them all down. They've betrayed the entire country. -Steph- Dec 2017 #23
Can't wait!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2017 #55
Can't wait to see bpositive Dec 2017 #24
There will be a serious, dramatic movie, followed Ilsa Dec 2017 #47
Too bad Jerry Lewis can't play Trump. ret5hd Dec 2017 #52
Yes, an Oscar awaits Alec Baldwin and Trump will be awarded the Putin Order of Friendship Doodley Dec 2017 #53
Depends upon how the rest of this story plays out in real life. Irish_Dem Dec 2017 #62
Looks like Trump is going to drain the swamp as he said he would Zorro Dec 2017 #26
LOL, if you read about Hitler's connections with occult and love PatrickforO Dec 2017 #28
You know, kpete, I sure hope that our political institutions are strong enough, that PatrickforO Dec 2017 #27
Hannity's little problem: Eyeball_Kid Dec 2017 #43
Oh. That's a happy thing! PatrickforO Dec 2017 #50
The OTHER HUGE point in all this: how could it possibly NOT be obstruction of justice for the GSA Squinch Dec 2017 #29
You've just made my weekend! Thanks for the delightful info. Nitram Dec 2017 #30
Thank you. leanforward Dec 2017 #36
After all the email stories from the past years, SCVDem Dec 2017 #37
This is as good as my Christmas dinner malaise Dec 2017 #58
Hey FatFuk! smirkymonkey Dec 2017 #61
Comey fired May 9th. Beckler placed as gatekeeper May 12. Comey appointed as SC May 17th. herding cats Dec 2017 #63
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