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37. Perhaps you don't fly much? One doesn't push grandpa in his wheelchair onto the plane...
Tue May 15, 2012, 10:42 AM
May 2012

...the farthest you might get is to the end of the skyway before having to transfer to the airline's narrow aisle chair to your seat. You, your grandpa and his chair would have been scanned and checked and the chair, if it's his, goes elsewhere.

My old mother was thoroughly frisked and her power chair taken mostly apart before she got thru security at different times. She didn't ever seem the terrorist type to me - I'm her son and may have been biased - but the TSA folks clearly didn't want to take any chances on this elderly disabled grandma.

I am no fan of the TSA. I think it is expensive security theatre. Another time my wife and I were detained for nearly 30 minutes -and nearly missed our flight- because they "found" a pair of blunt plastic child scissors in the art travel kit we had along (traveling with two little kids)

On the other hand, I lost two good friends "that day". And I had traveled several times thru the Portland airport (pre 9/11) "security" where Mohammed Atta had slipped past. So we clearly needed some better system...

There is something perversely ironic about this. The Velveteen Ocelot May 2012 #1
Just this once...I actually feel sorry for the TSA Ken Burch May 2012 #2
"Or at least a fully-paid lobotomy?" The cheapest way is for them to turn on fox news. cstanleytech May 2012 #13
More victims of PTSD FarCenter May 2012 #17
"the horror...the horror..." Ken Burch May 2012 #18
Couldn't "avoid a pat-down"? It looks like he couldn't avoid a feel-up either? AnotherMcIntosh May 2012 #3
Yeah, why wasn't he in the frequent flyer express check-in line? I suspect he wanted the intimacy. freshwest May 2012 #22
"None of the agents seemed to know who he was" A war criminal from FailureToCommunicate May 2012 #4
He's not called " Killer Kissinger" for nothing! I hope they humiliated him crunch60 May 2012 #12
The architect of the other 9/11 in Chile lunatica May 2012 #28
Kissinger isn't dangerous all by himself. baldguy May 2012 #5
K&R DeSwiss May 2012 #6
I hope TSA agent(s) doing the pat down was a Republican. LiberalFighter May 2012 #7
as much as I despise Kissinger, this is absurd---an old man in a wheelchair wordpix May 2012 #8
Are you "but they were in a wheel chair" people for real? More places to hide things, harun May 2012 #16
I see you're all for the TSA. Should they use the vaginal probe on both sexes you think? lunatica May 2012 #27
Not being an idiot is not the same as "for the TSA". boppers May 2012 #29
When was the last time an old person in a wheelchair was caught being a terrorist? lunatica May 2012 #30
Dude, people put hand grenades in baby's diapers malthaussen May 2012 #33
Usually airport wheelchairs are airport equipment operated by airport employees. Hassin Bin Sober May 2012 #35
Doesn't preclude some baroque plot to mine the chair malthaussen May 2012 #36
I don't think an old person in a wheelchair CAN be a toddler. Indeed, next thing they'll start x-ray uppityperson May 2012 #40
About a year or two ago. boppers May 2012 #46
Perhaps you don't fly much? One doesn't push grandpa in his wheelchair onto the plane... FailureToCommunicate May 2012 #37
In all liklihood, Kissinger's wheelchair Ken Burch May 2012 #19
hahaha obamanut2012 May 2012 #31
meant to be more bitter than funny, but thanks for getting it anyway. Ken Burch May 2012 #38
"...None of the agents seemed to know who he was." unkachuck May 2012 #9
Yes, who knows, he might have wanted a last hurrah, go out with a bang so crunch60 May 2012 #14
That wasn't a grenade...he was just happy to see them. Ken Burch May 2012 #20
more like a colostomy bag waddirum May 2012 #41
Good. n/t pnwmom May 2012 #10
War criminal. nt Mnemosyne May 2012 #11
+1 nt Javaman May 2012 #32
Nobel winner? Guess anyone can 'win'. nt Mnemosyne May 2012 #47
Like most, I expect, my feelings on this are mixed. Robb May 2012 #15
Kissinger in an elevator cheriemedium59 May 2012 #21
There is no Karma ... SomeGuyInEagan May 2012 #42
Not a job I would want... Rhiannon12866 May 2012 #23
Ew. Adsos Letter May 2012 #24
The searches are a lot worse in prison, where he belongs. LeftyMom May 2012 #25
+1! FailureToCommunicate May 2012 #44
He dedicated his life to exercising control over people Ash_F May 2012 #26
Not being recognized probably hurt him more malthaussen May 2012 #34
No Kissinger fan here, but come on????? Beacool May 2012 #39
Nobel has to revoke the Peace Prize on Kissinger. Woody Woodpecker May 2012 #43
It is morally acceptable to like schaudenfraude while decrying TSA techniques CreekDog May 2012 #45
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