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35. Jeb is increasingly incoherent.
Wed Dec 9, 2015, 09:50 PM
Dec 2015
More Jebberish from the campaign trail today, in addition to his babbling something about Donald Trump as "Barack Obama - the other version of it,":

..... Bush's comments to reporters came at the conclusion of an unusual event with students and other young professionals - four young adults peppered him with unusual questions like who he would invite to a party at the White House. The result was sometimes funny and often awkward. Bush described his own introverted personality and tendency to be serious; but also occasionally dropped in a droll joke. At one point, he held forth at some length about the quality of the bed he'd bought for his Miami home, saying how much he missed it, drawing titters from the crowd.

Then he was asked about studying abroad.

"I had a Latin American affair before I had a degree in it," Bush said, referring to meeting his wife, Columba, in Mexico before finishing his undergraduate degree in Latin American studies.

Asked which celebrity he'd want to meet, Bush scoffed. "I really don't believe in celebrity. I just don't. I find it superficial," he said. "I got into a big fight with Matt Damon about school choice."

But he was introspective when one student asked what he would emulate about his father, saying that George H.W. Bush was "near perfect" and that he only hoped to be half the man his dad is.

"He treats the person that is serving in a hotel the same way he would treat a head of state and just to be grounded that way, everything else kind of flows from that," he said.

Oh, Y E S, Poppy is SOOO decent and respectful. [font color=red]NOT.[/font]

We have functioning memories here.

CNN, 2009:

COOPER: .....

Coming up, President Clinton and Bush 41 like you've never seen them before. See what Clinton and Bush 41 said that everyone cracked up about. It's our "Shot," next.


COOPER: All right, Tom. I know you're going to enjoy tonight's "Shot," so let's get to it.

From New Orleans yesterday, I give you the comic stylings of two former presidents making jokes, revealing close encounters with citizens and having some fun. Watch.


BUSH: One time, we thought we'd outsmarted the crowd. We sent a decoy limousine off in one direction while I snuck out -- in the back entrance. And as we rounded the corner -- I'll never forget it -- I saw one of the ugliest and angriest women I have ever seen in my entire life. Boy, she was really bad.

And she charged my car with a sign. I don't see why the Secret Service let her up that close, right next to the window. "Stay out of my womb."

"No problem, lady."

And -- these things...

CLINTON: You know, he tells jokes that I just couldn't get away with telling. Can you imagine what they would do to me if I told that joke he told up here? Some people can do things other people can't.

Reminds me, you know, of the story of the two dogs who watched kids break-dancing. And one dog said to the other, "You know, if we did that, they'd worm us."

I mean, some guys got it, some guys don't.



We already know which half of Poppy, 'The Man', that Jeb Bush inherited.

God Lord, deliver us from this family.

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