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Jeb ole boy DonCoquixote Dec 2015 #1
Once again proving he's even dumber than his brother n/t hibbing Dec 2015 #2
oh my fucking god. he's a hyena in a suit. he's dumber than his several dumb brothers. roguevalley Dec 2015 #46
He is hysterical in a suit rpannier Dec 2015 #48
This is the smart one? Proserpina Dec 2015 #3
no damn wonder mama wanted him hidden away. rurallib Dec 2015 #20
WTF does that mean? The white version? GusBob Dec 2015 #4
Exactly what came to my mind... elias49 Dec 2015 #19
Just one of many trial balloons Wellstone ruled Dec 2015 #5
More like a trail of buffoons. nt Xipe Totec Dec 2015 #16
All in the Rethug master game plan. Wellstone ruled Dec 2015 #36
The Fourth Estate is a Fifth Column. Xipe Totec Dec 2015 #37
This garbage started with Nixon and Wellstone ruled Dec 2015 #45
and we all thought george was the dumb one dembotoz Dec 2015 #6
I suspect that Hayduke Bomgarte Dec 2015 #13
I may not be too happy with obama these days Robbins Dec 2015 #7
Jeb should go ellie Dec 2015 #8
Jeb, even pond scum shit has more brains than you. onecaliberal Dec 2015 #9
Desperate times... (as the saying goes.) NurseJackie Dec 2015 #10
I agree n/t ejbr Dec 2015 #22
It just sends a signal to the world that we're not serious Hayduke Bomgarte Dec 2015 #11
I think that is what makes me the most angry. onecaliberal Dec 2015 #12
+1 FailureToCommunicate Dec 2015 #26
Jebbie's sportin' a polysci woodie.... in true Bush* family landshark fashion... Raster Dec 2015 #14
Another classic Jeb! fail. fleur-de-lisa Dec 2015 #15
Just when I thought he was smarter than shrub.... blackspade Dec 2015 #17
trump fits right in with the republican party. rockfordfile Dec 2015 #18
Jeb!? is an idiot Hekate Dec 2015 #21
my reaction, took. MBS Dec 2015 #30
The further along this camapign season goes Jeb Bartlet Dec 2015 #23
George the "Shrub" was charismatic? FailureToCommunicate Dec 2015 #31
Jeb sure has a huge head rickford66 Dec 2015 #38
he does not even make sense. hopemountain Dec 2015 #24
It is somewhat sobering to realize that Shrub was the smart one all along. malthaussen Dec 2015 #25
Unlike Lake Wobegon, IDemo Dec 2015 #28
Jeb? would certainly know about how to cheat at elections in Florida... Hekate Dec 2015 #43
And Jeb Is The Other Hillary billhicks76 Dec 2015 #27
Please tell us how much difference, in dimes, there is between Jeb? and Hillary. I look forward... Hekate Dec 2015 #42
On Foreign Policy, Drug War and Surveillance? billhicks76 Dec 2015 #57
What a nutjeb. Gregorian Dec 2015 #29
Like a sideshow geek. Jack-o-Lantern Dec 2015 #32
Jeb is the other version of bush. truthisfreedom Dec 2015 #33
Jeb Bush is a moron. Why is he even still in the race? SomethingNew Dec 2015 #34
I hope they don't think they can STEAL THIS ELECTION ALSO WITH JEBBY.... onecent Dec 2015 #39
Jeb is increasingly incoherent. seafan Dec 2015 #35
Zip up your pants, Jebbie... tavernier Dec 2015 #40
Gingrich said the same thing elmac Dec 2015 #41
Fake news divided the country almost a decade ago. Has been expanding. oldandhappy Dec 2015 #44
Jeb! sofa king Dec 2015 #47
And Jeb is the other version of stupid. Helen Borg Dec 2015 #49
My god is Jeb! still around? NastyRiffraff Dec 2015 #50
Dude is so lost BeyondGeography Dec 2015 #51
That's right.. Blame trump on President Obama.. he gets blamed for everything else.. why not.. Cha Dec 2015 #52
WTF does that even mean? liberal N proud Dec 2015 #53
Do you folks NOT pay attention? getagrip_already Dec 2015 #54
Jebby's articulation is worse than idiot brother 'W', over and over again. ViseGrip Dec 2015 #55
this incoherent babble from jeb! is almost sad to watch restorefreedom Dec 2015 #56
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