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22. candidates suspend campaign but do not quit
Tue Mar 15, 2016, 09:56 PM
Mar 2016

candidates suspend campaign but do not quit


"Candidates who suspend their campaigns usually get to keep any delegates they’ve won and
can continue to raise money beyond what’s needed to retire their campaign debts. In
contrast, candidates who actually drop out of a race, usually have to forfeit certain
delegates and are limited in how they can raise future funds."

"and can continue to raise money"
"and can continue to raise money"
"and can continue to raise money"
"and can continue to raise money"
"and can continue to raise money"
*************** How's that go again?

>>>>>>> (more at the article)

If they have delegates, they can negotiate, barter, gain favors (donations?) or even jobs
for the use of those delegates.

Whoa underpants Mar 2016 #1
will he throw his delegates to Cruz? big_dog Mar 2016 #4
Kaisich Kber Mar 2016 #11
I read that in the republican party Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #15
Don't forget the GOP has at least 2 chances to change the rules... sofa king Mar 2016 #20
You are certainly scaring me... Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #26
Thanks! Turbineguy Mar 2016 #30
(Chairman of the RNC is Reince Priebus...) lastlib Mar 2016 #35
Oops! Sorry! sofa king Mar 2016 #36
Now he's off to his dominatrix for a good beating and berating! valerief Mar 2016 #2
Called it! Kelvin Mace Mar 2016 #3
#goodbyerubiotuesday Hissyspit Mar 2016 #5
Nice. FailureToCommunicate Mar 2016 #7
Saw it on Twitter. Hissyspit Mar 2016 #10
LOL hay rick Mar 2016 #12
Still, I'm gonna miss him........ lastlib Mar 2016 #19
Lol Danmel Mar 2016 #31
Lol Liberal_in_LA Mar 2016 #37
shit. retrowire Mar 2016 #6
Then there were three bozos in the car liberal N proud Mar 2016 #8
They're all awful. Trump is a clinical Narcissistic Sociopath. Hissyspit Mar 2016 #14
Oh dear. He was just staring to sound reasonable...compared to the other clowns. Well sorta FailureToCommunicate Mar 2016 #9
Actually, he was pretty bad. dixiegrrrrl Mar 2016 #18
Now he's gone. Whos the next least evil of their evil batch... Cavallo Mar 2016 #13
Once again, FLUSH! 47of74 Mar 2016 #16
Other than his interest in Trump, he won't go down. keithbvadu2 Mar 2016 #21
Thank you for the laugh Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #27
Goodbye, Rubio Tuesday. Thor_MN Mar 2016 #17
candidates suspend campaign but do not quit keithbvadu2 Mar 2016 #22
And he was just gaining traction today! The Second Stone Mar 2016 #23
Well, Carson did he got an offer from Trump TexasBushwhacker Mar 2016 #24
Story from thehill.com... PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #25
Fake Rubio quote: "Letí dispel once and for all with NCjack Mar 2016 #28
The bagger-quitter suspends, so he can make deals with the bigger Republicans Sunlei Mar 2016 #29
Get back in your doggie cage, Christie. That's a good boy. keithbvadu2 Mar 2016 #33
Can't wait until next 'Saturday Night Live' does Rubio the newest Republican quitter Sunlei Mar 2016 #34
At least there was one positive result last night. Vinca Mar 2016 #32
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