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How sorry is he? SheilaT May 2016 #1
HOW ABOUT.... cynzke May 2016 #7
That works for me. SheilaT May 2016 #9
what you think of head scarf is not relevant - even ifwearing it is involuntary its Kashkakat v.2.0 May 2016 #13
Yes. A major assault and humiliation. Mister Ed May 2016 #30
Of course North Carolina... scscholar May 2016 #2
One more Trump voter... Ford_Prefect May 2016 #3
What if that had been a Mother Superior?? HuskiesHowls May 2016 #4
Why hair covering on one is fine but the other isn't is lunacy. Nt moriah May 2016 #8
Did you notice how nuns habits are never an issue with these types ? Person 2713 May 2016 #25
Silly Gil... Gumboot May 2016 #5
I'm sorry, but this isn't true. Socal31 May 2016 #6
Guaranteed his parents remembered BumRushDaShow May 2016 #10
If you didn't have head gear on when I was a kid the nuns would put a Kleenex on your head !! Person 2713 May 2016 #26
Asshole jpak May 2016 #11
Another Einstein Weighs In 13Dogs May 2016 #12
Wait until he wins or doesn't win . Either way these idiots will rebel in our society Person 2713 May 2016 #27
Correct, you're right bub. This *IS* America - we tolerate people who are different from us here. Kashkakat v.2.0 May 2016 #14
This guy would probably go ballistic ... JustABozoOnThisBus May 2016 #15
I hope the crybaby gets what he deserves NWCorona May 2016 #16
Bet he loves Trump. sinkingfeeling May 2016 #17
Fucking redneck shit-for-brains. Paladin May 2016 #18
You're giving him too much credit. n/t TonyPDX May 2016 #20
I agree with the poster above that it's still a form of assault rockfordfile May 2016 #19
What I want to know is Loki May 2016 #21
Wow! Way to convince a woman she has freedom! Coventina May 2016 #22
I suspect our resident DU Islamophobes would do the same thing. Odin2005 May 2016 #23
When I was young in the 60s my mother used to wear a head scarf on The Second Stone May 2016 #24
Yeah, this is America and just what gives that inbred knuckle dragging douchecanoe Warpy May 2016 #28
What a jerk. nt tblue37 May 2016 #29
You don't just get "sorry" for those actions. louis-t May 2016 #31
Sorry for the actions because he got in trouble. yellowcanine May 2016 #32
Jesus, why can't people mind their own fucking business?? BuelahWitch May 2016 #33
NC man pleads guilty to pulling off Muslim woman’s hijab during flight Judi Lynn May 2016 #34
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