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Thu Jan 14, 2021, 10:43 AM Jan 2021

Man Who Allegedly Threw Fire Extinguisher at Police Arrested on Federal Charges [View all]

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

1 hour ago

Man Who Allegedly Threw Fire Extinguisher at Police Arrested on Federal Charges

By Aruna Viswanatha and Erin Ailworth

A retired firefighter from Pennsylvania was arrested Thursday morning for allegedly throwing a fire extinguisher that hit three police officers at the pro-Trump riot at the U.S. Capitol as captured on video, U.S. officials said.

Robert Sanford of Chester, Pa., faces three federal felony charges including assaulting a police officer after he was allegedly identified as the person who lobbed a fire extinguisher on the west side of the Capitol, at around 2:30 pm, as the mob crashed past a thin line of Capitol police officers and stormed towards the building on Jan. 6.

Around the same time, a radio dispatch captured by OpenMHZ, a platform that records radio chatter from law enforcement and life- safety services agencies, relayed an emergency code: "There is a 10-33 at the Capitol building. It has been breached." The 10-33 code signifies an emergency in which an officer needs assistance.

The extinguisher that Mr. Sanford allegedly threw is separate from the one that killed Officer Brian Sicknick, who was also struck in the head with a fire extinguisher during the unrest and died from his wounds, officials said. (1)


(1) https://www.wsj.com/articles/capitol-police-officer-brian-sicknick-dies-of-injuries-sustained-at-riot-11610121907

Read more: https://www.wsj.com/livecoverage/trump-impeachment-house-biden/card/jjabJi3k3h0KAkxYDoWY



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A retired firefighter from #Pennsylvania arrested this morning for allegedly throwing a fire extinguisher that hit three police officers during the #CapitolSiege.

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Irony isn't dead exboyfil Jan 2021 #1
Ikr! SheltieLover Jan 2021 #6
Sure it's not karma with a jacked up sense of humor. IsItJustMe Jan 2021 #23
Also a career government employee protesting about how bad government employees are. grantcart Jan 2021 #42
How does WSJ know that's not the incident that killed Officer Sicknick? sinkingfeeling Jan 2021 #2
Probably happened in a different location, with reliable witnesses. BusyBeingBest Jan 2021 #8
There is video of the throwing incident. NT enough Jan 2021 #16
From the article: mahatmakanejeeves Jan 2021 #19
My mind seems to be rejecting the idea that it hang on to the details from that day. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #32
I wonder if the CFD logo on his cap helped investigators BeyondGeography Jan 2021 #3
That's another retired firefighter from Chicago. marble falls Jan 2021 #4
That hasn't been verified BeyondGeography Jan 2021 #9
paywall. AllaN01Bear Jan 2021 #31
That guy was wrongly identified. LisaL Jan 2021 #11
For some reason, RW'ers REALLY seem to have a need... ret5hd Jan 2021 #7
They can't comment on your post until they get back from the boat parade...:) dameatball Jan 2021 #26
Maybe the have no self identity. Except they were promised___, and have been wronged. n/t Jetheels Jan 2021 #36
The last tome the right had uniforms, christx30 Jan 2021 #37
All the Trump BS these jerks spit into their neighbors & family for four years is ... marble falls Jan 2021 #5
Good news, this was one arrest that was imperative. Bev54 Jan 2021 #10
Yep, considering the guy had his last name on the back of his hat. LisaL Jan 2021 #12
Don't you just wonder how these people even survive through life? Bev54 Jan 2021 #14
I dunno. LisaL Jan 2021 #17
With teeth, too. Odd. mahina Jan 2021 #59
The cfd guy is someone else. See up thread. niyad Jan 2021 #27
No, the guy arrested is the guy wearing a CFD hat. LisaL Jan 2021 #33
Here's my Philly paper's article (Philadelphia Inquirer) BumRushDaShow Jan 2021 #13
"Lobbing" greenjar_01 Jan 2021 #38
Yet yesterday in a recorded video, trump said ppl who support his "movement" aren't violent. Keep iluvtennis Jan 2021 #15
Oh. So that is a defining characteristic of his "movement," is it? BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #34
I hope they see some prison time for this still_one Jan 2021 #18
The most sickening crimes serve a dual purpose nam78_two Jan 2021 #43
Video of the fire extingusiher being trhown at the police iluvtennis Jan 2021 #20
There was a Rebl2 Jan 2021 #21
Another fool, retired with a pension, could have lived out his days in comfort. But no... Midnight Writer Jan 2021 #22
It's incredible greenjar_01 Jan 2021 #39
Wow. I certainly hope he does more than several. Didn't one of those officers die from his injuries? C Moon Jan 2021 #47
No, none of these particular officers died greenjar_01 Jan 2021 #48
Okay. Thanks! C Moon Jan 2021 #50
I should have read the article. :D Just did now. C Moon Jan 2021 #55
Photo (graphic warning?) Auggie Jan 2021 #24
This is apparently a different terrorist. niyad Jan 2021 #28
You seem to be confused. LisaL Jan 2021 #35
No, this is him greenjar_01 Jan 2021 #40
What has happened here is that the "CFD" was attributed to "Chicago FD" and it's "Chester FD" BumRushDaShow Jan 2021 #53
Where do they find these bright people, such masters of disguise bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #25
... masters of disguise IcyPeas Jan 2021 #51
I actually meant fireman carrying a fire extinguisher, but that's ok /nt bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #54
This is why it is important not to jump to conclusions while sleuthing on the Internet.. okojo Jan 2021 #29
I didn't think they were a good match. LisaL Jan 2021 #41
I just wonder why we see firefighters and police Dyedinthewoolliberal Jan 2021 #30
Male authority figures in f'n charge, mister! nt Mopar151 Jan 2021 #45
Lots of angry white guys in that area.... Jon King Jan 2021 #44
They are everywhere reader1 Jan 2021 #49
Let Trump try to pardon this ahole. C Moon Jan 2021 #46
Life in prison !! VladmireTrumpkins Jan 2021 #52
It is still hard to fathom how many cops, fire-fighters, military were SO f'in brainwashed by a cult Evolve Dammit Jan 2021 #56
Lock Him Up ! colsohlibgal Jan 2021 #57
"He doesn't know what they're talking about" dalton99a Jan 2021 #58
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