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24. I take it you haven't gone to The Hill's YouTube channel, then.
Thu Sep 16, 2021, 09:56 PM
Sep 2021

Just a small selection of their video uploads, all with thumbnails and titles that would make the National Enquirer and other tabloid rags blush with envy:

- "Nicki Minaj HITS BACK At MSM Over Vaccine Comments, CALLS OUT White House for LYING About Invitation"

- "Krystal Ball: In Leaked Audio Biden CAUGHT Admitting He Won't Do Anything as President"

- "Krystal Ball: Bill Gates is LYING TO YOU On Vaccine Patent Protection"

- "Rose McGowan BLASTS Oprah support of 'SICK power structure' by associating with Weinstein, Simmons"

- "Kim Iversen: Newsom's 'Virtue Signal' Mandates, Israel Cases SPIKE as Country Requires THIRD Jab"

- "Harvard Scientist: GALILEO Project Proves Humans Can NO LONGER Ignore Possible ALIEN Existence"

- "Katie Halper: Obama Scales Back 60th Birthday Bash After Backlash; Twitter FAWNS Over Fmr Prez"

- "JUST IN: Dan Crenshaw TORCHES Pelosi in blistering House speech"

- "State Dept. SCRUBS Data on Military Weapons ABANDONED in Afghanistan From Official Websites"

I don't know about anyone else here, but this doesn't exactly scream "respectable" or "unbiased" to me.

Biden bombs with Manchin [View all] SouthBayDem Sep 2021 OP
not LBN. opinion and analysis IMO nt msongs Sep 2021 #1
A report on what Biden and Manchin discussed isn't LBN? Wierd. brooklynite Sep 2021 #7
"why it matters" is opinion and anlaysis and it contains no statement from manchin/biden msongs Sep 2021 #10
I don't care about "why it matters"... brooklynite Sep 2021 #13
why it matters makes it opinion and or analysis nt msongs Sep 2021 #18
Your concern is noted. groundloop Sep 2021 #17
someone said something about someone stillcool Sep 2021 #2
Guess Joe was too nice and didn't threaten to sic the DOJ sinkingfeeling Sep 2021 #3
Using the DOJ to go after political opponents seems very.....Trumpian brooklynite Sep 2021 #9
Manchin is supposed to be a Democrat. I believe most presidents have used bribes and threats to sinkingfeeling Sep 2021 #21
Dangling criminal prosecution seems a tad different. brooklynite Sep 2021 #22
+100 nt reACTIONary Sep 2021 #36
Oh, it's Axios. Moebym Sep 2021 #4
A political blog reports about a development in politics. brooklynite Sep 2021 #14
Don't shoot the messenger left-of-center2012 Sep 2021 #16
I take it you haven't gone to The Hill's YouTube channel, then. Moebym Sep 2021 #24
BS- the Hill and Politico are both right leaning. Nt Fiendish Thingy Sep 2021 #29
they're both shit stirrers. mopinko Sep 2021 #32
When we do this without Manchin he will pwb Sep 2021 #5
How? Which republican will vote with us? jimfields33 Sep 2021 #23
2022 election 20 pukes are up for reelection. pwb Sep 2021 #40
I'll be happy if Manchin gets voting rights passed ColinC Sep 2021 #6
Biden needs to appoint Collins or Toomey to an ambassadorship and tell Manchin to go fuck himself. LonePirate Sep 2021 #8
I like your thinking. tonekat Sep 2021 #12
Yes, release the hounds, unchain the Kraken, enlist the ghost of LBJ. Do Something Dems. Magoo48 Sep 2021 #41
Shit! 😡😰 Beakybird Sep 2021 #11
Not LBN DarthDem Sep 2021 #15
We don't have mods, we have juries. If you want to have a post locked, as in this case... littlemissmartypants Sep 2021 #30
SOP violation alerts go to the forum hosts JudyM Sep 2021 #31
Remind me what SOP means. I have been really addled lately and I can't keep up. TIA ❤ littlemissmartypants Sep 2021 #33
Statement of Purpose JudyM Sep 2021 #34
Thank you. ❤ littlemissmartypants Sep 2021 #35
I think it's dumb for WH to PUBLICIZE meetings blm Sep 2021 #19
From MSN.com.... multigraincracker Sep 2021 #20
their both like a bad case of std's , hard to get rid of ! monkeyman1 Sep 2021 #25
The sad truth is that Manchin will only be unseated by a GQPer. groundloop Sep 2021 #26
A politician's number one goal is to get re-elected. Steelrolled Sep 2021 #27
Which Republican can we depend on? Baitball Blogger Sep 2021 #28
One more meeting scheduled... Donkees Sep 2021 #37
Alternate headline... Manchin bombs with Democrats. Harker Sep 2021 #38
DINO twodogsbarking Sep 2021 #39
*LOCKING* Spazito Sep 2021 #42
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