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I hope he died a slow, painful death PBC_Democrat Nov 2021 #1
Wish he's killed himself before he murdered Gabby Petito. uggggh. n/t iluvtennis Nov 2021 #2
Yes - I always advise Pinback Nov 2021 #4
I think the punchline was - Shut Up! You're Next!!! Probatim Nov 2021 #27
Ha! Pinback Nov 2021 #28
I Think He RobinA Nov 2021 #29
Strangling someone is pretty intentional. It takes time. maxsolomon Nov 2021 #30
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2021 #3
Why don't these people just shoot themselves first. njhoneybadger Nov 2021 #5
The article Delphinus Nov 2021 #6
It's the final report from the forensic anthropologists, who got the remains after Nay Nov 2021 #23
how is this LBN? nt msongs Nov 2021 #7
how is it news at all Skittles Nov 2021 #16
The final determination of suicide was announced today. nt Nay Nov 2021 #22
It's 100% LBN Polybius Nov 2021 #24
yes, I know about the missing young white woman syndrome Skittles Nov 2021 #25
That's missing white girl syndrome with the ugly boyfriend Polybius Nov 2021 #26
What a shame to reduce her to a talking point. She was someone's daughter. She had her whole life chia Nov 2021 #31
uh huh Skittles Nov 2021 #32
I already said I know that. That wasn't her fault. chia Nov 2021 #33
but how people choose to exploit it IS Skittles Nov 2021 #34
Exploit it as in make her death no great loss because she's white? I don't understand why chia Nov 2021 #36
It all sucks. twodogsbarking Nov 2021 #8
He should've just killed himself but these types always have to take someone out too, disgusting! nt Raine Nov 2021 #9
Good PJMcK Nov 2021 #10
Did they find dweller Nov 2021 #11
If they did, they aren't telling. nt Nay Nov 2021 #21
His life could have been so uncomplicated by just telling Gabby that he no longer wished to merry Escurumbele Nov 2021 #12
Ask me if I care Jilly_in_VA Nov 2021 #13
Report from Medical Examiner DippyDem Nov 2021 #14
I assumed they found a gun with him then Ron Obvious Nov 2021 #15
You're right. Didnt think of that oldsoftie Nov 2021 #19
Unfortunate the parents were not more cooperatative with law enforcement from the beginning. honest.abe Nov 2021 #17
Well, its dated today & was a story that garnered national interest for its oddity oldsoftie Nov 2021 #18
Might be NJCher Nov 2021 #20
it's amazing... myohmy2 Nov 2021 #35
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