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9. Elon, wouldn't you rather your legacy was using your money to do something constructive like saving
Sun Dec 11, 2022, 09:16 PM
Dec 2022

the planet or just saving some endangered animals instead of just making a complete fool of yourself. burning money Really, get a life.

Not only that, but Muskrat also made fun of those who have non-binary pronouns. sakabatou Dec 2022 #1
It is his message to someone with a hammer dalton99a Dec 2022 #2
Dr. Fauci should sue that asshole for a billion for endangering his well being. Justice matters. Dec 2022 #25
Musk CitizenZero Dec 2022 #3
I would suggest that the alienation BOSSHOG Dec 2022 #7
Let's create a Go Fund Me to buy Twitter when it fails bigly. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Dec 2022 #15
Thug in suit goes after octogenarian bucolic_frolic Dec 2022 #4
His tweet makes much more of a statement about the problems that capitalism creates......... mjvpi Dec 2022 #5
Musk and Koch capitalism BOSSHOG Dec 2022 #8
and they wonder why a younger generation is drawn towards socialism DBoon Dec 2022 #17
Tweeted many times with numbers caught my eye. We count retweets as evidence of worth? Nuts! Alexander Of Assyria Dec 2022 #14
And since he owns the joint, how we know he hasn't put his thumb on the scale? vanlassie Dec 2022 #21
How many were bots though? Yoyoyo77 Dec 2022 #29
And now we know the truth. 40RatRod Dec 2022 #6
Born with a platinum spoon in his mouth.... SergeStorms Dec 2022 #19
Elon, wouldn't you rather your legacy was using your money to do something constructive like saving housecat Dec 2022 #9
I can't understand how a guy this intelligent can fall for this nonsense propaganda. Kablooie Dec 2022 #10
The best thing to do with Musk's incendiary tweets is to ignore them. CentralMass Dec 2022 #11
+100,000,000 SergeStorms Dec 2022 #20
My pronouns are... jmowreader Dec 2022 #12
Mine as well. Owl Dec 2022 #18
Please don't imitate his mockery of the practice of identifying personal pronouns. Ms. Toad Dec 2022 #22
No, Elon. Your pronouns are eerie/deemable. dchill Dec 2022 #13
Prosecute him because you couldn't get a haircut for a couple of months? louis-t Dec 2022 #23
FYI, my wonderful Republican brother just got Covid - tonight. SleeplessinSoCal Dec 2022 #24
Watch! He'll happily go out and spread the fortune, since someone gave it to him, ruining holidays. TheBlackAdder Dec 2022 #26
He likely got it from those who work for him. SleeplessinSoCal Dec 2022 #30
I hope he fares well. TheBlackAdder Dec 2022 #31
Musk is like a version of Joe Rogan who managed not to drop out of college. LudwigPastorius Dec 2022 #27
People like EM are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. Mr. Evil Dec 2022 #28
Can only hope Erump loses even more advertisers over his latest attacks wishstar Dec 2022 #32
It's just a money game ouija Dec 2022 #33
musky realizes he alienated most of the thinking population Javaman Dec 2022 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author Yonnie3 Dec 2022 #35
Elon has demonstrated, beyond a shred of doubt, that he is not a genius. In fact, he's not very Martin68 Dec 2022 #36
IMHO... myohmy2 Dec 2022 #37
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