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5. I followed this story and did a bit of research when he was convicted this year.
Mon Aug 28, 2023, 04:44 PM
Aug 2023

Regarding First Energy, the change-of-ownership transactions over the past five years are interesting. An investment firm with headquarters split between Taiwan and India is the major stakeholder. The global economy provides exciting opportunities for international investments. However, the bribery is unacceptable, and the paid-off former state legislator faced judgment.

Surprise Surprise, another GOPer groundloop Aug 2023 #1
I almost said the same, but there'll always be a non-repug to sully the waters. erronis Aug 2023 #3
From the party of law and order. progressoid Aug 2023 #10
Haven't dug into the news on this, but wondering how many of FirstEnergy's execs and directors erronis Aug 2023 #2
👍 Mawspam2 Aug 2023 #12
Yes, and the cost of the fines just gets passed on to the customers! 70sEraVet Aug 2023 #18
How come hildegaard28 Aug 2023 #4
I followed this story and did a bit of research when he was convicted this year. John1956PA Aug 2023 #5
I've been waiting for this awhile now EYESORE 9001 Aug 2023 #6
At least he was convicted and given a good long sentence. Diamond_Dog Aug 2023 #8
Cant wait to get used to these kind of heaadlines ;) n/t Cheezoholic Aug 2023 #7
Sadly, these sort of actions by pols and big business are the norm today and signal the Tom Yossarian Joad Aug 2023 #9
He is 64. What a dumb way to retire!! riversedge Aug 2023 #11
Enjoy your stay as we all pay for it. You earned it and we pay for ya. Good deal right? 3 hots Evolve Dammit Aug 2023 #13
... ailsagirl Aug 2023 #14
Tell me there is no A/C in Oklahoma prisons!! Grins Aug 2023 #15
its a federal pen not state moonshinegnomie Aug 2023 #17
Hey Ohio citizens: had enough Republican crime and terrorism yet? NBachers Aug 2023 #16
This was so much more worse than the article shows BlueIn_W_Pa Aug 2023 #19
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