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22. How about the "we" who I've already given examples of.
Thu Sep 7, 2023, 01:43 PM
Sep 2023

"We" changed to "all of us"? And what would "everything we can" look like. Just calling out? What would that do.

As I've already said, easier said than done.

And as I implied above, at length, we are past the years of 'public awareness' building. "We" have talked our brains out. Won court cases beyond any reasonable doubts. Collected evidence, got 91 felony counts against a former occupant of the WH.
It's one reason why most Americans know the score (besides from direct experience). The "we" you speak of has done its job.

It's the doing time now. THAT is the "we" I'm referring to. The we who can but does not DO.
The same "we" I've described above, who sit in halls of power and accountability and STILL haven't done enough focusing beyond their next election to "hold" even themselves accountable.

Add to that the fact that the 'we' you refer to, has to right now pay attention to too much that's performative bullshit -- like one party that's threatening to shut govt down.

You and I are talking past each other, Think.
So let's just say we agree that not enough is being done at scale by whoever should be earning what we pay them to do (as Nancy would say, "for the children" ).

If you think we should have an official statement from DU to the people that you list, try something new to swivel their heads. Because legislators need help legislating. Consumers are busy earning to consume, or even just get food, housing and real health care that cares. Discussion board members discuss.
The focus here should be on Who is REALLY in a position to DO what you say in a country that's in a perpetual "state of emergency."

Letters and petitions have been proven not to work. Those are out. We've done phone calls and left messages. That's not working well enough, though it's said to be the "most impactful" means of communicating. I'm not prioritizing this to deal with, but I appreciate that you want to.

Just the beginning. Think. Again. Sep 2023 #1
The ocean water temps off the coast of NJ BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #2
Dangerous rip currents along Atlantic coast spur rescues, at least 3 deaths question everything Sep 2023 #11
Yeah BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #14
In Florida, seven have already died from this flesh eating bacteria. ancianita Sep 2023 #3
Yeah BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #4
The Gulf and hot Atlantic are washing even more toward shores with Lee heading east to the Bahamas. ancianita Sep 2023 #5
I'm watching Lee closely BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #7
Thank you. So far it's only moving at 14 mph, and if it doesn't swing northward, should ancianita Sep 2023 #8
14 mph is pretty "rapid" for a storm that size BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #10
I'll take your word for it; Idalia moved from 13 mph to 35 mph, and I've heard higher mph's ancianita Sep 2023 #21
Once these storms become "post" or "extra" tropical BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #23
Cool! I tracked them in 8th grade, but when NOAA showed up, I felt in better hands. Glad you ancianita Sep 2023 #24
One of my fave trackers is Levi Cowan BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #25
I'm sure he's right. Because El Nino has been a factor in turning Atlantic hurricanes north. ancianita Sep 2023 #26
What is interesting is that back in '89 BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #27
Good lord! First, being in the eye is a creepy cool thing. I went to Dania beach during Betsy as ancianita Sep 2023 #28
... BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #29
Touching lyrics. ancianita Sep 2023 #30
And a true story BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #31
Thank you. So far it's only moving at 14 mph, and if it doesn't swing northward, should ancianita Sep 2023 #15
Just another benefit from global warming Farmer-Rick Sep 2023 #6
Welp, laying blame doesn't help folks prepare. It just distracts. There's a lot wrong with ancianita Sep 2023 #9
I actually didn't blame anyone Farmer-Rick Sep 2023 #12
I have to disagree... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #13
Sure it's important. But not to those undergoing the actual loss, harm and damage caused by ancianita Sep 2023 #16
Absolutely... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #18
The problem, again, is that ancianita Sep 2023 #19
How about "we"... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #20
How about the "we" who I've already given examples of. ancianita Sep 2023 #22
What global warming? Grins Sep 2023 #17
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